Fitness for women. How to achieve thin and beautiful ankles?

There is a prejudice that the thickness of the ankles is inherent in nature, so it cannot be changed. However, sometimes it is not only about a wide bone, so physical exercise cannot be written off. They will help not only to make the ankles thinner and more graceful, but also to tighten the legs in general – the legs, calves.

Exercise number 1. You should lean on the back of a chair or bedside table, approximately up to the waist. Alternately stand on your toes and go down on your heels. This is an extremely simple leg exercise that can be done anywhere. Nothing is required other than your own body weight.

Exercise number 2. Take the same starting position as in the first exercise. Standing on the toe, make circular movements with the heel. Change legs one at a time. The radius and amplitude should be gradually increased.

The exercises are simple and effective
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Exercise number 3. You need to lie on your back with your arms extended along the body, and raise your legs together to a right angle with the body. Pull the socks alternately, then tilt the sock as much as possible towards you.

Two or three basic exercises are enough, which should be performed with equal frequency and regularity (a couple of times a week is enough). Each exercise should be done in 3-4 sets of 10-20 repetitions. Over time, the load can be increased.

Additionally, you can regularly jump rope… It is also good for toning your legs, such as increasing sets and reps using dumbbell or kettle weights.

It is worth noting that the ankles are often thick against the background of general obesity. In this case, it is not enough just to perform a set of exercises for pumping them. It is necessary to monitor nutrition in general, strive for total weight loss, and only then locally influence this part of the body with training.

Fitness for women. How to achieve thin and beautiful ankles?
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Sometimes the ankles become swollen and swollen for other reasons, such as fatigue or uncomfortable shoes.

  • If your legs are swollen after a long day, you need to lie down for at least 10 minutes, stretching your legs up and leaning them against the wall. Massage with an ice cube made from sage and chamomile will also help.

To understand that the ankles are large due to the fact that water is retained in them, a simple way will help: press your finger on the ankle, and if a dent remains on the skin, then there is a high probability that fluid is retained in the body.

Puffiness will also decrease minimizing salt and starch in the diet: It is optimal to reduce the consumption of salt, as well as potatoes, corn, beets, carrots.

Fitness for women. How to achieve thin and beautiful ankles?
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If you are just on the way of forming beautiful ankles, then the right choice of clothes will help to hide the problem and visually make this part of the body slimmer. For example, a narrowed edge of a skirt or trousers that cover exactly half of the ankle will visually help narrow the ankles. It is better to choose boots with a large and wide heel.

In general, you can achieve beauty and harmony of the ankles with the help of a set of regular physical exercises and proper nutrition. And some tricks in the choice of clothes will help hide this slight flaw in the figure.


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