Fine hair: top volume effect treatments and tips to adopt

With a diameter up to 4 times smaller than a “normal” hair, thin hair need special attention to sport a nice volume. Exit excessively rich formulas which can seal the roots and make the scalp. The right reflex? Opt for care for formulas full of volumizing active ingredients. The most effective:bamboo extract which strengthens the hair by penetrating directly inside the hair fiber, and theyarrow which tightens the pores of the scalp to straighten the hair from the root. Other assets, red algae coat the hair fiber to give it more body and volume. The extra tip: poorly rinsed hair may appear thinner when dry. In the shower, take as much time to rinse your hair as you took to apply your shampoo, hair conditioner and other care.

Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​mousse for fine hair

Ideal for : moisturize the lengths, tame frizz and boost the volume of the hair.
How to apply it well? It can be used on damp hair, on lengths and ends only, just before brushing. A small amount is enough.
Our opinion : Easy to apply, it covers the hair over the entire length and prolongs the hold of the brushing. The hair is much less electric when styling.
Its price: € 17.90.

Eugène Perma organic bamboo volume spray

Ideal for : cover the hair from the roots without weighing down the lengths.
How to apply it well? It is sprayed directly on the scalp, after shampooing.
Our opinion : This light mist penetrates instantly. Hair is fuller after drying. The spray bottle system is very easy to use.
Its price: € 23.50

Phyto volumizing jelly mask

Ideal for : soften and hydrate the hair fiber without reducing the volume of the hair.
How to apply it well? Distribute a small amount on the lengths and ends and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes.
Our opinion : After drying, the hair appears denser and more covered. The very short exposure time is perfect for moisturizing without weighing it down.
Its price: € 19.90.

Dr Pierre Ricaud texturizing volume shampoo

Ideal for : have light and supple hair after each wash.
How to use it well? Like a classic shampoo, two to three times a week.
Our opinion : The volume effect is really impressive. Its protective action, heat and UV rays, is interesting for fine and fragile hair.
Its price: 12 €.

La lotion luxurious volume brushing John Frieda

Ideal for: shaping the hair from the roots and making brushing easier.
How to apply it well? Spray it on the scalp, after shampooing, then blow dry the hair upside down.
Our opinion : It significantly prolongs the hold of the brushing and it also protects the hair from heat.
Its price: € 8.50.

Naturé Moi volume conditioner

Ideal for : moisturize and soften the hair without reducing the volume at the roots.
How to apply it well? Leave it on for one to two minutes then rinse the hair with clean water. Our opinion : It leaves the hair soft and light from the first use. The lengths are less coarse and brittle during brushing.
Its price: € 3.76.

Thanks to Sabrina Maudry Director of Training Alès Groupe France and Doctor of Pharmacy.



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