Find the balance of the microbiome of the skin

Today, more than ever, is the time to strengthen the skin. The lockdown and to stay a little in the open air – but also the lack of sleep or pollution – have “switched off” the skin. Many women, in fact, post-insulation, complain of a stressed skin, graying, growing older, more tired, and often arid. Then if we add the damage caused by the blue light of devices, in this period exploited to the nth power to chase away the boredom, all the women will agree in admitting that the face is less toned and brighter than before. The skin is “off” is weaker, and less able to regenerate efficiently, and defend yourself from the attackers to the environment. The microbiome, or the sum of all the microorganisms naturally present on the skin – can also be unbalanced and reddened. Think of your microbiome as your fingerprint: it is unique, and deserves to be treated at its best. For this… if we told you that in just 28 days you can return the skin to its former glory of always? Intral Rescue Super Concentrated Darphin Paris, light texture and sensory adapts to any skincare routine, it is a concentrate formulated to 91% ingredients of natural origin, such as active botanicals, concentrated probiotic and the exclusive technology of the adhesive. Week after week the skin is improved, rehydrated, soothed, more uniform, and its barrier is more strong, ready to fight the external agents.


skin is more homogeneous and harmonized, less tense.

skin is more soothed and relaxed, already with less irritation and redness.

The skin is rebalanced, visibly more healthy. This is the phase in which the microbiome restores its balance.

, The skin barrier enhanced skin appears more healthy and is protected from external damage.


Calm Complex is a complex of 3 vegetal substances: chamomile, hawthorn and peony, combined with D-Panthenolo and a polissaccaride to soothe, protect and soften the skin.

Carrier Technology is formulated with a powerful complex of soothing substances derived from chamomile, hawthorn and peony, and from the seeds oil, camellia of Japan, and the Probiotic Boost Science, that is absorbed from deeper layers of the skin.

Probiotic Boost Science, together with the ferment, lactobacillus, helps to give relief in case of irritation visible, rebalancing the skin by promoting the formation of a microbiome healthy, and strengthening the skin barrier. Vitamin E, a protective antioxidant, helps to reduce the damage caused by the free radicals from blue light, dust and pollution.


The 4-pack (one per week) you may use any time the skin is off, and always morning and evening, every day. The complete protocol plan to use it after Intral Redness Relief Sooting Serum of Darphin and before the cream. The excess whey? Use it on your hands instead of hand cream.

Calm Complex

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Rescue Super Concentrated Darphin Paris. Intended use: for 28 days with 4 bottles, one a week.

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