Fashion trends of manicure for short nails 2020

Manicure for short nails looks no less beautiful and much more convenient and practical. A small length of the nail plate does not prevent the creation of an original and stylish design, fashionable in 2020. And the variety of colors, types, styles of such a manicure makes it possible for women of different ages to choose a design suitable for any outfit, event and even the time of year.

Fashion trends of manicure for short nails 2020

Considered quite recently fashionable, long-grown nails are becoming more and more replaced every year by a shortened length of nails, which look much more natural.

In 2020, designers presented novelties and trends inherent in modern nail art. Although some techniques do not depend on the time of year, it is recommended to choose a design depending on the season. Then a manicure for short nails will always be relevant and meet the main fashion trends of 2020.


Spring is the time of awakening of nature, the appearance of the first tender green shoots, Dark and gray colors are replaced by more juicy and bright. Spring manicure is performed in soft, calm tones.

The main colors of this period for the base cover of the nail plate are chosen:

  • beige;
  • minty;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • light green.

For a themed manicure, the image on the nails of tender twigs, birds, butterflies, and flowers is suitable.

Lightness and tenderness of the spring image will also be given by the use of an ombra technique, gradient, as well as a manicure made in the style of minimalism or with the use of a pearl RUB.


Exuberant flowering, juiciness of colors, abundance of fruits – a distinctive feature of the summer season. Therefore, nail art of this period is characterized by a bright and striking color palette.

In the summer of 2020, colors such as:

  • mauve;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • powdery;
  • lilac;
  • emerald;
  • purple;
  • red.

Stylists do not recommend covering your nails in summer with monochrome dark shades. They can only act as an addition to bright nail art.

Summer design provides a plentiful amount of rhinestones, sequins. Geometric shapes look very good in summer on short bright nails.

One of the most relevant ideas for a summer manicure is images related to marine themes (lifebuoys, anchors, steering wheels). Well, the nail design hit in the summer of 2020 is drawn fruits and berries.

If the marigolds are very short, you can draw the fruits in a section. To get a beautiful picture, you can use special stencils.


In autumn, Sunny summer days are replaced by cloudy weather and rain. Changes in nature are also reflected in the manicure style.

The natural shades of autumn include:

  • yellow;
  • brown,
  • terracotta;
  • vinous;
  • red;
  • orange;
  • golden;
  • gray;
  • pistachio;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • plum.

So that the autumn Blues are not displayed on the image, designers advise you to use a variety of techniques when creating a manicure for short nails: a RUB, a combined gradient, “negative space”, Ombre, the use of a matte coating with rhinestones, foil, glitter.

Thematic drawings of autumn foliage, raindrops, umbrellas, trees bending under the wind will fit well into the autumn design. No less relevant in autumn is the theme of Halloween with the image of spiders, skulls, pumpkins.

The shape of nail plates for autumn nail art can be any. It is selected according to the preferences, shape and length of the woman’s fingers.


For winter decoration of marigolds with a short length, choose mainly cold tones: white, blue, blue. In addition, the winter design can be made in turquoise, green, purple, brown, black, red, wine, or Burgundy.

To create a festive mood, nail plates are decorated with paintings depicting snowflakes, snowmen, deer, coniferous branches.

For those who prefer a minimalist design, Nude nails are suitable. In this case, one of the marigolds can be decorated with a stone or a miniature drawing.

One of the trends of the winter nail art 2020 is a foam manicure on one or two nails.

As an addition to the winter short manicure, shiny elements are used: a RUB, acrylic powder, foil, sequins.

95 designs of manicure for short nails with photos

When creating a manicure for short nails, no less design ideas and techniques are used than for long ones.

Nail art fashion trends include both classic options and new products. You can cover the nail plates with either one-tone lacquers or combine several shades.

For the decoration of marigolds, a RUB, stained glass, rhinestones, stamping, various drawings are suitable. A short nail plate does not prevent the creation of beautiful, voluminous patterns on it. In the new season, you can use minimalistic details, mix different styles and techniques.


One of the simplest designs used on short nails is a classic French manicure or, as it is also called, a French manicure. The main idea of this manicure is to color the tip of the nail plate in a color that complements or contrasts with the main tone.

As a basic base for short nails, it is recommended to use light tones, since the dark color visually shortens the nail plate.

The narrowest possible line of “smiles”is popular. The usual white border can be replaced with any color: terracotta, purple, maroon, red, yellow and even black.

The shape of the plate is preferably designed as a square or soft square.

Reverse French

No less original on a short nail looks and reverse French. It differs from the usual arrangement of a contrasting line passing from the opposite side of the nail end-along the hole.

The choice of antifreeze shades is identical to the usual one. For the classic version, a combination of beige color, corresponding to the skin tone, with white edging is used. In fashion, a combination of gold and black tones, as well as a silver-black composition. This combination of colors gives this short the nails of elegance and refinement.

For an evening event, a red and gold version is suitable. And young girls can choose bright orange and blue colors. This combination will look quite bold, as well as combining red with white, black with blue.


Manicure, made in the nude style, looks appropriate at any time of the year and is suitable for women of any age. This style is characterized by naturalness and naturalness, so it fits perfectly into the design of short nails.

Nude nail art is done in pastel colors. A diverse palette consisting of beige, pink, gray, blue, milk, cream tones allows you to choose a shade to your liking.

It can be supplemented with geometric shapes, dots, stripes, lines, rhinestones, sequins. The surface of the Nude base can be glossy or Matt.


Geometric design is still on trend. One of its advantages for short-length nails is the visual extension of the plate. The essence of the technique consists in drawing stripes, lines, and various geometric shapes.

Geometry is well combined with techniques such as French, negative space, marble design, and holes.


Geometry in combination with minimalism looks most harmonious. The combination of calm tones with a few dots and a couple of smooth lines allows you to get a creative geometric nail art design.


Actual strips drawn on the nails of short length. The strips can be of different thickness. On short nails, it is better to place strips along the nail plate, which visually lengthens them.

Usually as a base take light tones of varnish, then it is decorated with stripes of bright shades. The stripes can not only be painted with varnish, but also made of foil or sequins.


Arrange the triangles along the edge of the nail plate, imitating French, or in the area of the lunula. When you place a triangle in a short hole, the nails are visually elongated.

The coating texture can be either glossy or Matt. To create a design with triangles, ordinary lacquers, gel Polish, or shellac are suitable.

There are a lot of options for decorating nails with triangles. You can combine a manicure with triangles with negative space or with a gradient. The decor of several triangular shapes looks original.

With rhinestones

Simple and discreet design is suitable for everyday life. But the festive and evening image is more consistent with a luxurious manicure with rhinestones.

The stones are perfectly combined with a dark base: red, wine, black, blue, and emerald. However, the short length of the nail plate provides for the decoration of no more than 2 nails with rhinestones.

Cat eye

Manicure with the effect of “cat’s eye” has been popular for many years. To create it, varnishes with the smallest metal particles are used,which are then treated with a special magnet.

On short nails, this design looks no less luxurious than on long ones. The greatest effect is achieved when using dark colors: plum, olive, cherry, purple, malachite, blue.

With flowers

The floral print will be a hit of the spring-summer season 2020. On short nails, flowers look no worse than on elongated ones.

To create a romantic, feminine and delicate image, it will be enough to decorate only 1-2 marigolds. You can draw one flower or several small inflorescences.


One of the first flowers that bloom in spring is tulips. Therefore, they are ideal for spring manicure.

Nail plates with a short length are not designed to create large, three-dimensional drawings. However, you can decorate short marigolds with tulips as follows:

  • draw a flower on one finger;
  • place the drawing on the adjacent fingers, dividing it into 2 halves;
  • combine a classic French dress with a Bud decoration on one finger;
  • on a light monophonic base, apply miniature flowers.

To create a delicate image, use light shades: pink, yellow, lilac. Get a bright, bold bow will help the use of red, blue, and purple tones.

With roses

One of the trends of the new season is manicure with roses. In this case, roses can be flat or voluminous, stenciled or powdered.

The shape of the nails is important. For a delicate drawing, short nails of oval or almond shape are suitable.

The number and size of flowers can be any. You can apply one large flower or decorate the nail plate with several small buds. Usually, for small marigolds, choose miniature images, so as not to visually shorten the length.

Manicure with roses is performed in pastel colors. For example, on a pale pink background, there are wine-red roses. Light flowers on a black background are no less colorful.


Successful looks on short nails manicure in the technique of Ombre. This technique provides for a smooth transition of different shades of the same color into each other.

Classic Ombre is done in soothing, pastel tones.


Lunar manicure is one of the varieties of “reverse French”. The main part of the nail plate is painted in pastel colors, and the holes are covered with a transparent varnish.

With the holes left unpainted, the nails look unusual and original.

With foil

Decorating marigolds with foil looks quite unusual. Especially attractive is the design with colored foil.

Foil visually increases the nail plate, which is especially important for short-length nails


Gradient technique is a method of coloring one nail plate in different colors that smoothly transition into each other. In this case, the stretch can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

For short nails, a vertical gradient is more suitable, since it visually lengthens the nail plate.

Color transition

Color transition is one of the varieties of gradient manicure. Its essence is that the nail of each subsequent finger is colored in a color that is a tone lighter or darker than the color of the previous finger.

With stickers

You can quickly make an original manicure with the help of stickers. This option of nail design with a short length is especially convenient.

There are self-adhesive stickers and water-based. When using a self-adhesive sticker, remove the backing with tweezers and fix it on the nail plate.


Marble design consists of a chaotic mix of several different colored lacquers, forming an abstraction that mimics marble. This manicure is designed for oval and almond-shaped short nails.

Marble nail art is made in white, gray, and black tones. As a decoration, use sequins, foil.

With ribbon

One of the new techniques in nail art is a manicure for short nails with a tape that resembles tape. Different sizes and colors of tape are used.

The stripes are pasted on the nails. You can come up with any design: stick a single ribbon or create a geometric pattern of several ribbons.


On nails of any length, including short ones, you can create original patterns. This can be openwork, lace drawings, ornaments, painting.


The essence of stamping is the use of special stencils and silicone stamps for applying patterns to the nails. This will allow you to apply the most unusual designs to your nails.


Manicure with leopard print looks more effective on short nails with a square and oval shape.

You can cover the plates with a single-color varnish, focusing on 1 or 2 fingers. Additionally, you can decorate your nails with rhinestones and sequins.

With a pattern

For the design of nail plates, there are a lot of options. One of them is a variety of prints that allow you to choose a pattern for your bow, season, mood, lifestyle.


Nail art with a web looks luxurious. The web is an intertwining thin line. Usually, white or black color is chosen for their implementation.

With points

Manicure with dots is perfectly combined with a minimalistic style. For decorating marigolds with dots, acrylic paints and dots are suitable.

Dots can be replaced with rhinestones or camouflage patterns. But it is better to use them on 1 or 2 nails.

With hearts

For the design of short nails for Valentine’s Day, hearts are best suited. Red hearts are randomly placed on the nail plate.

Manicure will look festive if the middle of the heart is filled with rhinestones and sequins.

A soft and gentle image will create a manicure with the image of one heart. On nails with a short length, it will look perfect.


Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Mongolian characters can be used to represent hieroglyphs on nail plates. But before applying symbols, you need to familiarize yourself with their meaning.


The perfect decoration of short marigolds in spring – tender twigs. Branches can be supplemented with buds. For this design, choose contrasting colors.

With a unicorn

For the image of a unicorn, the color white is usually used. You can draw it or use special stickers.

Often for such a design, a combination of a unicorn and a rainbow is used. On one finger you have a unicorn, and on the other – a rainbow.


Manicure with Sakura is designed either in warm colors (pink, lilac, crimson, pale purple) or in rich (red, crimson, coral).

Short nails are ideally combined with single flowers with large petals. For the base cover, choose a white or pink background.

With the clouds

Manicure with clouds is performed in blue and white tones. You can combine clouds with a rainbow or with a balloon rushing towards the clouds.

mickey mouse

Manicure for short nails with the image of Mickey mouse is often performed in a monochrome version. So that the design does not look Intrusive, the Mickey is placed on one finger.

You can only draw the hero’s ears instead of his face. This option is ideal for marigolds with a short length.

The waves

Manicure with waves is relevant for a trip to the sea. Wavy streaks are harmoniously combined with a pearl RUB.

To decorate the waves, three-dimensional rhinestones and pearls are used.

In peas

In spring and summer manicure, multicolored polka dots are scattered on a scarlet, pink, maroon, salad, and blue background. Peas cover all fingers or 2 nails.

When performing a manicure, small peas are drawn on short nails.


Manicure with lavender is suitable for both a date and a friendly meeting. To perform such a design, you can use hand-painted, stickers, and stamping.


Space manicure for short nails looks great on the basis of Burgundy, emerald, coniferous green, black, ink color.

It can be performed on all fingers or make an emphasis on a pair of nails.


A fiery manicure is depicted as writhing flames, sparks, and a burning bonfire. The combination of a black background with a yellow-orange fire silhouette looks very effective.

For a fire design, a gradient is best suited. The fire design can be combined with other drawings. On one plate, draw a fire, and on the rest a regular or checkerboard checkerboard or stripe.

With dandelion

For a manicure with dandelion, choose yellow, turquoise, blue, Nude, lemon, milk, orange tones. For the image of the dandelion itself, white or black varnish is suitable.


The watercolor design looks similar to the art of watercolors. Watercolors are executed on a Matt surface. It doesn’t stick to the gloss.

Choose white or light as the base color. The drawing won’t look good on a dark background.

With bows

Very feminine and elegant manicure looks with elements of a bow. It is performed both in bright, catchy tones, and in calm, neutral ones.

The bow is placed on the entire surface of the nail or on one of its parts. For short nails, the ideal option will be miniature bows located on a separate part of the nail plate.

Harry Potter

Manicure in the style of Harry Potter is popular among teenagers. It is easiest to draw the abbreviation HP, a zipper, or round glasses on the nail plate. On the index finger, you can draw one of the spells.

A more sophisticated design consists of images of the faculty coats of arms. You can draw one coat of arms on all your fingers, or the coats of arms of all 4 faculties on different fingers.

With a camomile

In summer, you can decorate your nail plates with delicate daisies. On short nails, small flowers look better.

Stylists advise to focus on no more than 2 nails. You can complement this design with broths.

With cactus

Manicure for short nails with cactus can be performed in any technique. It will be especially relevant in the summer. The cactus is depicted in a flower pot or as a wild plant in the desert.

Usually, the drawing is placed on 1-2 fingers on a white background, the rest of the nails are painted with a monochrome color in green, emerald, and light green tones.


A perfect addition to the classic French manicure is a feather. For pen design, choose a dark tone that is clearly noticeable on a light background.


One of the bold options for nail design is a manicure for short nails with skulls. It is usually designed in classic black and white.

Sometimes a transparent varnish is chosen as the main coating, and the skull is laid out with sequins or rhinestones.


Lace manicure makes your fingers more elegant. Lace is applied to both the light and dark base.

Add a delicate manicure with rhinestones attached to the lace. Chic looks white lace on a red or black background.


Often, military motives are used for the design of nail plates. One of the options for a camouflage manicure for short nails is to paint only a few fingers in a spotty color scheme.

The rest of the fingers are covered with a single-color varnish or decorated with drawings on military themes.


For marine themes, nails with a short length and rounded shape are the most suitable.

The color palette consists mainly of blue, white, blue, and yellow shades. Topical images related to the sea and ships are relevant.

With stones

Manicure with stones is suitable for both creating a casual image and evening. Stones are well combined with other decor elements.

Equally beautiful look stones on a matte and glossy basis.

With camerabike

Kamapisachi flakes are a different shape, size and color. They are often used to create a manicure on short nails.

Californicae you can fully decorate one nail or part of nail on each finger.

With a stencil

Any woman can perform a manicure with a stencil. To do this, just glue it with a sticky side to the nail, level it out and fill the empty areas with varnish. Then the template is removed.


The main trend of the spring season of 2020 is manicure with abstract drawings. Even short nails can be a chaotic place drop the shapes with straight lines and intricate shapes.

With inscriptions

A new trend in nail design-manicure with inscriptions, logos, emblems. On nails with a short length, you can print short words in English: “love”, “com on”.

The main background is made in pastel or white tones.


The South Korean group BTS is very popular among many girls. Young fans not only collect posters with the image of the band members, buy t-shirts and CDs, but also use their images and logos to create a manicure for short nails.

Thanks to this, nail art in the K-pop style has become widespread. The main ideas include images on nail plates of portraits of singers, logos, and individual elements from music videos.


To raise the mood even in cloudy weather, a rainbow manicure made with bright, flashy colors will help. This design goes well with many outfits and is suitable for women of all ages.

For the rainbow manicure you can use any shades other than black.

With animals

In 2020, as in previous years, animal print remains in trend. On the nail plates, you can place pictures with images of a variety of animals.

With a butterfly

Butterflies look best on a pastel background. Quite often they depict black butterflies on a white background.

The shape of the nails can be straight, rounded, or almond-shaped. Butterflies can be decorated with rhinestones.

With the Flamingo

Manicure with flamingos is suitable for summer holidays. The color pink is used for the bird image.

Despite the fact that flamigo is usually drawn on long nails, it can also be placed on short nails that have an elongated horn plate.

With cats

Like flamingos, the cat pattern provides an elongated shape of the nail plate. Then the cat will look expressive and on the nails with a short length.

This design is best applied on nails with an almond shape.


Decorating nail plates with the image of a Panda is suitable for teenagers and students. Such a design would be inappropriate for a business woman.

The base background, on which the Panda is placed, is performed in beige, powdery, light yellow, cornflower, mint, peach tones.

With the bird

You can create an original image using the image of birds. You can draw the flying seagulls, or birds perched on the branches.

Choose any color. Bird design can be combined with various techniques.

With a Ladybird

The design of a manicure on short nails with ladybug is suitable for spring and summer. Ladybugs can be placed on the entire nail plate or on a separate area.

On short nails, a ladybug of small size looks harmonious. The perfect combination for this design is white with red or black with red.

With monograms

Monograms on the nail plates give women’s hands elegance and style. The monogram pattern consists of dots, commas, splashes, and thin lines that form whimsical patterns.

Monogram is recommended to do on 2-3 marigolds. Draw them in black, white, gold, or silver.


Anime-style design is not suitable for a business look. Most often, it is made by teenagers or young girls.

Nail designs can be flat or three-dimensional. Usually, cartoon characters are used for drawings.

With fruit

Summer is a time when you can diversify your manicure with fruit drawings. On the nail plate, you can depict any fruit as a whole or in a section.

With avocado

In fruit design, you can use exotic fruits, one of which is avocado. Most often, it is placed on the nail plate in an incision.

When performing a manicure for short nails with avocado, you can focus on the exotic fruit, choosing a neutral background for the base.

When you add avocado to other fruits (bananas, pineapples, oranges), you get a unique tropical composition.


Manicure with cherries is appropriate at any time of the year. Bright red cherries look great on a white background.

You can draw the fruits with a brush or use stickers.

With sequins

Sequins or sequins can have different shapes: dots, stripes, or honeycombs. There are a lot of options and colors, which allows you to combine them to create an original design on your nails.

Sequins cover all the nail surface or frame the edge of the plate with them.

With glitter

Small, shiny confetti allows you to create a sparkling manicure. Glitter serves as a decor for various designs and techniques.

In stores, you can buy glitter of different sizes and colors.

With broth

When decorating nail plates with broths, special balls of different colors and sizes are used.

With the help of broths, you can create a manicure for short nails with a 3D effect. For nail plates with a short length, the smallest granules, similar to sand, are used.


Aquarium manicure is a drawing placed under an acrylic layer. The result is an incredibly luxurious design. It feels like objects are floating in an aquarium.

For a long time, aquarium nail art was considered the prerogative of long-grown nails. But in recent years, it is also performed on short nails, disposing of extensions.

With the sliders

Sliders are designed for nail decoration and are similar to translated images.

Their application does not require special skills and a lot of time. It is enough just to lower the decorative film with the pattern into the water for a few seconds and transfer it to the nail plate.


The sand design is suitable for both young girls and adult women. Manicure with the effect of sand can be done both for a business meeting and a romantic date.

To create it, use a special powder called “velvet sand”.

With a RUB

Lovers of the mirror effect can decorate their nails with a manicure using a RUB. Any color of the RUB will do.

The most popular are gold, silver and holographic rubs. To perform the RUB, it is better to use a single-color coating.

Negative space

Negative space, translated as “negative space”, provides for the presence of unpainted areas on the nail plate.

With this manicure, you can create a very different design on short nails.

Broken glass

By combining pearly polyethylene with holographic foil, you get an unusual design with the effect of broken glass.

This nail art looks amazing on nails with a short length.

Eye see you

The image on the nail plate of faces or elements of the face (eyes, eyelashes, lips) was called Eye see you.

This design can be performed in various techniques. You can only decorate one finger with a drawing.

Eye see you perfectly combines with French and lunar manicure, solid nails, with rhinestones.

With Yuki flakes

Recently, a new trend in nail art appeared – Yuki flakes. Yuki, meaning “snow”, looks like iridescent, sparkling snow flakes.

Thin, airy colored plates laid out on short nails give them a special charm.

The crystal pixie

Pixie crystals are a set of crystal rhinestones for decorating nail plates. The rhinestones have a round and faceted shape.

Iridescent stones look like small diamonds and look spectacular on the nails.


Multi-colored manicure attracts attention, so you need to be especially careful about the selection of colors. You must select shades of the same color spectrum.

With the help of a multi-colored manicure, you can create both a calm nail art and a bright one. Suitable for girls and women of any age.


Velvet or” plush ” short nails look very luxurious. To create such a design, a flock is used, which gives a velvety appearance to the manicure.


To perform newspaper nail art, an impression of a regular newspaper is made on the nail plate. The advantage of this technique is its uniqueness.

Newspaper design is used for independent nail art or in combination with complex one.

Liquid metal

A new trend in nail art is a technique that has several names: “liquid metal”, “unicorn tear”,”mercury”.

Manicure “liquid metal” is a matte base, along which flow volumetric metal drops. This effect is created thanks to the use of foil.

Stained glass

Stained glass technology is somewhat similar to aquarium manicure. Stained glass is applied to the entire nail plate. This gives the impression that the drawing is under glass. This effect is created thanks to a transparent layer of varnish covering the pattern.

Knitted manicure

With the onset of the cold season, a manicure in the style of “sweater”, created with acrylic powder, becomes relevant.

Thanks to the large volume binding, the nails appear “dressed” in a real woolen product. Much more aesthetically pleasing volume knitting looks on short nails.

Modeling and 3D

Create a luxurious manicure design for short nails with the help of modeling and 3D technology. The details of a three-dimensional manicure look very realistic.

It was believed that modeling can only be done on long nails. But small elements placed on 1-2 nails allow you to use a newfangled technique on a short nail plate.

Candy Ball

One of the options for 3D manicure is Candy Ball. Decorating the nails with voluminous flowers placed in crystal balls gives the manicure even more expressiveness.

Magic balls, properly fixed on the nail plate, do not interfere at all, they hold no worse than ordinary crystals and rhinestones.


To perform this technique, you need a special device-an airbrush. With its help, a varnish coating is applied to the nail plate. At the same time, the drawings look realistic and attractive.

An alternative to an airbrush can be aeropuffing, which allows you to create three-dimensional nail art, which was previously performed only with an airbrush.

Deep design

Deep Desing is a technology for creating drawings using stencils. This creates the effect of placing the silhouette inside the nail plate.

When performing such a manicure, images of animals, plants, and various objects are used.


“Edible” manicure for short nails is usually used when creating a cool and fun design. The nail plates depict mouthwatering delicacies: cheese, pizza, ice cream, cakes.


When creating the Bubbles Foam manicure, use soap foam, applying it to the varnish coating and fixing it with a UV lamp. This creates the effect of many bubbles scattered over the nail surface.

To make the bubbles visible, the foam is applied on a light background: white, pink, light blue.


This is one of the easiest techniques, which is a drop of dew or water applied to the nail. This pattern can complement any design, apply to any coating and short nails of any shape.


The Sweet bloom technique, translated as “Gentle bloom”, is a design that combines three styles: three-dimensional, stained-glass and geometric decor.

Different colors are used for a three-dimensional drawing. Swablu appropriate nail plates, of any size, including small.


To create a cast nail art, transfer foil is used. Apply both standard silver and gold foil, as well as with different patterns.

Although this technique is designed for long nails, it can also be performed on a short nail plate. The main thing is not to overload it with numerous details.

Shades of manicure for short nails

On nails of short length, it is convenient to perform a single-color coating with varnish. You can choose any shades, ranging from a soft pastel to a dark tone.


Naturalness and naturalness also set the tone when choosing the shade of the varnish coating. That is why the championship in 2020 is given to delicate shades: pearl, coral, beige, vanilla, powdery, light lilac. Especially harmonious is the shade chosen to match the skin.

Perform a gentle manicure on short nails can be in such techniques as French, lunar, reverse French. Kamifubliki and glitter are suitable as decor, but in small quantities, so that the delicate shade does not lose its delicacy.


Very feminine look short nails, covered with powdery shades: beige, soft peach, caramel, sand, pink tone.

Any of these colors can be used for a single-color coating or in combination with other shades from the powder palette.


Light nail design is universal. It can be used in any season (spring-summer, autumn-winter) and in different styles: from casual to festive, festive occasions.

In the 2020 season, such variations of light shades as milk, cream, light gray, and pastel colors will be fashionable.


One of the fashion trends of 2020 is “milk nails”. Solid color coating with milk varnish is ideal for everyday nail art.

To create a romantic mood, it is enough to decorate one of your fingers with a delicate flower, twig, or heart.


Visually lengthens the nails manicure, made in pastel colors: pink, blue, beige. To create a festive option, you can decorate pastel shades with sequins and rhinestones.


Dark shades always look very effective. For everyday style, emerald, eggplant, wine, dark blue and dark green juicy tones are suitable.

For a festive and evening look, you can use Burgundy, plum or dark purple shades. Luxuriously looks on the nails with a short length dark manicure, made in the gradient technique, “cat’s eye”.


In 2020, as in previous seasons, the trend is for a matte finish. A single-color version is suitable for every day. And for a festive design, you can decorate nail plates with glitter: glitter, rhinestones, foil.

A combination of glossy and Matt surfaces looks good on short nails.


Glossy coating looks equally chic both on long nails and on nail plates with short lengths.

For evening nail art, a black shiny manicure on short legs, decorated with silver monograms, is suitable. Women who prefer bright nails choose a red gloss, made in the style of Ombre.

With the right selection of tones, glossy manicure can be performed in different colors.


Painting marigolds in bright colors is a good option for the summer and spring period. You can perform it in any style and technique.

For a bright manicure, usually choose a neon Polish that glows under the influence of sunlight.


One of the most versatile nail arts is transparent manicure. The colorless nail Polish that covers your nails is suitable for any style.

In addition, such an inconspicuous manicure on short nails looks natural. But the nail plate must be perfectly shaped, without defects. Otherwise, they will be visible through the coverage.


Unlike a transparent manicure, a semi-transparent material is not completely colorless. It can be in different shades: pink, peach, white, and beige.

To create an evening look, you can decorate the cover with drawings, patterns, rhinestones, RUB, sequins. But there should be few such elements, otherwise the design will lose its naturalness and elegance.


Manicure in warm colors is pleasant to the eye, does not irritate. Warm shades (orange, red, brown, yellow, gold) can be combined with each other, getting an interesting design.

Especially popular is nail art in warm colors in autumn, allowing you to create a themed manicure.


The best time for neon design is summer. It creates a perfect contrast with tanned skin.

Especially attractive is a bright neon palette on short-length nails.

If a solid color coating seems too bright and catchy, you can apply the French technique by combining neon rims with a matte background.

For winter, you can choose cold shades of blue, combined with red, black, and white tones.

Mirror or metal

Metal decor will become popular in the 2020 season. One of the advantages of mirror design is that it is perfect for short-length nails. It is performed in various techniques: with the help of foil and film, rubbing, mirror stickers. It can be plain, or it can act as a single design element. For example: a gold vertical stripe running along the center of the nail plate.

This design is perfect for short nails. The color scheme is very diverse. Red, gold, chrome, pink shades are on trend.

To perform a manicure on short nails, use a RUB, foil and other materials that create a mirror metal layer.


The brilliant design looks stylish, perfectly combines with the evening image and looks good not only on long, but also short nails. For its implementation, a varnish with shiny elements, dry sequins, rhinestones, acrylic, foil is used.

In order not to look too pretentious, you can apply a shiny decor on 2-3 fingers.

Color of manicure for short nails

Nails with a short length are best suited for performing a monochrome manicure. Choosing a fashionable monochrome shade that fits into the overall style of the bow, you can create a spectacular and stylish manicure.


The design of nail plates in red color is on trend at any time among women of different ages. And a large number of shades makes it possible to choose a color that corresponds to the character and image.

Bright red

Nail designers advise to paint bright red nails with a short length, having an almond-shaped, oval shape. Bright red sharp nail plates belong to the anti-trend.


The color of fuchsia is a combination of cold pink shades with bluish notes. With it, you can create a charming, romantic image that is more suitable for young girls.

Ladies over 40 do not want to decorate their nails in the color of fuchsia.


A perfect alternative to boring pastel shades will be a Burgundy color. Maroon nails look great. In addition, autumn design is not complete without this color.

Burgundy color is perfect for owners of short fingers.


In 2020, the trend is a pastel shade of pink. Pink manicure looks original and is combined with spring or summer onions.

Chic looks on nails with a short length of almond and square shape.

Pale pink

Manicure in pale pink tones is considered universal, as it is suitable for both long and short nails of any shape. The nail plate, painted in a pale pink color visually lengthens, and the dark skin looks lighter and velvety.

Pale pink manicure is perfectly combined with both everyday bow, and evening, formal, beach, wedding.

Soft pink

Manicure for short nails in soft pink tones is chosen by romantic natures. This color can be used both for creating a casual design and a festive one.

A soft pink shade will suit any image.

Bright pink

Manicure for short nails in bright pink tones is most suitable for creating a summer design. In bright pink nail art use matte and glossy options that have more juicy tones.

When choosing this color of manicure, the main thing is not to overdo it with pink in the overall image.


One of the most trending shades of the season is wine, associated with summer, warmth and grapes. Wine design is a symbol of sexuality, restraint, and aristocracy.

Suitable for any style of clothing. Short well-groomed nails are the perfect option for this color.


Manicure for short nails in the color Marsala-a sign of nobility, chic and sophistication. The design, executed in this color, is performed for nails of various shapes, in harmony with both everyday outfits and evening dresses.


The hit of the autumn season is Terra cotta, which is much more restrained than red. This allows you to use it when creating a strict image. On short-length nails, the terracotta shade looks original and stylish.


Scarlet color is suitable for girls with narrow and short nails. As a coating, choose a glossy or Matt varnish.

The scarlet shade is combined with beige and white, gold and silver.


Coral manicure is suitable for women who prefer something in between bright and delicate shades. This color is a chameleon, which can change its color depending on the lighting.

Coral manicure can be applied by women of any age, with different lengths and shapes of nail plates.


The design in crimson color is harmoniously combined with a bright, effective bow. The raspberry tone is rich and juicy, so it is not suitable for office workers.

Raspberry manicure for short nails is more designed for an evening event or a trip on vacation.


Cherry design is appropriate at any time of the year. The nails, painted in cherry color, are perfectly combined with lipstick of the same tone.

The color of the outfit should contrast with the manicure to emphasize the hands with a bright accent.


Black nail Polish applied to short-length nails looks expressive and effective. Especially elegant is the black color on the rounded nail plates.


Gray is often used to create a winter manicure. Unobtrusive, restrained color is especially beautiful in combination with pastel shades.

In the summer the design it can be combined with powdered, pink shades


One of the novelties of modern nail art is a silver manicure on short nails, which gives a woman mystery. This manicure is suitable for iridescent outfits.

You can use various techniques to perform it. Silver design is chosen for a romantic dinner or festive celebrations.


White manicure for short nails always looks stylish and chic. It goes well with skin of any shade.

White color is especially suitable for owners of a narrow nail plate, as it visually expands it. By covering the nails with white varnish and decorating 1-2 of them, you can create an exquisite nail art.


For those who do not like bright colors, a manicure with a cream shade is ideal. A combination of matte and glossy coatings will help give the manicure originality.

For the design of cream nail plates, use rhinestones, stones.


One of the best ways to attract attention to yourself is to paint your nails yellow. Yellow manicure is relevant in the warm season.

Manicure will look more spectacular if you use a matte coating, decorating it with rhinestones, foil, sand or mirror pigments.

Bright yellow

A bright yellow manicure combined with short square nails will best emphasize the girl’s personality.


With the help of gold nail Polish, you can create a festive manicure for short legs. You can put any image on the Golden background.

A French manicure with a gold base and red edging looks chic.


Stylish autumn and winter manicure for short nails can be done with mustard varnish. You can make mustard color only a few fingers. Paint the rest in a different color.

On a mustard basis, leaves, butterflies, abstraction, and geometry look good.


Manicure in lemon color goes well with summer clothes. At the same time, the wardrobe can be either monotonous or motley.

Complement the lemon manicure with a Golden decor in the form of rhinestones, beads, sequins.


One of the leading shades of 2020 is blue, which looks naturally on nails with a short length. One of the advantages of this color is that it can be used by women of different age categories.

Blue manicure is suitable for oval, square, almond-shaped nail plates. It is perfectly combined with white color, foil, acrylic powder, “cat’s eye”.


Nail Polish in blue tones is ideal for creating a winter themed manicure with images of Christmas trees, snowflakes, mittens, bears.

Blue nail art is performed with the help of matte, glossy lacquers using glitter, mirror surface effect, “cat’s eye”.

Cobalt blue

Manicure for short nails of cobalt blue color is suitable for both daytime and evening image.

The cobalt design looks harmonious in combination with denim or white outfits.


By decorating nail plates in green, you can create an exclusive image. This color can be used for manicure on short nails in winter and summer for both a casual look and for special occasions.

The rich palette of green color makes it possible to choose any shade and diversify the manicure.


Beautiful and elegant looks on short nails mint shade. Mint design is harmoniously combined with gold decor elements: foil, stripes, beads, shells.

Mint shades will refresh the summer and spring design, giving the image an airiness.


The new season has added new colors to the color palette. This includes the turquoise color.

This delicate color is not well perceived on straight, square nail shapes. The best solution for turquoise manicure will be almond-shaped nails of small length.


One of the most elegant and noble shades is emerald. The most appropriate emerald manicure for short nails in autumn and winter. Stylists recommend performing the emerald design in the “cat’s eye” technique.


The khaki color is close to the marsh tone of the green palette. This dark color is an excellent option for short nails, as it makes them visually longer.

The design in khaki shades looks better on nail plates that have an oval, straight and almond shape.

Light green

A light green manicure is relevant in summer and is not suitable for winter design. This nail art emphasizes tanned hands.

Bright green shade is more suitable for young girls. For more Mature women, it is better to perform a manicure in soft green tones.


The best time of year for covering nail plates with pistachio varnish is early spring, summer and winter. Despite the fact that a pistachio manicure can be applied to nails of any length, this color looks most harmonious on short nails with an oval, round or square nail plate.


A mixture of green and yellow gives an original olive hue, which well emphasizes short nails.

For every day, a manicure is suitable, in which all the fingers are covered with olive color, and the ring finger is decorated with green broths. Olive nail art looks good in combination with a RUB.


When combined with green and brown shades, the swamp color is obtained. From the shade of khaki, it is distinguished by a brown undertone.

A good addition to the swamp design will be stones and crystals, as well as geometric patterns. Swamp manicure for short nails with the use of a matte coating looks chic.


The design of a manicure in orange color evokes associations with summer, bright sun. Red-haired girls and brown-haired women can safely cover their nail plates with orange varnish.

Orange manicure looks perfect on short nails and emphasizes the tanned skin of the hands.


Naturalness and naturalness, which became the motto of the new season, made the peach shade of manicure popular. Peach refers to pastels, so it is suitable for a woman of any age, to any outfit.

You can paint marigolds in a peach color at any time of the year. It is suitable for everyday and festive manicure.


Purple consists of a mass of tones, both dark and light. Not all of these shades are suitable for any woman.

Older women are recommended to choose dark shades, and girls and teenagers – lighter.

Light tones are more suitable for everyday manicure. Dark ones are more luxurious, so they are harmoniously combined with evening dresses.


Manicure in purple color is more relevant in the cold season. Purple nails can be either long or short. In this case, special attention should be paid to the form. It should be without flaws.

Purple nail art can be diluted not only with pastels, but also with bright colors. A combination of purple with blue, maroon, and lemon shades looks good.


Lilac shade is obtained from a combination of three colors: red, blue and white. The combination of a light lilac shade with white, beige, mint, and blue tones looks harmonious.

Dark lilac color will look better in combination with peach, milk, plum.

Apply a lilac manicure is better on narrow, elongated nail plates with a short length. The shape can be straight or rounded.


Plum color refers to the universal shades suitable for creating both everyday and festive onions. Applied on short nails with plum nail Polish attracts attention to the hands.

Plum design can be supplemented with various decorative elements and drawings.


One of the most fashionable shades of 2020 is eggplant. Eggplant base can be decorated with various drawings, inscriptions.

Lilac flowers drawn on an eggplant base make the image more feminine. To create a festive image when performing an eggplant manicure, you can apply a RUB. It will make the plates painted in eggplant color shimmer beautifully.


A brown-toned manicure for short nails is perfect for any occasion. It allows you to create unusual combinations with other colors, use sequins, stickers, patterns, and drawings for decoration.

For an office dress code, a manicure with minimal and discreet decor will be ideal. When creating a holiday image, you can add glitter and other bright elements.


Beige color refers to natural shades. It goes well with many colors. On the base, made of beige lacquer, you can apply various drawings, lines, patterns.

Beige design involves decorating with rhinestones, kamitomioka, sequins, crystals.


A new trend of the current season is coffee manicure for short nails. It is especially relevant in autumn. Manicure in coffee shades is more suitable for the soft rounded shape of the nail plates.

Coffee design is mainly used in everyday life and is not suitable for holidays.


Manicure for short nails in chocolate tones looks refined and noble. When using a matte finish, you can create a manicure with the effect of velvet, velour, or satin.

Chocolate color looks luxurious even with a simple plain coating of plates. But this does not prevent you from performing a manicure with the use of various techniques. Especially effective is the alternation of glossy and matte coatings.


The pearl manicure became a hit of the new season. When performing such a design, you need to take into account its features. Since the pearl manicure is based on light lacquers, the nail plate should be perfect. Otherwise, all defects and shortcomings will be visible.

Pearl manicure can be supplemented with painting and decoration of rhinestones and stones. It is not necessary to make all the fingers with a pearl tint. Mother of pearl looks good in combination with velvet and matte coatings.


Despite the fact that the trend remains naturalness, which is inclined to pastel shades, acid manicure is no less popular. At the same time, it is not forbidden to paint the nails in two colors that do not seem to be combined with each other.

If a two-tone manicure is chosen for nail art, then it is better to choose an outfit in calmer tones. The combined acidic design is ideal for short nails. But stylists advise you to refrain from too cumbersome decoration, and combining different techniques.

Color combinations in manicure for short nails

Combined manicure for short nails looks unusual. For its implementation, two colors of the varnish coating are used.

To achieve the desired effect when performing a two-color design, you need to know how to combine colors correctly. The selected shades should complement each other, not merge or compete with each other.

Blue and white

The combination of blue and white colors can be used both in winter and summer. To perform a blue and white manicure, you can choose different techniques:

  • jacket;
  • antifrench;
  • gradient.

Blue and white colors are ideal for marine themes, because when you look at these colors, you remember summer, the sea, and rest.

The blue and white design is in harmony with both the casual and evening look. You can also use it when creating a sports or official style.


The combination of two rich colors-blue and purple gives a rather colorful combination. The blue-purple design is suitable for everyday, business and holiday onions.

To perform the design in purple-blue tones, choose a French manicure, gradient.



Two contrasting colors-blue and yellow perfectly complement each other. But, despite the harmonious combination of such opposite colors, you need to correctly place accents when performing a manicure on short nails.

If you need to perform a festive design, then the blue color will be suitable as the main coating. The yellow highlight only 2-3 of the nail.

In summer, it is better to give primacy to the yellow color, and use blue to emphasize the warm hue of the “neighbor”. But if the nail plates are very wide, then it is better to take the blue color as a basis. With it, the nails will look more elegant and elegant.


Yellow and green colors in manicure raise the mood and attract attention. But since yellow-green nails are too bright, they can not be used when creating a business style. Such juicy shades are more suitable for recreation and entertainment.

Bright yellow-green design looks appropriate in spring or summer. You can perform a manicure on short nails with lacquers of different textures: matte and glossy coatings.

Yellow and blue

The combination of yellow and blue looks quite unusual. In this combination, the dominant position must be given to one color, otherwise the design will be too bright.

If the yellow color is not very suitable for long nails, then short nails look quite attractive on a yellow background.

Yellow-blue manicure is suitable for warm summer days or fresh spring. But you can choose an option for autumn or winter.


One of the most original options is the combination of yellow and black. One of the advantages of this design is that it is suitable for any shape of nails with a short length.

If the goal is not to create a variegated manicure, then most of the area of the nail plate should be filled in with black, and the yellow color should form a pattern.

The velvety effect is achieved with black tints scattered over a yellow background.

If the nail plate is too narrow, you can expand it by using a yellow frame with a black background. Visually lengthen the nails will help yellow flecks on a black base.

Yellow-black manicure looks equally appropriate in spring, summer and autumn.


The combination of gray and pink colors creates a harmonious and delicate combination. Gray-pink nail art has become not only a hit of the 2020 season, but it can also be performed on short nails and it goes well with any style of clothing.

To create a gray-pink design, you can use both matte and glossy coatings.

Pink and blue

The combination of pink and blue colors in the manicure gives femininity and tenderness.

In 2020, a pink and blue design made on short nails with a round or square shape is in Vogue. It is advisable to choose a “soft square”, so that the shades look more delicate.

Pink and blue design is best suited in the warm season. To decorate your manicure, you can use rhinestones, drawings, sequins, foil, and stickers.


Universal, classic combination – a combination of black and white colors. With the help of black and white nail art, the most elegant options are created. This two-color combination is suitable for short nails of almond shape.


One of the most stylish nail designs is a black-and-blue manicure. This coating is better applied in autumn and winter.

To perform black-and-blue nail art, mainly such techniques as French manicure and gradient are used. Decorate your nails with beads, rhinestones, and beads. Stylists recommend placing rhinestones along the contour of the nail plate or placing one large bead in the center of the nail.


The red and white design is perfect for short-length nails. The shape is better to choose almond-shaped or oval. For lovers of a square shape, it is recommended to choose a “soft square”.

The red and white design is relevant in any season. It can be used not only to create a festive image, but also for business and everyday use. The main thing is to distribute the contrasts correctly, so that the manicure does not look too flashy.


One of the most unusual combinations of colors is red and orange. The orange color itself is quite rich. When supplemented with red color, the original non-standard combination is obtained.

The red and orange design perfectly fits into the festive image. To create a red-orange nail art, a combination of an orange hue with a pure red varnish is suitable.

Light green-blue

The combination of green and blue colors gives a successful colorful and delicate combination. Light blue manicure is ideal for short-length nails. Thanks to the light shades, the fingers are visually lengthened.

Manicure ideas for short nails

Fashion does not stand still. And every year nail industry experts offer more and more different nail plate design ideas-from the simplest to the most extravagant and incredible.


A beautiful manicure for short nails does not necessarily mean the presence of numerous decorations on the nail plates. Sometimes the simplest design looks no less colorful.

In 2020, the trend is simple, light nail art with minimal decor. For covering marigolds, it is better to choose neutral pastel shades. This design is suitable for both festive and casual, school manicure.

The easiest way to make a beautiful manicure is to cover your nails with any varnish. The Polish texture can be any: glossy, Matt, or shiny.

In 2020, natural nail art is on trend, so you can apply a colorless or transparent varnish to your nails. A simple manicure in combination with rhinestones, camouflage patterns, and sequins looks original.


Nail stylists offer to diversify your daily life by making interesting and unusual nail designs.

An unusual manicure for short nails consists of non-standard drawings and patterns on the nails. Anamalistic patterns, banknotes, imitation wood – all this looks avant-garde and unexpected.

Moldings, rhinestones and spikes made on nail plates with a sharp shape have become widespread. Rather atypical look marigolds covered with fluffy fur. A fleecy manicure will perfectly fit into the winter look.


One of the options of nail art that gives femininity and tenderness is a neat manicure for short nails, made in calm colors. To create a calm design, you usually choose:

  1. A discreet beige color, suitable for marigolds of any shape.
  2. A soft blue shade of varnish that forms a modest, gentle image.
  3. Pink tones that look great on the glossy surface.

For a quiet design, you can use rhinestones, stones, and foil, but in small quantities.

A universal option for a calm nail art will be a French coat. A floral print made in soft tones does not look flashy on short nails.

Cool and funny

Young girls often try to stand out and attract attention to themselves. A cool manicure will successfully help in this. Do it on nails of any length, including short ones.

The most current types of cool design include:

  • emoticons with images of funny faces;
  • images with animals, insects, and birds;
  • still lifes of fruit;
  • images of cartoon characters;
  • thematic drawings for various holidays.

The championship is given to juicy, bright colors, contrasting color combinations. When performing a cool manicure, it is important to take into account the matching of the outfit to the nail design, so that the overall image looks harmonious.

You can cheer yourself up with a funny design applied to short nails. Images of such a manicure should cause a smile. They can be funny faces, funny animals, balloons, toys, or smileys.

Drawings can be applied by drawing them yourself with a brush, using a stencil or special stickers. Young girls can afford to show up with a playful manicure at a youth party, and teenagers can walk around with a funny design even in everyday life.


For a bold design, bright colors, unusual patterns, and stickers will do. Using colorful colors and non-standard combinations, you can even make the most ordinary manicure for short nails shocking.

One of these colors is red. By itself, a spectacular and bold color combined with glitter, RUB, sequins, silver will create a cool manicure. Combinations of red and blue, green and purple look provocative.

Bold lovers of Nightclubs will be attracted by the neon design. You can use neon lighting to draw drawings. A rather daring and bold solution will be the space on the nails.


Any girl can emphasize her uniqueness by choosing an original design of nail plates.

A non-standard solution will be a combination of two styles. The combination of classic and reverse of the jacket is quite unusual. To do this, you don’t need to apply both styles on each finger; you can alternate styles and colors.

The original look of the base is made in a gradient technique, over which geometric shapes are depicted.

Geometry can be used as the basis of a French manicure, covering the main surface with a transparent varnish, and apply geometric drawings to the edging.


Manicure is one of the important elements that complement an elegant image. Elegance should not be aggressive, imposing attention. Therefore, to create an elegant manicure for short nails, acidic and provocative tones are not suitable.

When designing an elegant nail art, there should not be a large number of sequins and the combination of several types of decor. The elegant design is performed in solid colors. When using several shades, the main focus is on one color, the rest just complement it.

A beautiful manicure is obtained by using a veil technique. When combined with a classic manicure, it turns out a stylish, elegant design.


Cute manicure is suitable for different occasions: going to the beach, daily wear, for a business meeting. A romantic dinner can also be an occasion for a cute design of marigolds.

The palette of colors for a cute design consists of pastel, Nude, milk, pink shades. You can add a little black or gray to light tones, highlighting some marigolds or individual drawing elements.

From the available nail art techniques, hand painting, color pictures, Ombre, gradient, watercolor, French, knitted manicure will suit.

The manicure looks so much cuter on short nails. On the nail plates of a small length, small polka dots in different colors look nice.


It is difficult to imagine an evening look without a chic nail design. The best form of short nails for such a manicure will be an almond or “soft square”.

The palette of chic nail art consists of light pink, natural beige, powdery, Burgundy, dark blue, and red colors. For a luxurious manicure, it is better to use one-color coatings. It should not look flashy and pretentious.

The French manicure, made in white, red, black and Burgundy shades, is considered indispensable in the evening image. A great effect is obtained when using a RUB. One of the most optimal solutions for chic nail art is a design with an emphasis on one nail.


Each new season offers new design options for nail plates, including creative ideas.

Bright contrasting shades and gloss are used for creating creative designs. On-trend colors are green, red, purple, chrome, silver, and gold. For decor you can use rhinestones, micro beads, ribbon, stamping.

One of the options for creating a creative manicure for short nails is caviar. The micro beads should be several shades.

Geometry, volumetric manicure, 3D design looks creative on nails with a short length.

Aesthetically beautiful

Aesthetics includes three concepts: simplicity, hygiene and classic. Aesthetic manicure should be pleasant to the eye, look fashionable, but not pretentious. The color scheme may be different. The main thing is that it corresponds to the image as a whole.

Aesthetically, short nails with a discreet lace frame look good. Lace technique is well combined with classic French.

With the help of an aesthetic design, you can create a refined, feminine image.


There are several styles of visual art, each of which has its own characteristics. Getting to know them will help you choose the most appropriate style for yourself.


If you do not want to paint your nails with a decorative varnish, you can choose a transparent base or a colorless gel to cover the horn plates. The shape of the nails can be any. A colorless coating will give them a natural appearance. The main thing is that the manicure was done carefully. Natural decor perfectly harmonizes with any wardrobe.


Classics always remain on trend and are suitable for both very young girls and Mature women. Classic manicure should not look provocative and flashy. Its distinctive feature is elegance, restraint. Therefore, when performing such a manicure, you can not use a large number of decorative elements.

The classic manicure is characterized by natural colors (powdery, cream, dusty rose, sky blue). The perfect design will be French, moon manicure, light abstraction (geometric lines, gossamer).


French manicure for short nails never loses its relevance. This type of design is suitable for both daily and festive use. Especially often it is chosen for the wedding.

The main feature of a French manicure is a two-color coating. Classic French style involves painting the main part of the nail plate in light pink, milk, beige, and edging-in white.

But this does not mean that it can not be varied with other colors. Strips on the tips of the nail can be made in bright colors, decorated with sequins, rhinestones.


Manicure for short nails in the style of minimalism is suitable for those who prefer simplicity and laconism. This style is especially popular in the current 2020 year.

Minimalistic manicure looks great on oval nails or on a “soft square”. On-trend matte coatings with geometric patterns, floral print, and lettering. The matte design goes well with the glossy decor, patterns of silver glitter.


Koreans do not like long and sharp nails. Therefore, Korean manicure is mainly intended for marigolds with a small length and a natural oval shape.

The main emphasis is on the decor. The decorative elements are sequins, beads, rhinestones, feathers, and ribbons. Various fancy nail designs are welcome.

Preference is given to solid light, pastel shades. It is also possible to combine different colors that harmonize with each other.


American manicure is characterized by an oval shape of the nail. The coverage is chosen plain and bright.

Initially, this style provided for the selection of nail Polish and lipstick in the same tone. But over time, the style has changed a little. The colors of lipstick and lips do not necessarily have to match, the nails can be painted a tone darker or lighter than the shade of lipstick.

Manicure for short nails according to the shape of the nails

Any manicure starts with choosing the shape of the nail. This takes into account the sphere of activity, the dress code at work or in an educational institution, and fashion trends.

In addition, you should take into account:

  • structure of the hand;
  • the length of the fingers;
  • size and shape of the nail bed;
  • the strength of the Horny plates.

Even the most successful design will not look beautiful if the shape of the nail is chosen incorrectly.


One of the shapes suitable for nails with a short length is a square consisting of two straight side lines and a transverse line. The corners of an acute square should be clear.

But this form is not suitable for all girls. It is not recommended to make a square shape for women with wide palms and short fingers, so as not to shorten them visually.

Thin and weak nail plates are also not suitable for giving them a square shape, as it is possible to chip off the corners.

The square will be a great option for thin and medium-sized hands.

The best decoration for square nails will be a French manicure, marble pattern, “cat’s eye”, geometric drawings.

Soft square

One of the varieties of the classic square is a soft square, the edges of which are slightly rounded. This option is perfect for owners of brittle nail plates, who can not afford a classic square shape.

This shape perfectly matches the image of a business woman and looks attractive on short nails. You can create any design on them and paint them with any color.


The edge of the nail plate, which mirrors the contour of the hole, gives the nails an oval shape. This shape is suitable for any type of nail, including weakened ones.

Short oval nails look most natural, visually lengthen the fingers.

For oval nails, any decor and technique is suitable. You can use the oval both for everyday manicure and for a festive one.

Masked regime collapsed the market of lipsticks


The round shape is close to an oval, but with more rounded tips. Semicircular edges are suitable for owners of a wide nail plate, visually narrowing it. And visually lengthen the short nails will help vertical French.

Geometric patterns, combined elements, and three-dimensional patterns also look harmoniously on the round shape.


One of the most popular forms is the trapezoid or, as it is also called, “ballerina”. This form received its name because of its similarity to ballet Pointe shoes.

The uniform is versatile and fits everyone. Visually lengthens short and slightly plump fingers.

“Pointe shoes” look attractive even with the simplest design.


The most popular in this season is the almond – shaped shape, which differs from an oval with a narrower and sharper tip. Suitable for short nails with a long nail bed.

The almond shape gives the hands elegance and femininity. The best design option for this shape is considered a French or moon manicure.


Owners of wide nail plates will suit the appropriate shape in the form of a square oval. The tips of the oval shape will help you visually stretch your fingers.

On wide short plates, different colors of the same shade are well combined. The geometric design also looks in harmony with this shape.


The sharp shape is most often used for long nails. But if the nail bed is long and the horn plate is strong, then it is suitable for short nails.

The sharp shape visually lengthens the fingers, giving them grace. Pointed toenails attract attention, even if they are covered with an ordinary one-color varnish.

Manicure for short nails by situation

Manicure should not just adorn a woman, but also match her image and style. It is necessary to choose the design in such a way that it will be in harmony with the outfit and look appropriate for the upcoming event.

For each day

Everyday manicure for short nails must meet certain criteria – be resistant, versatile, practical and easy to perform.

In a daily manicure, there is no brightness and Shine inherent in a festive design. Therefore, for its design, you should choose Nude and pastel colors that are suitable for any occasion.

You can use French, moon manicure, geometric and floral prints. One-tone matte manicure looks good on nails with a short length.


Any girl tries to look especially attractive during the holidays. No less attention is paid to the selection of manicure.

Nail designers have developed a wide variety of options for festive decor. This allows you to choose the most appropriate design for the upcoming celebration.

By March 8

On the first spring holiday, any woman tries to transform herself. This also applies to manicure, in which you want to display the spring mood.

The main trend for the women’s holiday in 2020 is themed design. The usual floral prints with the image of buds, tulips, lilac twigs are supplemented with novelties: “spider web”, splashes, smears, bubble manicure “bubble nails”.

Decorating marigolds with rhinestones will make a manicure for short nails more luxurious.

New Year

New Year is the brightest and most fabulous holiday. And these feelings can be expressed in manicure in the form of prints of snowflakes, Christmas trees, cones, snowmen, Christmas decorations. Confetti, Yucca flakes, foil, glitter, pixie crustals, rhinestones will make it even more spectacular.

When performing a new year’s manicure, you can use the ideas of nail design 2020 for short nails: French and moon manicure, painting, airbrushing, knitted design, Ombre.

For my birthday

For the birthday of the girl begin to prepare in advance, choosing an outfit and makeup. But to complete the image, you must choose the appropriate manicure design. It should please the birthday girl, match her age and preferences.

Manicure for a birthday is decorated with several colors of varnish, use decorating elements (rhinestones, beads, glitter, lace, broths).

French manicure is an ideal option for any situation. French style nails with a short length look great in combination with the decor.

On the nail plate, you can draw the date of birth of the birthday girl or the number of years.


One of the most important events in the life of any girl is a wedding. And it is very important to look perfect on it.

Traditionally, brides decorated their nail plates with French manicure. But in 2020, stylists have prepared a new trend for the bride – the decoration of short nails with lace patterns.

A manicure made in shades close to the colors of the wedding bouquet looks harmonious.

If you want to decorate your nails with a brilliant decor, rhinestones are not applied to all the fingers, but only to a few.


Working in an office requires the presence of a dress code, which should correspond to the nail design.

Business style excludes a large length of the nail plate. Therefore, the ideal option for office manicure will be short nails of an almond-shaped or rounded shape, as well as a soft square. Trapezoid shape, sharp nails are not acceptable for office manicure. Nail plates are painted in light shades: beige, pale cream, flesh, milk.

If the dress code is not too strict, dark nail Polish is allowed. In this case, the coating should be Matt or glossy. Neon, led coatings, and holography are excluded.

From the techniques you can use French, veil, gradient.

On the sea

Manicure for short nails for a holiday at the sea should be colorful, bright, and even bold. In marine design, you can mix colors and styles.

The main color scheme of marine manicure – blue, Sunny-Golden shades, reminiscent of the sea, sun and sand. Thematic drawings with the image of lighthouses, ships, chains, lifebuoys, and steering wheels are relevant for the sea.

Diving enthusiasts can decorate their nail plates with three-dimensional images of fish, turtles, reefs, and crayfish. No less colorful looks on short nails bright tropical greens.


A manicure for short nails, intended for an evening event, differs in its own features. First of all, this applies to the color that should correspond to the color of the selected outfit. The trend of the season is all saturated shades of blue. Blue looks luxurious and goes well with many outfits.

It will not hurt to match the texture of the varnish coating to the material of the evening toilet. Glossy nails will go with a silk and satin dress. Velvet is perfectly combined with a matte finish.

Evening manicure can be decorated with glitter, rhinestones, drawings. It is allowed to decorate marigolds in the style of Ombre, cat’s eye, or gradient.

Age-appropriate manicure for short nails

Manicure is used to decorate women’s hands. You must carefully select a design that corresponds to a certain age. What is good for teenagers or young girls can look ridiculous on the hands of an age-old woman.

For women over 50

Nails with a short length can not be better suited to women who have crossed the 50-year mark. At this age, preference should be given to rounded shapes or a “soft square”.

The color palette should also be chosen with care. Bright, acidic and cold shades should preferably be replaced with warm, calm, rich colors.

The design should be no less restrained. The emphasis should be placed on geometry or abstraction.

Since the nails of Mature women are more often broken and delaminated, their coating is suitable for persistent means: gel Polish or shellac.

With the nail Polish matched to the lipstick, a woman looks younger and more stylish.


Youth nail art is distinguished by its brightness and extravagance. There are practically no color restrictions.

Design marigolds drawings of vegetables, fruits, sweets, bows, hearts, flowers, images of animals, geometric patterns.

For young girls, marigolds are almond-shaped, sharp and square. You can experiment with different styles and techniques. The main thing is that the nail design is harmoniously combined with the overall style.

For teenagers

Long nails on the fingers of a young beauty will look ridiculous, so a short length of nails is an ideal option for teenagers.

Teenage manicure is very diverse, allows the use of bright, colorful shades. At school, it is better to paint the horn plates in light colors: pink, beige, light brown, milk. A clear varnish will do just fine. Pearl nail Polish on square nails also looks good. Outside of the school walls, you can choose a more bright and colorful design.

On the nails of a 10-year-old girl, you can paste images of princesses. Not one girl will not refuse the shiny nails that sparkle on her hands.

14-year-old girls consider themselves already quite Mature. At this age, many people first begin to have an interest in boys. Therefore, the girl’s manicure becomes more romantic.

The main theme of teenage nail art consists of decorating marigolds with hearts, flowers, butterflies, and rhinestones.


Teach a girl to take care of her nails, starting from 5-6 years old. To cover the baby’s horn plate, you need to use special baby lacquers.

The most popular children’s designs are the decoration of marigolds:

images of cartoon characters;

  • fruits;
  • pea;
  • florets;
  • Yagodkas;
  • bows.

You can cover your nails with a single-color varnish or make them multi-colored.

Visual extension of short nails

In order for short nails not to look like chunks, you need to choose the right manicure. It is important to keep in mind:

  • the shape of the nail plate;
  • color;
  • design.

The best option is an oval shape or a soft square. However, the square shape is not suitable for those who have a wide horn plate, since the width of the nail should not be more than the length.

Visually lengthen nails dark colors of varnish: dark blue, berry-wine, emerald-green, purple, cherry, chocolate. Too light coverage will only emphasize the short length. The only exceptions are pastels and Nude tones.

For women with a wide plate, it is recommended to cover only the middle of the nail with varnish, leaving the side edges open.

As a decoration that visually stretches the nail plate, suitable glitter, glitter, vertical drawings (flowers on a long leg, waves, geometry).

It is better to cover your nails with a glossy, pearlescent, mirror coating.

Types of manicure for short nails

If until recently the only material for nail coating was a conventional varnish, now women have the option of choosing a more long-term coating: gel-varnish, shellac.


One of the most popular options in nail design-gel coating. This is explained by a diverse range of colors, durability, and the ability to strengthen the horn plates.

In order not to visually shorten nails with such a short length, gel Polish should be applied in a thin layer.

UV lamps are used to work with gel Polish, so this procedure is most often carried out in beauty salons.

Gel coating dries quickly, nails look perfect for a long time.

With ordinary varnish

The easiest way to make a manicure is with a regular nail Polish. Cosmetic stores offer a wide range of lacquers in various shades and textures. You can choose a product with a matte, mother-of-pearl shade, with sequins, or sand.

The disadvantages of this coating-the varnish is unstable and it needs to be dried for a long time.


Shellac is a type of gel Polish produced by the American company CND. It has the same properties as a gel coating. It stays on the nail plate, without losing color and gloss, for about 14 -15 days.

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How to make a manicure for short nails

Any woman can make a manicure for short nails herself at home, without resorting to the services of expensive salons. You will only need to purchase the necessary set of tools and familiarize yourself with the instructions for performing a manicure.

Tools and materials that may come in handy:

  • sharp nail scissors with rounded cutting edges;
  • a set of files for sanding nail plates and shaping them;
  • metal wire cutters;
  • orange sticks for cuticle shifting;
  • cuticle softening oil;
  • the tool to remove the cuticle;
  • bath for steaming hands;
  • nail Polish remover;
  • hand cream;
  • colorless or decorative nail Polish;
  • nail Polish remover.

Before conducting a manicure, all tools should be thoroughly disinfected. This procedure is necessary, even if a woman makes a manicure only for herself.

To do this, all tools are washed with a warm soap solution, treated with special alcohol-containing solutions for disinfection. Then carry out heat treatment by lowering the tools for 20 minutes in boiling water or simply pouring boiling water over them.

Having prepared the tools and decided on the shape of the nails, proceed to the procedure. The simplest home manicure that you can do yourself is a classic edged one.

The process of conducting a manicure for short nails is done in stages and consists of the following steps:

  1. From the nail plates with a nail Polish remover, remove the old coating, pre-treating the hands with an antiseptic.
  2. Dry nails are filed with a file, giving them the desired shape. Filing is done smoothly, passing the file from the edge to the center. Excessive nail length is cut with nail scissors.
  3. The base of the nail is treated with oil to soften the cuticle.
  4. In a bowl pour warm water, add liquid soap, dip your fingers in it for a few minutes.
  5. They wipe their steamed fingers dry.
  6. With an orange stick, the cuticle is moved to the base of the nail plate, then the excess skin is carefully cut off. Experienced manicurists use a trimmer for trimming, while tweezers are more suitable for beginners.
  7. Nail scissors remove the burrs.
  8. RUB a special oil or hand cream into the skin.

After the procedure, the nails are covered with a colorless or decorative varnish.

Some of the techniques (Ombre, gradient, pattern application) can also be performed with a simple varnish. If you have a UV lamp, you can use gel Polish or shellac.

On top of the varnish coating, a fixative is applied. It not only extends the service life of the coating, but also strengthens and feeds valuable elements of the nail plate.

Make a manicure for short nails yourself is not so difficult. It looks aesthetically pleasing and stylish. And a huge number of design options will help you always be on trend and keep up with fashion.


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