fashionable French manicure in different shapes and colors

Among the variety of types of manicure and types of coating, the most common, more than 35 years remains French. French manicure is relevant for girls and women of any age and social status. A wide target audience was initially reached due to its versatility. And later, due to the variety of designs and techniques of performing this manicure, its fans became even more numerous.

French nail design

If at the stage of the origin of French, it was performed only in the classic version, then after the boom of French manicure in the early crazy 90s and to this day: it is a whole art and a field for imagination. Masters of nail design compete in originality, ideas of how to present it in a new way, and lovers of such a manicure secretly compete among themselves.

Classic white

The classic version of a French manicure is a smile-shaped strip on the end of the nail, made in white. It is either painted with varnish, and a fixing component is applied on top, or shellac, when building up the nail. This is a simple and always up-to-date nail design.

With a pattern

French with a pattern is more often performed in the classic style: with stripes of white color and the addition of a pattern on all the nails, or on one. It is also possible to make drawings on top of “smiles” of any color.


French manicure can also be colored. For example, each nail will be decorated with a strip of different colors, or if you choose a single-color option, all the “smiles” on the nails will be the same color.


The black color of the French jacket can be beat both classic and modern. It depends on the thickness and shape of the strip. You can also choose a glossy finish – the strip will shimmer, thereby attracting attention, or a matte one, then it will be a more restrained look, suitable for any style.


The red version of the French manicure is not suitable for everyone and not for any form of nail. Here it is worth approaching the choice more carefully. Stylish look nails are almond-shaped with a thin “smile” of red color, or a soft square with a thicker strip.


Pink has many variations, so you need to rely on the appropriateness of its use. It is unlikely that a French strip of acid pink will be suitable for a solid woman of 40+, but a dark noble pink, or coral, will be a restrained and interesting option at the same time.


The most frequent request for a Golden jacket during the New year holidays. Everyone wants brightness and celebration, so a Golden “smile” on the nails will raise the mood and fit into the image for almost any party. The gold shade can be darker, perhaps closer to bronze or brown, and then this design will be relevant not only for holidays.


The blue color of the French manicure will suit bold individuals. Very often, blue stripes are made in thick shapes, and use the transition from light blue to a deep marine shade.


Yellow French can be done in a delicate dusty shade and get almost a classic manicure. Others will prefer an acidic or lemon tint. And in this case, even if the” smile ” of the manicure is in the form of a thin strip, the hands will attract attention.


The color of Bordeaux or wine for a French shirt is chosen by an office employee or conservative girls. This color adds elegance to the image.


Sky blue and the color of sea water, – an option for summer French. It is often used in the gradient technique: one stripe is made by transitions from a darker blue to the sky.


The milk color is chosen by lovers of classic French. At the same time, the milky color of the strip will make the nails less noticeable, in contrast to the bright white.


Green herbaceous or green shade of khaki, olive – these are two different approaches to nail design. The first, bright color is desirable to use in a manicure with a thin, classic stripe. And more restrained shades of khaki or olive, you can beat the greater thickness and even shape of the French stripes.


Manicure of pastel tones is usually performed in two colors: Nude and light beige, or transparent pink. One of them is taken as the basis for covering the entire nail plate, the second for performing the “smile”. In this case, there is no clear border between the nail plate and the strip,and the manicure is called Nude.


Any girl can afford a delicate purple French coat, but a strip of bright purple shade should be made only for a certain image or even for a specific event.


Another eccentric color for a French manicure is lilac. Nail design in this color is desirable for young girls who do not work in serious organizations. For example, it is better for Bank employees to choose more muted colors.


Best of all, warm orange color is used for square nail shape. It will be stylish, bright, but not vulgar. On almond-shaped nails, this can look provocative.


Classic French manicure, elegant and suitable for all occasions, as well as relevant for any form of nails.


The gray color of the French manicure strip will give the image a serious look. When you want something less classic, but not too flashy – shades of gray, from light to the color of wet asphalt, will be the solution to this dilemma.


Another option for summer or vacation time. A thin or triangular strip of turquoise color on the nails will create a light and joyful mood.


Brown French will look good on square or oval nails, in the form of a thick strip. The main coating can be made colorless. And when choosing a thin strip of manicure, it is better to make the base beige, for a less sharp transition between shades.

Light green

The light green color of a French manicure is for the very bold. If the girl has well-groomed hands, then the green French can be performed in any technique: from a thin classic “smile”, to a thick, various forms (triangular, rounded).


Each nail is performed in a different color. The right and left hand can repeat the alternation of colors, and all 10 nails can be of different shades. Without attention, such a manicure will not remain.

With rhinestones

French with rhinestones is made with a special glue. On top of the glued strass, a transparent varnish coating is made, so the strass is not wiped off and lasts longer on the nail plate. Most often, one of the nails on each hand is decorated with rhinestones: flowers or geometric patterns are laid out. If each nail is decorated with rhinestones, on top of the French jacket, then it is 1-2 rhinestones in a certain order.

With sequins

French manicure with sequins can be festive or casual. If the sequins are large, then the “smile” will be bright and this is an option for the holiday. If the sequins are very small, and the base of the nail plate is covered with a transparent or Nude color, such a manicure can also become everyday, with a slight note of festive mood.


This French style is performed when using a dense coating of Matt color, which covers the main area of the nail plate. The strip is usually decorated with white varnish.

With geometry

The combination of the classic French “smile” with geometric shapes on each or one nail is a favorite technique of French manicure by many. The shapes used are various: squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and perpendicular lines. You can make several small shapes on each finger, or you can draw 1, but a large geometric shape.

With silver

French manicure with silver, many call new year’s. Silver spray is applied in a dense opaque layer on 1 nail of each hand, while the rest is left in the classic style. In other variations, silvery spraying is done on each nail, thus replacing the classic color of French.

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Double-stripe French jacket

Double jacket, or with a double “smile”, can be made in two colors, stripes of different thickness and even orientation. For example, the blue stripe abruptly turns black, and the rest of the nail plate remains covered with a transparent or beige color. One of the strips can be made in a crystal version, and the one that is under it, a regular varnish of any color.

With a RUB

A RUB is a powder made of synthetic materials. It is produced in different sizes and colors, so you can achieve different effects. Mirror metallic or chrome in gold or silver colors are used more often than the others. RUB achieve a smooth, shiny coating with spills.

With stripes

In addition to the classic “smile” stripe on the tip of the nail plate, you can also draw stripes on the main area of the nail plate. It can be thick and straight lines, thin and wavy, different colors and Monotones, and they can also be located parallel to each other, or intersect.


French with a gradient is a color transition. For example, at the base of the nail will be pink, and to the edge of the nail plate, it will gradually turn white. Or the gradient is made “smile”. Usually, two primary colors are used for the gradient, which are not very contrasting in relation to each other.


Moon French is sometimes called a substitute for French, but this is another interpretation of a classic manicure. In this type of manicure, the usual thin strip increases several times, that is, it covers almost the entire nail with color. It is called lunar, since only part of the hole at the base of the nail plate remains uncovered.


Oblique French is so called because the strip characteristic of French manicure is performed on the oblique, that is, diagonally on the surface of the nail. The strip is usually thickened. Thanks to drawing the strip diagonally, the nail is obtained, as if slanted visually and divided into 2 parts by colors.


Crystal nail design, performed by a special technique of modeling the nail gel or acrylic. This design looks unusual, fresh and interesting thanks to the transparent tips of the nails, which attract attention.


With the help of aquarium technology, unique, inimitable images are obtained, which are as if under glass. The technique is performed with gel and creates a three-dimensional image.


Universal French jacket. Suitable for both short and long nails of any shape. A characteristic feature of the spread-out French is the perfect “smile” line. Another name is “joint to joint”.

With flowers

French with the image of flowers is a popular type of manicure. Flowers are performed most often on the ring finger of each hand, while the rest retain the classic look of a French manicure. Also, many make patterns of flowers on all the nails of the hand.

With foil

The smile is decorated with foil, or ornaments, three-dimensional drawings and abstract images are made on the nails using foil. Usually, one accent finger is decorated with foil.

With powder

Acrylic powder allows you to design a French manicure without using stencils or brushes. A long-lasting type of manicure.

With the Ombre effect

Ombre or gradient is easy to perform, but it looks spectacular. It looks great on long or short nails, especially oval ones. The Ombre effect is achieved by smooth color transitions.

With patterns and lace

Lace and patterns on the nails are performed on a nail plate with a beige or pink shade. The emphasis can be placed in the center of the nail or at its base.

With a heart shaped smile

The design of such a jacket consists in drawing the shape of a heart on the nail plate. Usually, such a manicure is done on the nails with a transparent coating, and the heart, as it should be painted in red or Burgundy.

With a web

The design with a web is performed with a thick gel. This decor, also called “toffee” creates intricate and unusual patterns on the nails.


The main trend of the summer of the last 3 years – manicure in neon colors. The peculiarity of such a French coat is that it is a bright color of varnish during the day, and at night it glows. Neon coatings should preferably be chosen for short nails.

With inscriptions

An original manicure with inscriptions can be done both with an emphasis on one finger, and on each. Words are made using thin brushes, or ready-made stickers-letters are used.

With stickers

French with stickers is performed with the help of special stickers that last a long time on the nails. There are many options, and you can change the stickers and nail design for each holiday.


The smile is performed in the form of bevels on both edges of the nail, in the center remains the shape of a triangle. You can create different sharpness of the angle. It is combined with other techniques. It can be either colored or plain.

With a pattern on the ring finger

Accent nails on the ring finger are a frequent choice for manicure design, called “ring finger”. All nails are made with a classic light “smile”, and on the ring finger of each hand a bright accent is made with the chosen pattern: flowers, shapes, and so on.


Reverse French manicure is when the classic strip moves from the tip of the nail to the hole and is highlighted by the color already at the base of the nail. French manicure on the contrary.


An unfinished design refers to an incomplete smile line. Its masters draw it on half of the nail horizontally. There are options for vertical drawing. This type of manicure is quite creative. You can complement the design with a few rhinestones or decorate the smile line with shiny ribbons.


French is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the bride and her manicure. It is performed in the classic version, and sometimes emphasis is placed on the ring finger of each hand in the form of white flowers, lace or rhinestones.


Depending on the time of year the girls are dominated by different attitudes and preferences for nail designs are changing. So the masters divide the styles of manicure, according to 4 seasons of the year.


In autumn, they are in demand:

  • yellow, orange, brown;
  • accent nails with images of leaves, pumpkins, and foxes.

Everyone wants comfort, so they prefer warm and dense colors.


In winter and in anticipation of new year’s holidays, girls often want to see a beautiful

  • winter design of the French jacket:
  • silver or gold manicure;
  • with patterns and lace;
  • Aquarian;
  • with sequins or rubs.

These nails create a festive and easy mood.


In spring, during the awakening of nature and an inspired mood, requests for nail design look inspiring and spring-like tender:

  • paintings of flowers;
  • delicate colors;
  • new design solutions.

At this time of year, you want freshness, something new and changes. For women, this means changing their hairstyle or refreshing their manicure.


During the hot summer, holidays, vacations and the sea, most people want to see a bright mood in their image. Nail design is gaining popularity in the summer:

  • neon colors;
  • sharp nails;
  • labels and stickers.

Any bold ideas can be implemented in the summer, and will be appropriate at the same time.


Youth French looks bright and unusual. More often than in others, stickers, a combination of neon colors, and techniques are used.

Fashionable French jacket

Since fashion is cyclical, and today it is completely versatile, the fashionable French is both classic with a white smile, and bright with a silver RUB, and with an accent image of a flower. It is better, when choosing the design of a French manicure, to start not only from the trends of the season, but also from personal feelings and preferences, despite the fact that every year there are many new products. One of the main trends of 2020 — 2021 is neon colors in French manicure. But this is one of many frequently changing trends.

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The history of

The name of the manicure “French” (French) logically suggests an Association with France – the capital of fashion and beauty. But “French” originates in the United States of America. Back in the 1970s, a Hollywood film Director made a request to Jeff Pink, the founder of the nail Polish company Orly. Jeff’s task was to come up with a manicure that would make him look like a real manicurist.:

  • suitable for every actress;
  • for each film and scene;
  • to all images.

The problem with the film industry was that a lot of time was spent constantly remaking manicure Actresses, its selection for a specific style and plot of the film. Back then, Jeff Pink’s company was already selling white pencils. They were applied under the nail plate. The problem was that I had to use a pencil after every hand wash.

The master realized that the white stripe on the nail plate lacks firmness and clarity. I decided that I should apply it over my nail and use nail Polish instead of pencil. Pink quickly found a manufacturer of white nail Polish, and presented the Director with a new type of manicure, called natural look (“natural look”).

The name” French”, manicure received a little later. After Jeff’s trip to Paris fashion week. Where his innovation was enthusiastically accepted by the fashion sphere, because mannequins also had to constantly repaint their nails for different images. France was already a trendsetter, so the owner of the company Orly made a strong marketing move, calling the manicure French.

Manicure quickly became known and loved by many. It was worn by the eccentric cher and Barbra Streisand. French reached the peak of its popularity in the 90s, when it was made by all the stars of Hollywood, and after them the rest of the women repeated it.

Fashion is cyclical, so the French coat has repeatedly become a trend of the season and even of the year. So at the end of 2019 and all of 2020, it again became the leader of cerdi all types of nail coverage.

Suitable for whom

French’s main goal was versatility, and he’s still doing it. Young girls, students or adult women-French manicure is suitable for everyone.

Choosing a type of French jacket

You should select it by taking into account its characteristics:

  • the length of the nails;
  • the shape of the nails.

Along the length of the nail plate

The length of the nail plate is the first thing to take into account. And also what nail length is constant and comfortable in a particular case. Both the choice of manicure shape and design depends on the length of the nail plate.

On short nails

On short nails, it is desirable to make a French jacket in its classic design: with a white or light beige stripe. Nails will look well-groomed, will not be conspicuous, and most importantly visually lengthen the nail plate.

On medium-length nails

The average length of nails, allows you to show the imagination of both the client and the master. Here, you can use different colors and original design solutions. The inclusion of rhinestones or patterns will look stylish and concise, in addition to the stripe on the tip of the plate, which can also be any color. If we are not talking about a strict dress code for work or another circumstance, then you can safely implement your fantasy.

On long ones

Just as in the case of short nails, long nails impose certain rules on their owner. You should not choose a pretentious rhinestones or intricate designs. It is advisable to choose a French dress with lace textures, delicate colors or with several shades that combine.

In shape

The shape of the nails also plays a role in choosing a manicure design. Here it is important to start from preferences and correct playing the shape of the nail plate.


On oval-shaped nails, designer experiments with floral elements, rubs and glitter will look good. The oval shape is quite soft for perception, and not pretentious, so in this case you can safely add art objects and drawings. Vulgar manicure with an oval shape is unlikely to work out.


Almond-shaped nails taper to the end of the nail plate. At the same time, the angle should not be too sharp. For this form, it is not advisable to use too light tones of French manicure. Since they visually “eat” the pointed part, and the nail may seem to be cut off, and the manicure is not finished. The almond shape is best played with bright stripes, dark shades and not too bright rhinestones.


French soft square will be relevant both on a daily basis, and at business meetings, and even at parties. It keeps its freshness and accuracy for a long time. The main rule of such a manicure is: a design suitable for a lifestyle or a specific occasion. Even black stripes or bright purple ones will look stylish. But also classic light tones, with a pattern on one of the fingers, will give your nails a well-groomed and elegant appearance.


Sharp French is performed with a very pointed tip. This is not the most practical, but a chic option for going out. This shape is suitable only for slender hands. And you should keep in mind that a sharp French jacket visually lengthens the fingers.


The ballerina shape is a combination of almond-shaped and square nails. From the first, the ballerina borrowed the length of the nail, and from the square, – clear angles. This form implies long nails and an elaborate design. In the West, such nails are called originally: “coffin nails” (“coffin nails”), because of the similarity in shape to the lid of a coffin. This form is better used by owners of narrow fingers and nails. Since they will look too loud on full ones.

The Council of masters

A professional master will tell you that it is better to go to a salon for a manicure. But if you still decide to try to do different types of French manicure at home — you need to buy and use stencils. They are sold in all specialty stores. Otherwise, doing everything on the eye, you can ruin your nails, lose time and mood.

Another important rule when performing French is clear definition when choosing the shape. To do this, you should view many different photos on the Internet, understand how different shapes and designs can decorate the hand, and on the contrary emphasize, for example, the fullness of the fingers. This “fullness” helps to develop the taste and warns against possible mistakes.

Before performing a French manicure, especially if it is assumed that the result will be an original and unusual design, you need to make a high-quality manicure: remove the cuticle, file the nails correctly, remove burrs. If you do not do this, and make it worse with a bright design, all imperfections will be noticeable to an outsider.

You need to study the technology and read reviews of the materials. Choosing even a brush to make a strip, you can buy it of poor quality, and spoil the entire design.

French manicure is almost always relevant. In addition to their favorite classics, masters constantly invent new interesting coatings, develop designs and try to surprise every girl. Therefore, it is not necessary to expect that the French style will go out of fashion.

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