Fatigue: 8 pro tips for getting in shape when it’s cold

Dare to dance!

Lucille Bodossian – Dance teacher

I recommend dancing to everyone, regardless of age or experience: everyone can dance. We dance instinctively from an early age, it is a primary need and pleasure. Dance has always been associated with popular jubilation, and for good reason: it is an extremely nourishing unifying discipline, both for body and soul. On the one hand, it allows the body to let off steam, to relax and to express itself to music. On the other, it nourishes and enriches the mind. It is a physical practice that connects the body and the soul because it involves an immense share of emotion. And this is where dance is a real source of youth that recharges our batteries.

The dances that give the peach: there are so many that everyone can find what they are looking for. But try afro, salsa or lindy hop which are built on catchy rhythms and festive music.

Adopt good reflexes throughout the day

Nathalie Julien, author of “Healing through energy” (ed. Eyrolles) – Energéticienne

  • The morning : I start by dressing in colored clothes: it sends a message of stimulation to the brain.
  • During the day : I sing ! Singing recharges us thanks to the vibrations which are sent to the brain and which are propagated in the body. And I go out: the holidays are behind us, the days are getting longer, it’s time to put your nose outside and walk in the outside light for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • The evening : in terms of energy, the kidneys are where vital energy is stored. In winter, they are often a little weak, hence the need to warm them, by rubbing them with the hands or by affixing them a hot water bottle. To make it easier to fall asleep, which will contribute to good quality sleep – a sine qua non for being in good shape during the day – you can also rub the soles of your feet with your hands just before going to bed.

Strengthen your defenses

Claire Orseau – Naturopath,

  • In herbal medicine: For a good general balance, we put on a course of probiotics which strengthens the body’s defenses. To be taken at least for 1 month In the morning, we swallow a cocktail of energy with the choice: ginseng, guarana or maca, associated with echinacea if we feel a decline in immune defenses, or rhodiola to combat a nervous fatigue. To be taken for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • In aromatherapy: The solar plexus and lower back are massaged with black spruce essential oil.
  • In micro-nutrition: Vitamins (C and D in one month cure) and trace elements (zinc and magnesium; the latter must always be adapted to the weight of the person) are alternated. In addition, do not hesitate to prepare colorful vegetable and fruit juices (carrot, kale, orange, ginger): they contain vitamins, protective carotenoids and anti-oxidants. Omega 3 from oily fish contain EPA and DHA: they are also a mine of energy to keep you going. Certain amino acids are precursors of dopamine, the starter of the body. To be taken as a food supplement (such as tyrosine).

Mobilize your internal resources

Cécile Marchal – sophrologist,

My energizing breathing: standing with my eyes closed, I breathe in deeply through my nose while closing my fists, I block the breathing and I shrug my shoulders several times as if I were activating an energy pump. When it comes time to breathe, I open my hands to diffuse the energy that I have just visualized. To do 3 times in a row, as soon as you have 5 minutes.

My morning reflex: when I get up, I put my thoughts down on paper, then I visualize my day. It helps to make room in my head. And above all, I smile!

Fill up on spices

Caroline Gayet – Nutritionist,

The more we advance in the day, the less we assimilate the fat (the more we store it): the trick is to eat it as soon as possible, while having a quality breakfast. As digestion is a very energy-intensive process, we try to eat our fill and avoid too rich meals.

My good reflex: sprinkle the dishes with “warming” spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. In addition to adapting to both salty and sweet, they promote a good blood flow in the tissues and participate in an optimal functioning of the body to fight against severe fatigue.

Good to know : fruits and vegetables are to be chosen (as much as possible) seasonal, local, fresh and to be consumed quickly. Frozen is also a great option.

Find your motivation

Anne-Sophie Casper – Certified Coach,

Focus on your motivation! It is a force that prompts us to act, like a butterfly spreading its wings, encouraged by a powerful and uplifting energy.

How to do ? Identify a project that drives you, goals or even needs and values ​​that are essential to you. Put them back at the center of your life by devoting your energy to trying to implement them: they are the engine of your motivation. To do this, do not hesitate to detail them in a notebook, then write them down in a diary to give them substance.

Follow the dincharya: morning rituals

Samuel Ganes * – Ayurvedic therapist, author of “Mon coach ayurvéda” (ed. Eyrolles)

The “dincharya” is a daily behavior which, in Ayurvedic medicine, helps to balance our three moods (the “doshas”) and to keep us in good shape. The general idea is that the less toxins the body contains, the more vitality it has. To help it eliminate them, we try to follow these 5 basic principles:

  • Get up early, before the sun, to benefit from “vata energy”.
  • On an empty stomach, wash “the two gateways to metabolism”: nose and mouth (teeth). In Ayurveda, we say that “if the entrance is dirty, the rest of the house is dirty”.
  • Always on an empty stomach, drink a glass of hot water or at room temperature (“usha-pan”).
  • Take a few deep breaths, always exhaling for the double of the time it takes to inhale (for example, we inhale on 4 beats and we exhale on 8 beats). The principle is to focus on our exhalations because they are the ones that remove the toxins with the carbon that we reject.

Diversify your physical activity

Christophe Ruelle – Sports coach,

Practicing several types of activities in light winds rather than just one intense one seems more realistic to me in our busy schedules! In addition, it makes it possible to avoid the routine (without it, the body adapts and loses the “booster” effect of the sport). I therefore recommend practicing three activities alternately:

  • Walk 30 minutes a day to ventilate, stimulate tone and promote venous return (the more in contact with nature, the better).
  • Swim 30 minutes per week because in water, the body undergoes less muscular and articular constraints, and benefits from its draining effect.
  • Stretch 20 minutes 3 times a week to awaken the sensations of the body.

Benefit: it is double. First, by practicing with others, we get in touch with their energy and take advantage of it. And above all, by playing sports, we transform our nervous fatigue into physical fatigue, much healthier!

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