fashion sandals for spring-summer 2020

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With new tics and unexpected returns, the footwear trends for summer 2020 are set to make us run at full speed. Bold sandals, trendy sneakers and stunning flip flops put us in line.

  • Heeled thongs
  • The low heel sandal
  • Golden
  • Square-toe sandal
  • The naked shoes
  • Braided leather

Straight from the 2000s, heeled thongs are making a remarkable comeback. Yes, you read that right, the heeled thongs. This hit that we could admire at the feet of the fashionistas of Sex and The City two decades ago then became the archetype of bad taste. A nightmare for aesthetes relegated to a memory of a period, everything was a little too allowed in terms of shoes. It is obviously the insolence of their comeback that makes them desirable and a certain mastery of trendy codes is necessary to wear them tactfully. One thing is certain, they will not fail to be talked about.

Where to buy: Zara, By Far, Topshop

Called “naked” because it bares most of the foot, it is, like its cousin in the ready-to-wear department, the naked dress, a sexy asset to put on. It is made up of multiple round and not flat straps which hold it in an aerial way and without wrapping it. More often than not, their path ends around the bare ankle with a knot, although it-girls have the coquetry to tie them at the bottom of the pants. Beware, however, of blisters and the sausage effect.

Where to buy: Miista, H&M, & Other Stories, Mango

The small heels

To our delight, the season’s sandals are making a big deal out of it. The vertiginous heel which makes you fantasize as much as it hinders walking is no longer relevant. Make way for reasonable, subtle and resolutely chic enhancement. Strappy sandals and mules have 2, 3, 4 cm, just enough to lighten the silhouette and give them pride of place in our everyday wardrobe.

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Where to buy: Bobbies, San Marina, Cosmoparis

The square end is back! At Bottega Veneta, the latest fad of influencers, he reigns supreme. Particularly angular in the models of the luxury brand, its allure flirts with the bizarre, so proudly it goes beyond the toes. If the palm effect panics you, don’t worry, the sole can be more discreet. Shoes with square toes have the advantage of not constraining the feet (we forget the dressings that go with the pointy) but the disadvantage of being damaged on the sides. Not yet convinced? You always have the option of rounding off the angles.

Where to buy: & Other Stories, Mango, Jonak

© Bottega Veneta

Dad shoes are great, but what about the good old pair of sneakers that go with everything? More versatile than models with alien soles, retro sneakers will stop at nothing to get our feet wet. And for good reason, the iconic models are (re) released. The Reebok Club C, the Nike Blazer or even the Continental, Superstar and Americana models from Adidas seduce with their sporty chic allure and their soft colors.

Where to buy: Running, Adidas, Reebok, Nike

Deliciously retro and precious, braided leather is featured on all shoes in spring-summer 2020. Sandals, derbies, ankle boots but above all small pumps as sexy as they are practical adopt the shoe trend flagship of the season. Metallic for special occasions, natural leather color to blend in with the atmosphere “neutral”, it’s up to you to find the braid to your feet.

Where to buy: Bobbies, Bocage, Sézane, Miista

© Bobbies

Whoever does not perceive an Adèle Blanc Sec atmosphere throw the first stone! The kitten heel, especially on lace-up ankle boots, was an endangered species. This is the moment that we chose the brands to bring out this vestige of the XIXth century and we must admit that the charm operates. The flagship labels Manu Atelier and By far update the little curved and very comfortable heel, in a cancan dancer’s ankle boot version (we will prefer this reference) this winter and for this summer.

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Where to buy: Jonak, Charles and Keith, Zara

Did you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to sneakers? Well, the dad shoe has not finished surprising you. Always more colorful for spring-summer 2020, the trendy sneakers are daring to spare. She can adorn herself with stigmata “outdoor” with elastics and hiking laces (Timberland Garrison Trail), an almost sculptural sole (Nike Vista Lite), technical features (Asics gel 1090) or color flats galore (Puma RS-X3). No doubt, sneakers will continue to set foot in the dish this season.

Where to buy: ASOS, Zalando, Asics, Running

The foot will be sensual in spring-summer. Started last year, the trend of strappy sandals continues to our delight. Bright colors and thin stripes adorn the shoes like a jewel, flat or raised on heels. These can be parallel, slanted, numerous or minimalist, as long as you find the perfect model to fit.

Where to buy: Nat & Nin, Spartoo, San Marina

© Nat & Nin

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