Fashionable and beautiful wedding dress with feathers

Wedding dresses with feathers did not appear this season or in the past, they were popular many years ago. Decorating dresses with feathers has an ancient history, but the closest and brightest period is the “roaring 20s”. Therefore, if you like 1920s fashion, a bridal gown with feathers is a great choice.

In addition to beauty, feathers make the dress really warm and cozy. If there are a lot of feathers, a wedding dress can compete with a coat, which is very important in the cold season. This is probably why you can find many such dresses in many fall-winter wedding collections.

In the distant past, feathers were endowed with special sacred meanings. In the traditions of many peoples, men and women could wear feathers, but this still had to be earned. Now, feathers can be worn by anyone, although a rare man dares to wear a feathered outfit. The modern man in feathers will be compared not with a hunter or a priest, but with an ordinary rooster. Therefore, outfits with feathers today belong to women, although they can not always afford them …

For many girls, a wedding is almost the only chance to wear a dress with feathers, because an outfit richly decorated with feathers looks best on bright holidays, carnivals, Fashion Weeks and Great Gatsby parties. Therefore, the upcoming wedding presents an excellent opportunity to put on feathers.

wedding dress with feathers

The best material for such a dress is an ostrich feather. If you are a protector of animals, you can not worry about birds, today no one is engaged in hunting and merciless destruction of birds. Ostriches are successfully bred and raised on farms like ordinary chickens. If you really feel sorry for the birds, you can choose an outfit made of synthetic feathers.

Choosing a chic wedding dress with feathers

Floor-length or midi wedding dresses look most advantageous. A floor-length dress with a train is the most luxurious, but not the most comfortable option. The weather in the cold season is unpredictable, and you will probably have to walk and take pictures outside. Think what a dress with feathers will turn into in rainy weather!

Therefore, the optimal length for a feathered dress is to the middle of the knee. Short dresses and especially mini models with feathers below the waist cut the figure in two. In addition, they visually add volume to the hips, and shorten the legs.

Apart from the all-feathers, there are many wedding dresses where feathers are used in very limited quantities. An ostrich feather can adorn the bodice of a dress, shoulders and cuffs.

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