Fashionable makeup trends 2020-2021 for those over 40

Trend 1: natural makeup

One of the main trends for the cold season 2020-2021 is maximum naturalness and naturalness. Everyone’s favorite nude makeup will again be on the wave of popularity, and that’s great! Indeed, at the age of over 40, bright colors and shades, contrasting arrows and smoky ice, glitters and sparkles will hardly be appropriate. But skillfully done “makeup without makeup” is a great option for every day.

Makeup trends over 40

This does not mean, of course, that there is no need to paint at all. And you also need to take special care of your face skin. But in your make-up, natural shades, flesh colors, beige and brown tones should prevail.

Naturalness in makeup

Trend 2: naturally glowing skin

No matter how expensive your lipstick is, no matter how beautiful and bright your shadows are, if the skin is uneven and with imperfections, it will all look sloppy and ugly. Therefore, first of all, you need to pay attention to skin care, and secondly, to the tonal base. It should ideally match your complexion, hide imperfections, but not be very dense.

It is better to choose liquid textures with light shimmery particles. But forget about highlighters and bronzers: at the age of 40, the glow of the skin should be very light and delicate, barely noticeable and as natural as possible.

Makeup trends over 40
Naturalness in makeup

Trend 3: classic red lipstick

Red lipstick shades will never go out of fashion, because this is a real classic. Red lipstick is perfectly acceptable for daytime makeup. But at the same time, you need to remember that the tone of the face should be perfectly even, and if the emphasis is on the lips, then it is quite easy to tint the eyes with mascara.

The shade of lipstick should definitely match your color type. That is, if you have pale skin, blonde hair and blue or gray eyes, it is better to choose a red lipstick with a cool pinkish undertone. And vice versa: if the skin is warm peach or dark, eyes are green or brown, then terracotta, brick, orange-red shades will suit you.


Red lipstick after 40
Makeup for women after 40: fashion trends 2020-2021

Red lipstick
Red lipstick
Red lipstick after 40

Trend 4: glossy lip gloss

If you prefer to use red lipstick only for the evening or gala, you can apply glossy gloss during the day. This is a real hit of the season that literally filled the catwalks. The shine should be exactly glossy, uniform, without sparkles, shimmer or pearlescent overflows.

You can buy shine with some shade – peach, pink, berry. Or you can use a transparent glossy gloss with different shades of lipstick, applying on top. Gloss hides age-related changes, as if fills in all the wrinkles and cracks on the lips, makes the lips much more voluminous.

Trend 5: light natural eyebrows

Fluffy eyebrows that are too wide are already out of fashion. Today, the most natural eyebrows are relevant, with a natural natural curve, of moderate width, which do not distort facial features. You should not outline the eyebrows too clearly, and especially you should not draw a square inner corner at the bridge of the nose – this immediately betrays the unnaturalness of the makeup.

The priority is fairly light eyebrows (especially if you are blonde), emphasized with powder or shadows, and not with a sharp pencil. You can also style your eyebrows with special gel or wax to give them a neat shape.


light natural eyebrows
light natural eyebrows

Trend 6: no shooters!

The clearly traced arrows on the eyes are receding into the past. It must be remembered that with age, the eyes change their shape, the outer corners are often lowered. Therefore, clearly outlined eyeliner or dark pencil eyes will only give out these age-related changes. This means that this trend is very good for us!

Better to accentuate the eyes with shadows, using light natural shades for the movable upper eyelid, and slightly darker (brown or graphite) for the outer corner and for the lower eyelid. Arrows will be inappropriate even in a bright evening make-up; it is better to prefer a discreet smokey ice to them.

Trend 7: smoky eyes in a light haze

By the way, about smoky eyes. Too dark shadows, shaded black pencil, graphite shimmer – all this remains in the past. And even more so at the age of 40. You don’t want to look like a “panda” with black circles around your eyes.

Fashion designers and make-up experts have proposed very discreet smokey for the fall-winter 2020 season. It is a light haze and translucent veil that only slightly sets off your eyes, emphasizing their beauty. Brown and gray shades are allowed, as well as colored ones for an evening out, but in a muted tone: blue, green, purple.


Beautiful eye makeup
Beautiful eye makeup
Beautiful eye makeup

Trend 8: focus on the inner corner of the eye

And a little more about eye makeup. A great move would be to focus on the inner corner of the eyes, but by all means with light shadows. Here it is proposed to use a light shimmer, and for an evening out, you can even apply glitter shadows with glitter.

Go for very light, almost white eyeshadows, or cream, beige, gold or silver. Instead of eyeshadow, you can use a light eyeliner. Gently outline the inner corner of the eye with it and blend. This technique is not only fashionable, it also helps to make the eyes larger, give them shine and visually remove the reddening of the protein.

Trend 9: monochrome makeup

Another very interesting and unexpected trend that we saw on the catwalks. Monochrome make-up is made in one color. At fashion shows, models were painted in pink, blue, salad, yellow shades, which were used for the eyes and lips.

It is quite clear that such a make-up will be inappropriate for every day. But we suggest using more natural colors and shades. For example, you can paint your eyes with gold shadows, apply a golden shimmer to your cheekbones, and use a nude-beige lipstick with the same light golden finish for your lips. You can also experiment with peach, coral, pink and even lavender shades.



Trend 10: pastel shades

In autumn and winter, we often miss bright summer or delicate spring shades. Well, if you want more color, it’s okay to use restrained pastel tones in your makeup. However, you need to be very careful to select the color depending on the shade of your eyes and, again, on your color type.

For a warm type of appearance, green and brown eyes, gentle greenish tones are suitable, for a cold one – silver and blue. We advise you to pay special attention to the lilac shade: it suits both blondes and brunettes, and was very popular at fashion shows with different designers.

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