Fashion of the future: Gucci collection 2021

The Gucci brand is celebrating its centenary in 2021. Will the Italian brand’s plans change in 2021? Has the pandemic affected Gucci’s future? What is the Gucci Resort 2021 clothing collection? You will find answers to all questions in this article.

Gucci’s plans for 2021 are grandiose. Next year, select Gucci boutiques will launch an entertainment line that includes bottles, gifts and even playing cards. The brand also plans to expand its work online, which is correct given the current situation in the world. Brands are once again convinced how important it is to build an online business, because it saves time and money. People no longer shop like they used to, so the creative director decided to release collections only 2 times a year.

In 2021, a completely different Gucci awaits us, aimed at the future and preservation of our planet. Already in November of this year, Gucci began to be packaged in biodegradable paper and eco-friendly bags, which cannot but please environmentalists.

With the Gucci resort collection, the brand’s creative director seeks to open a new door to the future. Alessandro called his new collection “Epilogue”, marking the end of one stage in fashion and the beginning of another – the stage of sincerity and openness of the fashion industry.

Gucci collection 2021

As models were invited “ordinary people”, employees of Gucci, who work in the company in different positions and are not used to going to the podium. Thus, the brand shows its desire for true naturalness. All these decisions only confirm the fact that fashion becomes closer to everyday life when clothes are shown on people of different physiques. The boundaries between the stage, the podium and the backstage are being erased. And if you dig deeper, then between men and women. Gender-neutral clothing is the fashion of the future according to Gucci.

Gucci’s new 2021 collection has a retro look that takes us back to the 70s: retro shirts, vintage outerwear, plaid coats, accessories, oversized glasses, floral-print dresses and even seventies suits. Looking at this collection, as if you are returning to the era of hippies, the spirit of that time is very keenly felt. The new line is imbued with freedom and ease, flared trousers perfectly demonstrate this.

Will the fashion of the future be exactly what Gucci predicts? Maybe. But we will find out after a while. I would like to find freedom in everything: clothing, choice, movement. We all miss her very much this year.

Author: stylist-image maker Alexandra Linkevich (@minimalistpoint)


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