Feminine grunge: repeating Ruby Rose’s makeup

Ruby Rose is an Australian model and actress with an expressive appearance: blue eyes, contrasting dark hair and full lips. Her style is a unique combination of brutality and femininity.

What makeup does Ruby Rose prefer?

For a casual look, she chooses almost invisible makeup. The striking appearance allows her to do only with mascara and a translucent lip gloss, so that even in casual pictures of journalists she looks very impressive.

For special occasions, Ruby Rose chooses a lightweight version of grunge-style makeup: a bronze haze on the eyes (how to make one yourself, shown in the video tutorial below) combined with neutral lipstick. And no arrows!

But sometimes the model can appear in society and in a rebellious image with dark or blood-red lips.


Today we will tell you how to repeat the bronze makeup of a star, which is suitable for everyday life and for a special occasion.

Repeat Ruby Rose makeup: step by step photo instructions

Prepare everything you need.

For face tone:

For eye and brow makeup:

For lips:

  • Lovelight lipstick from the Vice series from Urban Decay.
  1. Apply a light matte finish to your face for a velvety, Ruby Rose-like effect. In this case, Fit Me from Maybelline New York is a great choice.
apply foundation

2. To hide dark circles under the eyes, use color correction. Start by applying a pink concealer, such as NYX Professional Makeup’s Color Correcting Palette. It will cover the blue undertones of the skin (by the way, you will find all the tricks for using color correctors in our instructions).

use a palette of correctors

3. Complement the pink concealer with a nude one. Apply it in a hammering motion to increase the coverage.

use color correctors

4. Matting powder will help to fix the creamy textures. For example, Master Fix from Maybelline New York will do. Brush under the eyes and in the T-zone.

fix makeup with powder

5. Ruby Rose rarely uses a sculptor, preferring bronzer and delicate blush. Choosing a muted pink-brown shade, you can achieve two goals at once – to emphasize the contour and add a slight blush – for this, carefully blend the blush from the apples of the cheeks to the temples.

apply blush

6. Shape your brows using the hair technique with Paradise Extatic Brow Lipstick from L’Oréal Paris. This will visually make them wider, while maintaining a natural look.

use eyebrow lipstick

7. Ruby Rose has thick and dark eyebrows. To achieve this, when applying the eyebrow gel, comb the hairs first against the hair growth. The gel will envelop each hair, giving the brows double volume. Maybelline New York’s Brow Precise Brow Mascara can do just that.

paint over eyebrows

8. Next, style the hairs in the right direction.

comb your eyebrows

9. Apply an eyeshadow base to the lids, followed by a translucent flesh tint or powder. This step will make it easier to feather the shadows later.

use an eyeshadow palette

apply shadow

11. Apply bronze eyeshadow from the same palette to the entire movable eyelid. These shades are great for mono makeup. It is worth adding eyeliner – and the make-up is ready for all occasions! But in this case, a different solution is required.

blend shadows

12. Add a golden hue closer to the inner corners. Shadows of similar colors will not strongly contrast with each other, but will add volume and expressiveness to the makeup.

apply shadow on the movable eyelid

13. For the same purpose, darken the outer corner with dark brown shadows. With the same shade, accentuate the eyelash contour.

use kayal

14. Apply the bronze shade to the lower eyelid and blend thoroughly. It is this step that will allow you to achieve the drag look that is characteristic of the grunge style in general.

apply shadow on the lower eyelid

15. Paint over the mucous membrane of the upper and lower eyelids with dark brown kayal (it will make the makeup softer, unlike black) or with a gel pencil. Blend the borders between the pencil and shadows with a small brush.

accentuate the eye contour

paint your eyelashes with mascara

17. Apply coral lipstick to your lips. A good solution is a lightweight lipstick with a shimmer Lovelight from the Vice series from Urban Decay. Matte will visually make the lips look smaller, so it won’t work in this case.

apply pink lipstick

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