fashion trends for 2021 and basic options

With the approach of the first cold weather, we supplement the wardrobe with warm things, hats, outerwear. Let’s analyze the fashion trends of the upcoming season in order to create new sets and fill the wardrobe for the fall-winter. At the same time, it is important to choose things that can be easily combined with each other. What will be popular in the fall-winter 2020-2021 season?wardrobe for autumn winter

We make a wardrobe for autumn-winter

There are some rules that you need to follow in order to properly create a basic wardrobe for the fall / winter.

    1. Quality. Why buy a sweater that will be covered with pellets after the first wash? To prevent this from happening, you need to choose things with an addition from natural materials. Remember to look at the composition tags.

business suits in a cage with a skirt

Skirt Suits
    1. Compatibility. When filling a basic wardrobe for the fall for women, it is better to give preference to clothes in neutral tones. It is good if one thing will be in harmony with at least 2-3 others.

business clothes photo


  1. Harmony. Every season, new silhouettes and combinations appear. Add new accents to the familiar base.

what to wear vinyl


Runway trends

When composing a wardrobe for the fall-winter 2020-2021, stylists are advised to pay attention to oversized clothes.

Alberta Ferretti

From the show of Alberta Ferretti

Oversized sweaters with matching winter trousers and skirts will make your look comfortable and stylish.

Prada images

Prada Looks

Prada models

Autfity Prada

Prada kits


What to look for:

    1. High waist. The latest fashion collections have a lot of wide leg pants and high rise jeans.

From the show by Luisa Spagnoli

From the show by Luisa Spagnoli
    1. Fur liners. A lining made of short faux fur will be able to insulate with an additional layer of a coat, jacket, parka. As an analogue of a light down jacket. Use liners from sets with other outerwear.

fur lining and denim


    1. Denim. Denim clothing will not lose its relevance in the next season. Especially popular will be things in a dark blue color without scuffs and whitening effect. Try using a denim jacket under your coat.

jeans models


    1. Cell. The print is actively used in jackets, trousers, cardigans and shirt coats.

coat shirt in a cage photo

Checkered shirt coat
    1. Inflated things. Many people find such things inelegant. But, the designers have proven that bulky outerwear not only protects well from the cold, but also looks stylish. Black, marsh and blue tones will be in trend.

inflated things


    1. Animalism. Designers use animal prints in their fall-winter wardrobe for women.

animal print in the wardrobe


    1. Floral motives. The plant print will become relevant for those who, with the arrival of cold weather, begin to feel sad about the summer warmth and the sun. Watercolors will make the image of the girl airy and feminine.

images in floral print


    1. Quilted things. Quilted coats, jackets, vests, skirts are at their peak in composing cozy looks.

quilted coat models

Quilted coat models
    1. Shiny fabrics. Clothes in steel and other shining shades are suitable not only for an evening event, but also for a day walk. Moreover, it will look catchy even without the use of accessories.

silver metallic looks


    1. Vinyl. Not so long ago, things made of vinyl were worn only in the spring. Designers have come to the conclusion that vinyl jackets, raincoats and raincoats will be no less relevant in the fall.

lacquer cloak


Vinyl pants photo

Vinyl Pants
    1. Leather Products. Leather pants, trench coats, shirts and dresses are in trend just like a year ago.

looks with leather products from Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti
    1. Knitted clothes. It is suitable for any occasion and will always make you feel comfortable.

knitwear by Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Street style images, celebrities

Many celebrities and bloggers are already showing their wardrobe for the fall.

street style images with coats

Street style

Outerwear for autumn-winter

A capsule wardrobe for autumn-winter is unthinkable without outerwear. Indeed, during this period, the air temperature ranges from +16 to -10 degrees.

winter looks with a down jacket photo


To be ready for the whims of nature, every woman should have at least 3 different things at her disposal. We will consider the most popular of them below.

shoes with coat



This is the best option for warm early autumn. In the new season, designers have presented voluminous options with traditional elements. It is suitable for composing casual sets and evening looks. The leather jacket is not compatible only with business suits.

sets with a leather jacket for autumn


The advantage of the leather jacket is that it is always popular. Therefore, the purchased item can be safely worn for more than one season. It is important that it is made of soft material and fits neatly into the image.

how to wear a leather jacket


Trench coats and raincoats

A trench coat is a raincoat that does not allow water to pass through and keeps you warm. It was created as an army clothing, but thanks to its versatility and attractive appearance, the trench coat quickly migrated to the women’s wardrobe.

raincoat accessories


Stylists recommend paying attention to dark blue and graphite shades, which make the figure visually slimmer. And those who, even in rainy weather, want to catch rapturous glances, will pick up bright options (red, yellow, orange).

raincoat styles



A capsule wardrobe for the fall is inconceivable without a coat, which will be relevant with the arrival of the first frost. In the new season, several options will be in trend at once – free or fitted, above the knee and to the floor. The range of colors is no less varied: from dark shades to bright colors.

coat robe with dress

Images with a dress

A correctly selected model will emphasize the dignity of the female figure. Stylists are advised to look at these options:

    1. Woolen coat and cashmere. Despite the tenderness of the material, it is quite stable to wear, so it will last for more than one season. At the peak of popularity, double-breasted models with a belt without unnecessary decor.


    1. Wrap coat.

cheeks celebrities


  1. Cape. This is the name of a loose-fitting coat that can be sleeveless. Its advantage is that it does not hinder movement and is practical to wear.

Down jacket

Depending on the region and lifestyle, determine the comfortable style of the down jacket. Try to fit a new shade into your capsule’s color palette.

down jacket outfits


Fur coat

Eco fur has long been loved and is often used in the transition period. Bright and natural shades of faux fur coats delight themselves in cozy winter sets.

with what to wear a faux fur coat 2019-2020

What to wear with a faux fur coat – set options


Lovers of sheepskin coats are ready for the wind and cold, complementing the image with bright knits. In the photo there are kits for inspiration.

looks with a sheepskin coat


Basic wardrobe for fall-winter

The basic wardrobe for the fall-winter for a girl should include neutral (in color and style), universal and laconic things. They look good with each other and don’t go out of style for a long time. But this does not mean that faceless and boring models should be present.

When compiling it, it must be borne in mind that for one version of the bottom (skirt or trousers), you need to choose at least 3 options for the top (blouse, sweater) and 2 pairs of shoes. Also, you should find at least 2 tops that match with your shoes.


No business wardrobe can do without a trouser suit. Such clothes emphasize sophistication and femininity. It is permissible to choose a suit with trousers, both black, gray, dark blue, beige and in a print with a cage or strip.

trouser suit with sneakers

Business sets with basic sneakers

plaid trouser suits

Actual images with a cage

Pants & Jeans

Basic trousers can be considered those that fit perfectly to the figure.

models of trousers in images


The model with arrows is able to make the legs visually slimmer. On the catwalks, a huge number of wide trousers were presented, which look great on tall, slender women of fashion. For a cool season, you should choose a thing made of wool, corduroy, cotton and heavy denim.

knitted trouser suits


A wide variety of fashionable and stylish looks can be created with jeans. Basic – always classic cut. Additionally, there can be skinny, free high-rise models or other options suitable for the type of figure.

trousers for autumn winter


Dresses, sundresses

Not a single basic wardrobe for the fall-winter for a woman can do without a dress or a sundress. They must be made of quality material and fit well. And you can always find a reason to wear it. A properly chosen outfit will be relevant not only on a date or in the office, but also for a meeting with friends in a cafe.

midi dresses


dress sweater shoes



The choice of skirts popular in the new season is huge: pencil, midi-length styles, models with a peplum. With their help, it is easy to create feminine sets. When choosing a model, you should focus on the features of the figure and the event where it is planned to wear it.

Olivia Palermo Skirt Looks

Olivia Palermo

models of skirts for winter

Variety of winter models

Blouses, shirts, turtlenecks

White blouses, shirts and turtlenecks are considered universal, since they can be worn with absolutely everything (trousers, skirt, sundress, jeans).

business sets with a skirt


In addition, the basic wardrobe may contain items of other colors and textures. A cotton thing is perfect for creating a casual look. A silk blouse with a bow will complement a business or evening outfit.

light long skirts with boots


Capsule wardrobe for autumn-winter

Any wardrobe in which things are collected in “capsules” suitable for a specific situation can become a capsule wardrobe for fall-winter 2020-2021. Here clothes are divided into: home, business, evening, for walks and meetings with friends. At the same time, things from different capsules can also be combined with each other.

capsule outerwear for fall-winter 2021

Capsule of outerwear and shoes for autumn-winter

how to add a wardrobe for the winter 2021


winter clothing capsule from Mango

Winter clothing capsule from Mango

wardrobe and accessories for the winter 20221


Shoes and accessories

A wardrobe is not complete without the right shoes. Autumn weather is unpredictable, and even if the bright sun shines in the morning, it is possible that in a few hours it will be pouring rain, and in winter – snowfall.

women's winter shoes


Therefore, you need to choose not just stylish, but also high-quality shoes. Ideal if it is made of genuine leather. What is required in the cold season:

    1. Shoes. The model depends on the preferences of the fashionista.
    2. Boots. The best option is a leather model with small heels, which will be in harmony with both the dress and jeans.

rough boots in winter


    1. Boots. You cannot do without them in late autumn. Everyone can choose a style and color based on their preferences.

winter images with boots


    1. Sport shoes. Sneakers with thick soles will be appropriate in the cold season.

sneakers in winter sets photo


  1. Timberlands and trekking boots are optimal in icy conditions and at low temperatures.

with what to wear women's boots in winter photo



When choosing a headdress, be guided by the style of outerwear. It can be a simple knitted hat, snood or beret.

winter hat under the coat


ideas to wear



When choosing a bag, you can choose one universal option that will be in harmony with different clothes, or you can find several models in different styles.

materials for winter coat



All girls are divided into 2 types: some prefer to wear jewelry made of precious metals, others prefer jewelry. In any case, you can choose an option that suits different styles of clothing.

ear studs


chains combined with pearls


In autumn and winter, the weather is changeable. Therefore, things in the wardrobe should be varied. Those who lead an active lifestyle should choose practical outerwear and comfortable shoes. Girls who work in the office or just want to look feminine prefer heels and coats. With the right look, you can feel comfortable and confident in any situation.


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