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Fillers in the nasolabial folds are a non-surgical technique for injecting drugs into the area of ​​these creases that fill the voids. Fillers not only smooth wrinkles, but also moisturize the skin from the inside, stimulate the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin, strengthen turgor and prolong youth.

The painless filler injection procedure is intended for women between 30 and 50 years of age. It helps to immediately throw off 5-7 years, remove a gloomy and displeased expression on the face, giving it freshness and attractiveness.

How do fillers work?

One of the main tasks of face contouring is filling the nasolabial folds with fillers. It aims to:

  • restoration of turgor – elasticity – of the skin and its elasticity;
  • lifting – lifting – of tissues and drawing of the relief of the face;
  • stimulation of the synthesis of fibers of the “skin frame” – collagen and elastin;
  • restoration of oxygen metabolism and blood microcirculation in tissues;
  • smoothing the skin surface, returning it to its natural color and shine.

Fillers that are injected into the nasolabial wrinkles by injection:

  • fill cavities in the skin and reduce the depth of creases;
  • smooth out the skin that has lost its elasticity and even out wrinkles;
  • nourish and moisturize tissues inside folds and nearby dermal layers;
  • stimulate the processes of regeneration – restoration – of the skin;
  • harmonize facial features and return it to its natural oval.

As a result of the action of fillers, the face becomes visually younger and more attractive. Of the advantages of contour plasty of nasolabial folds with fillers, cosmetologists note:

  • The exclusion of surgery and, as a consequence, the absence of the risk of using general anesthesia.
  • Outpatient filler injection technique. The patient leaves the clinic immediately after the end of the session.
  • Short rehabilitation period. The body’s reaction in the form of a slight edema passes the next day and you can proceed to your usual life schedule.
  • If hypo- or hypercorrection of nasolabial folds is required, then this problem is solved with a repeated visit to the cosmetologist.
  • Lack of influence on facial expressions or articulation in this area, as after injections of “Botox”.
  • Safety and hypoallergenic drugs, they do not cause skin rejection.

Duration of effect

How long does the filler last in the nasolabial folds? In most cases, the effect does not require correction until 10–12 months. Depending on the condition and individual characteristics of the skin, age and depth of wrinkles, the biodegradable gel can retain its volume for up to 8-9 months or dissolve after 6-7 months.

Each type of filler has a specific duration of effect:

  • cosmetic fillers for nasolabial folds based on hyaluronic acid retain their volume for up to 6-12 months;
  • with calcium hydroxyapatite – “Radiesse” – up to 12-18 months;
  • with polycaprolactone – Elanse – up to 24–36 months;
  • lipofilling – based on autologous, autologous, fat can last up to 36 months, but often requires repeated corrective injections several weeks after the transplant, since the body can destroy most of the fat filler.

Varieties of fillers

Fillers – fillers – can be:

  • Biodegradable, absorbable, temporary. They have a healing effect.
  • Non-absorbable, with permanent results. They are based on polymers – silicone, acrylic or sodium triphosphate. Are deleted only by using the operation.
  • Autologous, showing long-term effects.

Biocompatible fillers

Absorbable drugs are safe, they are perceived by the body as “its own” and are included in metabolic processes. Over time, such fillers biodegrade and are completely eliminated by the body. To maintain this result, the procedure is periodically repeated.

The best and safest filler for nasolabial folds is based on biocompatible ingredients. It takes root well in the body, does not provoke an allergic reaction:

Hyaluronate based

Hyaluronic acid is found in the tissues of the human body. With age, there is a deficiency of this substance, the skin sags and creases appear. During the injection of the filler, hyaluronate, which binds a large number of water molecules, fills the fold from the inside, smoothes it, maintaining a sufficient level of moisture in the dermis, relieves peeling and irritation.

Fillers based on hyaluronate are divided into:

  • Monophasic . They are soft, elastic. After the injection, the beautician can control and distribute the filler under the skin. The drug molecules easily pass into the epidermis and increase the skin tone. The result is visible after the completion of the first procedure.
  • Two-phase . They have a denser gel texture and are designed to correct deep creases. Difficult to penetrate into the epidermis, less amenable to redistribution. But the result of the correction of nasolabial wrinkles with two-phase fillers lasts up to a year.

Collagen based

This filler consists of natural protein extracted from animal hides and cartilage. The visual effect can last up to 1–2 years. But animal collagen has a serious disadvantage – a high likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Based on calcium hydroxyapatite

A natural analogue of such a substance is present in human bone tissue. Preparations based on calcium hydroxyapatite effectively smooth nasolabial folds and stimulate the production of its own collagen. This self-rejuvenation noticeably prolongs the action of the filler.

With polylactic acid

nasolabial filler Sculptra

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This substance is a liquid analogue of sutures used in surgery. These fillers are quite expensive and have not gained widespread popularity. Experts express the hope that progressive technology in the future will be cheaper and available to most patients. The most popular drug of this type today is Sculptra.

Biosynthetic drugs

The use of non-absorbable fillers today is associated with many side effects. The main disadvantage of such fillers is possible migration. Under the influence of age-related gravitational ptosis (sagging) of tissues, such a substance can be displaced into the resulting voids. As a result, bumps under the skin and facial asymmetry may appear. Polymers can also cause inflammation or other complications. In some European countries, permanent fillers are prohibited.

Autologous fillers

Autologous (proprietary) fillers are obtained from the patient’s appropriate tissue. Lipolifting fat cells are taken from the abdomen or sides to fill the nasolabial folds. Lipofilling partially removes deep creases and completely smoothes medium-length folds. The material is hypoallergenic, takes root well, but is quickly included in the metabolic process, which leads to a loss of the original volume. After a few weeks, this loss can reach 70–90%, so additional correction is required.

Review of the best drugs

In the ranking of the best fillers for nasolabial folds, there are American and French brands, Austrian, Swiss and Korean brands.


Fillers from Stylage Lubaratoire Vivacy (Stylage Laboratory Vivasi) give a high result in the correction of nasolabial folds and do not cause complications. In addition to antioxidants – sorbitol and mannitol – the filler contains the analgesic lidocaine. The IPN-Like technology in the production of the gel increases its elasticity, which, after insertion, guarantees a natural appearance of the “nasolabial”, without lumps and bumps.

Filler names for nasolabial folds may vary:

  • Stylage S – removes small folds, superficial defects, neutralizes superficial wrinkles.
  • Stylage M – denser filler, removes medium wrinkles.
  • Stylage L – the most concentrated filler, removes deep age wrinkles.

From fillers Juvederm (Juvederm) for nasolabial folds:

  • for medium depths use Juvederm 24 HV;
  • for deep creases and folds choose Juvederm Ultra 4.


From Princess fillers, Princess Volume is ideal for getting rid of medium and deep nasolabials. Suitable for any age, does not cause complications, and is as comfortable as possible thanks to the anesthetic component.


Created on the basis of calcium hydroxypatite, Radiesse filler removes deep creases and stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen fibers. Does not cause “side effects”, is completely excreted by the body after 12-18 months.


Restylane is a safe gel that does not contain lidocaine, requires prior pain relief, but is well tolerated by people allergic to the popular anesthetic. The Restylane line of products has created a dense Perlane filler that corrects nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles.


Cosmetics from Korea are appreciated for their good quality, safety and fairly reasonable cost. Of the popular brands on the domestic market, there are fillers for nasolabial folds:

  • Rejeunesse (Regeness) – a biodegradable filler based on hyaluronate, plastic, easy to insert and model, does not cause allergies. Adding to the composition of “Lidocaine” maximally anesthetizes the injection of the filler, but is not suitable for people who are allergic to this anesthetic.
  • Revofill Ultra is  intended for deep creases in patients over 35 years old. Contains antioxidants and analogs of human skin peptides, extending the retention period of the “nasolabial” volume up to 12 months.
  • Dermaheal (Dermahil) SR  is suitable for the fight against deep nasolabial folds, enriched with biomimetic peptides – natural components of human skin. It activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid. Ideal for skin suffering from puffiness, as it is able to normalize the moisture balance in the tissues.


Contouring is one of the most difficult procedures in cosmetology. To get a good and high-quality result, you need to choose an experienced cosmetologist who, in addition to the main diploma, has a certificate from a cosmetics manufacturer and long-term practice.

You need to properly prepare for a rejuvenation session. A week before the procedure, treatment should be completed, which includes taking antibiotics and drugs that affect blood clotting and blood density. It is also necessary to abandon aggressive facial peels.

On the eve of the injection session, it is important to exclude the use of alcohol and strong coffee. On the day of the contouring and the next 2-3 days, there is also a ban on make-up.

What is the best filler for nasolabial folds? The answer to this question depends on the condition of the skin, the depth of wrinkles, taking into account the patient’s age and other characteristics, and only a cosmetologist gives it. It is not worth choosing the type, quantity and density of the filler on your own. It may not fit. The clinic should make sure that the drug is safe, it must be registered in the Russian Federation and have a certificate as a medical device.

Technique of the procedure

filler insertion into the nasolabial folds

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The rejuvenation session, which helps to remove nasolabial folds with fillers, consists of 3 stages:

  1. Anesthesia . 20 minutes before the injection, the skin at the location of the nasolabial fold is treated with a special cream “Emla” or an anesthetic is injected.
  2. Injection . Remove the syringe with the drug from the package opened before the procedure and make several injections. Their number depends on the volume of liquid required to solve an aesthetic problem. The technique of introducing a filler into the nasolabial folds can be linear, when the cosmetologist makes 2-3 injections with a microneedle along the crease line, or fan-shaped. In the latter case, the needle is inserted under the skin and 2–4 micro portions of the filler are discharged in different directions with beams. The filler fills in the voids under the wrinkles, which smoothes them.
  3. Modeling massage . Skillful distributing actions the cosmetologist prevents the accumulation of the substance at the injection site.

When will the result be visible?

The effect of the correction of nasolabial folds with fillers is observed almost immediately, after the administration of the drug:

  • there is an instant filling and a decrease in the depth of creases:
  • visually the face becomes younger;
  • recovery after the procedure takes about a day, during which minor edema subsides.


Fillers should not be injected into the nasolabial folds if there are contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding of the baby;
  • problems with blood clotting – bleeding gums, heavy menstruation, frequent nosebleeds, and the presence of a disease associated with a decrease in the level of platelets in the blood;
  • various infections;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • skin diseases;
  • oncology;
  • allergy to any component of the filler.

Care after the procedure

The advice given by cosmetologists after injections for the next few days is aimed at preventing the development of complications and negative consequences after the introduction of fillers into the nasolabial folds:

  • within 12 hours after the session, periodically apply cold to the treated area;
  • for 48–72 hours, treat the injection sites of fillers with antiseptic solutions;
  • exclude visits to the gym and swimming pool during the week:
  • for 2-3 days, avoid the heat effects of a sauna, hot bath, heat from a fireplace or gas stove;
  • within 2-3 weeks, exclude direct exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, visit a solarium, it is necessary to treat the skin with sunscreens for the face;
  • a modeling massage for even distribution of the filler over the nasolabial folds can be done independently by the cosmetologist or show the patient what movements and how often the filler should be kneaded.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then in a few days you can appear “in society” rejuvenated and noticeably prettier.


The price for the procedure differs depending on:

  • The type of filler and its brand. The most expensive fillers are brands from Switzerland and France.
  • The status of the clinic and its location. In the center of large cities, the cost of the procedure is higher than in a residential area or a small village.
  • Physician qualifications and experience.

Elimination of nasolabial folds with fillers, on average, costs from 13,000 rubles to 35,000 and more. Some institutions offer customers special price tags for the service with discounts or other favorable conditions, so it is better to check the final cost of contouring “nasolabials” with specialists.

Consequences and possible complications

Correction of nasolabial folds with high-quality fillers, as a rule, does not cause unpleasant symptoms after the procedure. But occasionally, the skin may react differently.

The consequences of the introduction of fillers into the nasolabial folds can be manifested:

  • pain, itching and redness at and around the puncture points;
  • edema and hematomas at the sites of gel introduction;
  • asymmetry of the face;
  • the occurrence of inflammation in the area of ​​filler injection.

Bruises after fillers in the nasolabial folds and other phenomena are a short-term reaction of the body to the procedure. They pass without therapeutic intervention within 5 days, except for inflammation, which requires compulsory treatment.

Serious complications after the introduction of fillers into the nasolabial folds are:

  • migration of the injected gel;
  • the formation of lumps inside the skin;
  • individual allergic reactions;
  • violation of the movement of blood through microvessels-capillaries;
  • infection during the administration of the gel.

The risk of negative consequences can be minimized if you choose the right clinic and an experienced cosmetologist. The professionalism of the health worker and the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards will help to avoid trouble. The appearance of negative symptoms in the area of ​​the nasolabials and nearby tissues is a reason for immediate referral to a specialist.

Contouring of nasolabial folds is the fastest and safest way to turn back time after 5-7 years. Regular “beauty injections” will help you look young and fresh for years to come.

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