Features of raspberry hair color

Crimson is essentially a darker pink. A very dark crimson rather resembles already Red tree or pomegranate.

Raspberry usually looks equally good on hair both as a base color and as a bright accents – one or more. Depends on the desired effect.

It is difficult to maintain such brightness on the strands for at least a month and a half, but it is possible. This will help protective care products such as cream Matrix Keep Me Vivid, serum Liss Control+ or spray Solar Sublime (L’Oreal Pro) with sun filters.

We’ll talk about other saviors of a bright or delicate crimson color below, but first let’s try to understand whether this shade is right for you.

Who suits raspberry hair color

The raspberry color itself is quite saturated, therefore, first of all, it suits girls with a lot of pigment in their hair, and in their appearance – juiciness, that is, brunettes and brown-haired women. And they are both bright and dark variations of raspberry in the form of partial and complete coloring. At the same time, do not forget that it is not so easy to achieve raspberry on dark hair – it simply will not be noticeable. Hair is a must lighten, and the more, the brighter the resulting color will be.

However, not only dark is raspberry. Who else?

hair color raspberry
  • Blondes it is easiest for them, to get raspberry strands it is not necessary to lighten.
  • Girls with a cold skin tone – raspberry refers to cold shades.
  • Lucky women with even skin tone – with any shades of red and pink on the hair, redness on the skin will be even more striking.
  • Girls with fair skin – in combination with raspberry, it looks porcelain.
  • Girls with dark skin – dark crimson shades suit them.

The raspberry shade is a bright red with a blue undertone. Or dark pink. Or light burgundy. Or … However, it’s better to see it once!

So dark it’s almost wine… It goes well in complex dyeing techniques with dark natural colors – black and dark chestnut. This shade can be created using dyes from the palette L’Oreal Pro Majirel.

Color challenge! Looks good both as a small accent and as a solo, and also works great with other bright colors such as orange and yellow. How about a tropical sunset in your hair?

Red-crimson hair color

Not quite raspberry, but not traditional either red… In essence, it is red with a slight cool undertone. Suitable for those who consider themselves more of a warm color type.

Imagine the ripest vibrant raspberry from your grandma’s favorite bush. This beautiful red-pink shade is considered a classic raspberry. In its pure form, of course, it looks a little cartoonish, but it looks great in complex ombre colors.

Raspberry purple hair color

There is so much blue undertones in this nuance of crimson that it already resembles purple. And by the way, it goes well with it!

Most of the raspberry dyes are unstable, coloring hair due to direct pigment. It does not penetrate deeply and is washed off on average after a month. For such a bright color, the very thing: “return everything as it was”, if you suddenly do not like it or get bored, it will turn out very quickly. But you should not work with them at home: it will almost certainly require discoloration, which only a professional can handle.

It will last until you wash your hair 12-15 times. Not only colors, but also makes hair smooth and shiny thanks to ceramides and cationic polymer in the composition.

A bright pink shade that will also last about 12 shampoos. This low pH dye conditions and smoothes the hair cuticle.

This remedy is durable – up to 42 shampoo applications. The shade is washed out beautifully and naturally, gradually turning pale and disappearing.

Caring for raspberry-colored hair

After dyeing with direct pigments (and, as we found out, the brightest raspberry shades are in such lines), the hair does not suffer – it does not need additional care, but it is worth taking care of preserving the color.

However, often even coloring with “harmless” direct pigments requires preliminary discoloration, especially on dark hair, otherwise the color will simply not be visible. And that’s another story – here, of course, nutritional and restorative agents are needed.

Vitamino Color from L’Oreal Professional protects the color of dyed hair from washing out for eight weeks, and the natural polyphenol resveratrol, obtained from the peel of grapes, protects strands from external damage, making them soft and shiny.

Eco-minded girls are recommended to try Biolage Color Care – gentle shampoo with coconut milk in the composition.

Matrix Keep Me Vivid designed to preserve easily washed out colors (and crimson is just one of those). Its action allows you to extend the life of the shade up to 65 days.

This air conditioner works best in tandem with shampoo from the same range.

Inforcer from the famous Serie Expert line L’Oreal Professional – a powerful repair agent for brittle hair. If, after staining in raspberry, they become like that, then this is your option. In this mask, vitamin B6 is combined with biotin, which allows not only to achieve a noticeable cosmetic effect, but also to really strengthen the hair from the inside.

Vitamino Color, also L’Oreal Professional, designed specifically to extend the color saturation of dyed hair (and paired with a special fluid shot enhances the desired shade, we will return to this fluid). It works in one minute, making the hair shiny, soft and strong: Resveratrol is responsible for this – the main active ingredient in the line, obtained from the peel of grapes.

Spray Miracle Creator from Matrix it keeps the color of colored hair shine thanks to its smoothing and protection functions from harmful environmental factors, but its useful functions are not limited to these: it facilitates combing, intensely conditions, makes hair silky and manageable, and also reduces breakage.

Thermal protection is an important aspect of the care of colored strands, as both hair color and texture suffer from hot styling. Cream Nutrifier from L’Oreal Professional not only protects strands from high temperatures, but also takes care of them during styling thanks to coconut oil and glycerin in the composition.

And if your strands lack softness and silkiness, pay attention to the thermal protection cream Absolut Repair with lactic acid, ceramides and phytokeratin.

Power Mix Shot in Rouge from the Shots collection L’Oreal Professional Is a pigmented cream that is added to a whole package of a suitable mask from the Serie Expert line (you need to use such a mix throughout the year). It is enough to apply it once or twice a week for 5 minutes to enhance the radiance of red and pink shades and prolong the life of the raspberry color.

Choose a mask for a shot according to your hair type. For example, if they are damaged by lightening and have begun to split, cream will do. Absolut Repair… Are the strands porous after dyeing? Your choice – Liss Unlimited… Feels very dry and doesn’t fit well? pay attention to Nutrifier… We advise owners of curly hair Curl Contour – it can also be mixed with shots.

By the way, now in the salons you can get a similar service for correcting red hair tones, but with a more concentrated product Mix Factory… We already told about these miracle boosters.

What haircuts for women would be the perfect combination with this shade? In principle, the shape of your hairstyle is not important to crimson – this color looks good at any length. It’s more about technology.

Dark crimson shades reveal well when stained балаяж at the length below the shoulder blades. A richer berry tone is ideal for medium-length strands.

Life hack from SalonSecret experts: cascade on slightly curly hair, prepare for styling shampoo and air conditioner Texture Games from Matrix… Then dry the strands with a hairdryer and run over the ends of the cascade with gel wax Fix Polish from L’Oreal Pro.

Tips that seem to be dipped in bright crimson paint are the trend of the summer season.

All shades of raspberry are good on the hair just above the shoulders.

Stylists still prefer to style this haircut with bright coloring in light waves. This effect can be obtained at home using a spray. L’Oreal Pro Pli and a curling iron of medium diameter.

Pixie and raspberry hair color

Short pixie can become very cocky if dyed completely or partially raspberry.

Stylists advise dyeing a few strands with bangs – provided that your pixie is elongated. For full color disclosure, blow bangs with a hairdryer and brush with a drop of cream Matrix Smooth Setter – it smoothes hair and enhances its shine.

Raspberry conquers – especially in complex coloring techniques. What equally saturated berry shades would you like to know more about?


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