Fashion trends in women’s shoes spring-summer 2021

Spring 2021 continues the trend for basic neutral colors in both clothes and shoes, as well as natural natural shades from muted to bright, as a symbol of what we all lacked in conditions of self-isolation in 2020: sea, sun, sand, fresh herbs …

There will be no new revolution in the materials. In the collections of leading designers, there are many repetitions from past seasons, especially in successful positions: both smooth leather (natural, eco-leather) and nap (nubuck, suede, split leather), patent leather, glossy surfaces and metallized, animalistic textures and prints.

Shoes 2021
Shoes 2021

Environmental friendliness is in trend, and, therefore, natural materials are relevant, such as jute, raffia, straw, shell, cork, as well as artificial materials, including those recycled, for example, from the remnants of past collections, i.e. materials are given a second life. Textiles are relevant: satin and satin materials, denim, nylon.

Women's summer footwear
Women's summer footwear

In the spring of 2021, models that fit the leg like a sock continue to be in trend; for summer, lightweight materials will be more suitable: mesh, weaving, honeycomb structures.

Fashionable summer shoes
Fashionable summer shoes

Cape and Heel Shapes 2021

The trend for a cape in the form of a trapezoid, a square with both “chopped” edges and a tendency to light rounding, remains. The combination of roundness and trapezoid is also relevant. For example, a rounded toe, and a trapezoidal sole.

Sharpening of the cape from narrowed to calm petal-shaped is actual.

Fashion trends in women's shoes spring-summer 2021

A rounded cape in this case, as an indicator of a benchmark for comfort.

Women’s shoe soles 2021

A universal and active trend for high, raised soles, platforms in all categories of shoes, regardless of gender.

Fashionable types of heels

Classic stilettos, as a less comfortable option, fade into the background, giving way to more stable options. Column heels and stable mix heels prevail, concave and inwardly displaced heels also strengthen their position.

Architectural stable heels of different geometries are in trend.

Types of women’s shoes 2021

Boots and boots with chunky soles are combined with a high boot that fits the leg.

Cossacksboth inflated and mid-rise, hold their ground while remaining in vogue. The Cossacks have a special status, combining a wide boot-top and an unusual geometric heel.

The models that migrated to us from the men’s wardrobe remain relevant: chelsea, loafers, sleepers, brogues, slip-ons, topsiders, oxfords etc.

Sneakers… White sneakers continue to hold the position of relevance as one of the most versatile models that meet both comfort and functionality, and compatibility. Although, of course, they can be in other colors and shades: achromats (black, white, gray), in pastel shades (beige, blue, lilac, etc.). Both low models and hi-tops (high ankle sneakers) are in fashion. Color combinations between outsole and shell may vary. Retro sneakers are also trendy.

Women's sneakers 2021
Women's sneakers 2021

Sneakers… Sneakers are both versatile and relevant in neat shapes with an average sole height, as well as massive sneakers with a voluminous sole, contrasting colors, and a pronounced design.

Women's sneakers spring-summer

Women's sneakers spring-summer

Trekking sports sandals. Calm urban models in basic colors are in fashion, as well as sporty ones that are very bright, attracting attention with design and brutality.

Sandals… Sandals are striking in their variety: from the most laconic to colorful and exotic.

Dad sandals (mens style sandals)… Men-style sandals also caught on and became a hit as the most comfortable, quick and easy to fasten, suitable for any foot width. In the spring-summer 2021 season, it is fashionable to wear them with socks. Although this is not an easy trend. Designers have repeatedly suggested wearing open shoes with footnotes, but a rare girl can present such a combination in style, most often it turns out a dubious image.

Flip flops… The most comfortable options with a wide last and anatomical insole are relevant.

Clogs and slippers… Inspired by the theme of home comfort, “put it on and go”, in trend from massive leather heel-like heel counter to textile slippers like hotel options.

Birkenstocks… Trending from the classic 2-strap to the closed toe birkenstock, as well as a variety of redecorated variations.

Flip flops… Modern models will easily fit into urban style with a thicker sole that tends to a platform, can be decorated with belts, stones, or without them.

Sandals… The trend is minimalistic options, not overloaded with decor and design.

Also moving from 2020 are “naked” sandals; sandals with ties (laces, ropes, ribbons) in the version of Roman and Greek sandals. They can be both open and closed cape.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer

Mules… Completely different models with a variety of heel designs.

Espadrilles… They continue to be relevant in different versions.

Boats and slingbacks. Saved in collections in combination with the various heels listed above.

Decor and details of women’s shoes 2021

Bulky belts and harnesses: blown or cast, knotted or twisted.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer

The colored sole allows for a variety of minimalistic models.

Cape decor, heel and heel decor. Metallic overlays add accent to the shoe.

Bows, chains will also stay with us in the warm season of 2021.

Crystals, buckles, ethnic design.

Multicolor, tie-dye (staining is chaotic uneven)

Fashionable shoes spring-summer
fashion footwear

As you can see, in the spring-summer 2021 collections there are a lot of repetitions, “quotes from the past”, as an indicator that we are starting to think about quality, durability and the transition of things from season to season. This is a bet on something that has already gained popularity with many people around the world – smart consumption. Either way, fashion offers incredible choices to stay on top of style, trendy and contemporary. One thing remains important and unchanged: to choose exactly those trends that suit you, will correspond to your spheres of life and will make your life even more wonderful, comfortable and harmonious.

Author: stylist-image-maker Elena Klimenko (@klimenko_elena_v)


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