Fashionable men’s haircuts 2020-2021

Haircuts with shaved temples and a fade effect are in fashion this season.

Haircuts with a fade effect

Men’s haircuts fade 2020-2021 / photo


Fade is a technique of men’s haircut, which creates a smooth transition from very short hair on the back of the head and temples to hair of any length on the top. The main advantage of such haircuts – they stay in the correct shape for up to 3 weeks, so you can cut hair infrequently. A haircut with a fade effect will look good on a gentleman in a suit, as well as in the usual everyday image.



Men's haircut Caesar 2020-2021 / photo

Men’s haircut Caesar 2020-2021 / photo


Fashionable haircut Caesar for very short hair looks bright and modern, looks good with a light unshaven or beard. The main features of this haircut are neatly shaved hair in the shape of a circle on the forehead and right angles on the temples.


Haircut for Fritz

Men's haircut for Fritz / photo

Men’s haircut for Fritz / photo


Men’s haircut under Fritz (or haircut Hitler Youth) has a strange name, but looks very stylish. This haircut combines masculinity and elegance and is suitable for short and medium hair. Features of a haircut under Fritz: the presence of a parting, neatly arranged on the side of the hair, moderately shaved nape and temples. Looks great with a shirt or trouser suit.



Men's haircut platform 2020-2021 / photo

Men’s haircut Playground 2020-2021 / photo


Haircut Playground – a combination of classic and modern fashion. This brutal haircut is suitable for athletic and confident men. It is suitable for office style and sportswear. Haircut The area should look neat, with shaved temples and nape. The hair on the top can be both short and very high.



Military men's haircut / photo

Men’s haircut Military / photo


Militari’s restrained and short haircut came from the army – it is customary to wear such a hairstyle among the military. However, nowadays such a haircut has gained popularity among all lovers of hairstyles for short hair. The military haircut is worn by everyone, from office workers to Hollywood stars. This image is very convenient for a sporty lifestyle.


Haircut box 2020-2021 / photo

Haircut boxing 2020-2021 / photo


The classic boxing men’s haircut remains popular in the new season. It belongs to the youth style, but older men can wear it to look younger. Haircut boxing has dozens of options of different shapes for every taste. Most suitable for thin men with an oval face and thick hair. Stylists do not advise boxing for full men and owners of thin liquid hair.



Men's haircut tennis 2020-2021 / photo

Men’s tennis haircut 2020-2021 / photo


An example of stylish haircuts for fans of classics is a tennis haircut. Its features: bare but not shaved temples, no bangs and curly hair on the top.



Men's crop haircut 2020-2021 / photo

Men’s haircut dill 2020-2021 / photo


Haircut dill combines courage, conciseness and carelessness. Dill refers to universal haircuts for any image and hair type. It is easy to care for and has many styling options: from neat to messy and careless.


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