Features of street style in Kazakhstan

Today offers to look at street fashion in Kazakhstan, stylist Ahmadina Aliya will help us …

I think real fashion is familiar not only to fashion divas of Kazakhstan, but also to many others. On the streets of our cities you can find many different styles, it all depends on age and capabilities. Although not everything that is worn on the street can be attributed to street style.

This is not to say that street style is youthful, because representatives of a more mature age are adherents of feminine images, and over time they change their wardrobe to a more romantic one. A creative approach will make any look bright and memorable. Therefore, you can be different every day!

Street fashion emerged in opposition to established tastes and trends. The gradual decline of interest in formal clothing and footwear led to the flourishing of street style. This style combines many sub-styles. After all, the combination of styles in one image is a feature of a fashionable girl. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

Many brands in Kazakhstan produce clothes that look both with sneakers and with shoes with heels. Comfort, quality and uniqueness are important criteria.

street style in Kazakhstan

Such Kazakhstani designers as KIRPI, AiSho, Bru, Assel, etc. give customers the opportunity to experiment, wear things both with classics and in the style of Grunge, Boho, Military, Сasual. Also, under our weather conditions, layering will always be a relevant trend.

With a decrease in temperature, the volumes of silhouettes become wider, more layered, and more interesting. A beautiful combination of colors, textures, prints always attracts attention and makes the image very stylish and effective.

Features of street style in Kazakhstan

The monochrome combination is also liked by Kazakhstanis, because it not only lengthens growth, but also gives zest and originality. One of the hallmarks of street style is the desire for unisex, fashionistas can easily dilute their wardrobe with that of their boyfriend. The main thing is that things should be one or two sizes larger, be it a shirt, a jacket or a jacket.

We can say with confidence Street style has completely conquered the fashion industry of Kazakhstan and not only.

Stylist Ahmadin Aliya

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