Fashionable autumn coats, how to choose a coat

Fashionable coats in the season 2020-2021 – the most desirable thing in the autumn wardrobe. This clothing warms in the cold, favorably emphasizes the figure and makes the image feminine and elegant. Women’s coats are very common in fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan.

This year’s trendy coats will be long and feminine, with belts to mark the waist, strict and “out of time”.

Long black coats


How to wear a long coat / photo

Long black coat – the latest squeak of fashion this season. The classic strict coat style will always be relevant. This item of clothing is suitable for girls of any height and figure and for any image. You can wear a black coat with jeans, baggy pants, skirts and dresses, leather pants, shirt and pullover.

Long coats


Long coats 2020 / photo


Also in vogue are long coats and other colors. The most fashionable shades: beige, burgundy, gray and white. A long coat can be used for a romantic, business, casual look or a casual walk. The most fashionable variations of coats – with a belt and cuffs on the sleeves.

Coat in a cage


Autumn coat in a cage / photo

Autumn coat in a cage / photo

A coat in a cage is the most desirable pattern this season. In fashion as great, and small cellas well as the pattern “goose paws“. Coats in a cage can be in any color, but the most classic option – gray fabric with dark patterns. Under such outerwear it is better to wear plain pants black, brown or blue and a turtleneck without patterns. You can also wear black shoes under the coat. or high heels.

Leather coat

Leather coat for autumn / photo Vogue

Leather coat for autumn / photo Vogue

Leather coat models have been introduced by many fashion brands around the world. This model looks both sexy and practical. Leather coat can be plain or patchwork. If you do not like genuine leather – you can choose eco-leather coat.

Short coat

Stylists advise to pay attention to the shortened coats, similar to a jacket or a jacket. This model is popular in white and beige color. You can use a short coat for an image in the style of casual, sports and street.

Oversized coat


Oversized coat 2020 / photo Zara

Oversized coat 2020 / photo Zara

Oversize coats (loose fit) seem too bulky, but actually look feminine and elegant. This is the trend of the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season. Such models were presented this year by the brands Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada. They can be worn for a date or an evening walk. You can wear an oversized coat as roste and open and closed with buttons and with a belt.

Coat with fur inserts


Coat with a fur collar / photo annaverdi


Coat with a fur collar / photo annaverdi

Another trend this fall and winter is a coat with fur inserts. Fur can be a collar, pocket, sleeve or the entire edge of the coat. The fur can be solid or colored. Let’s use faux fur – environmental friendliness is now in vogue.


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