Fashionable autumn hats winter 2020-2021

In fashion knitted hats with pompoms and elegant berets.

The hat is not only protection from the cold in autumn and winter, but also a beautiful accessory that can complement your stylish image.

As children, our parents often forced us to wear a hat, but we were afraid to look ridiculous in it. Now this fear is unfounded, because the autumn-winter season 2020-2021 offers many fashionable options for hats. Well-known world clothing brands also present models of hats at their shows.

Knitted hats

Knitted hats 2020-2021 / photos

Knitted hats 2020-2021 / photo

The trend this season is knitted hats with pompoms, beret hats, snoods, with ears and beanies. Rough knitting hats in a rustic style are considered very fashionable. In addition, they warm the head well in cold weather. Beige, gray, white and black hats are in trend. It is recommended to wear knitted hats complete with gloves and a scarf of the same style.


Fashion berets 2020-2021 / photo by glamadvice

Fashionable berets 2020-2021 / photo glamadvice

Beret-classic headdress for all time. He looks feminine and elegant. Berets of various shapes are presented in the collections of world brands. Fashionable berets can be knitted and three-dimensional, complemented by a veil or rhinestones, cashmere, fur, thin and flat. The beret can be worn for a business, romantic or street look.

Fur hats

Fur hats autumn-winter / photo

Fur hats autumn-winter / photo

Fur hats and fur inserts are very relevant this season. Both natural and artificial fur is in trend. The fur warms well in the cold and looks chic. In fashion, fur hats-earflaps and fur hats with “ears”.


Fashion caps 2020-2021 / photos

Fashionable caps 2020-2021 / photo

Recently, caps were considered a very specific headdress, but now it can be worn under almost any image. Caps can be used for romantic and business style, as well as for a walk. The trend is a cap made of leather, cashmere, felt, with jewelry made of rivets, embroidery, spikes, buttons.


A hat-sock is a unisex thing that can be worn by both women and men. The size of such a hat is usually larger than required. It will adorn any image, be it street style, romantic or sporty. A sock hat can be worn with a coat, jacket, fur coat, down jacket or trouser suit.


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