Five addresses to extend the wedding effect for a few more days

Unthinkable the idea of ​​going back to work as soon as the party is over? What if, instead, we went off with our lover for a few days on weekends from Monday morning? Tour of the five most enjoyable options of the moment.

1) La Grée des Landes

La Grée des Landes

La Grée des Landes / press photo

In the program : Food, spa, sports sessions… Here, everything is done to reconnect us with Breton nature. To do so, we eat gastro but healthy, vegetables from the organic garden. The other ingredients? Nearby, handpicked farms. In the cabin, energizing or relaxing massages are performed with natural Yves Rocher house oils. Not to mention the courses taught in the countryside by a coach. Perfect for filling up with fresh air.
On dort : in a cabin, thought of as a little cocoon, perched in the branches of a century-old cypress 6 meters above the ground. The duvets and sheets are organic cotton.
La Grée des Landes, tel. : 02 99 08 50 50.

2) The Barn Hotel

The Barn Hotel

Le Barn Hôtel / press photo

In the program : Direction the forest of Rambouillet, on the property of La Cense, former place of the hidden loves of Gabriel d’Estrées and Henri IV. Here, again we relax, reconnect with nature from morning to night. In the meantime, we indulge in both Tigre Yoga Club-branded Yoga classes and Nordic baths. Other exhilarating options possible: let yourself be disoriented by an Ayurvedic massage or ask the osteopath in residence to realign us from the tip of the toes to the top of the head.
On dort : in rooms inspired by the pre-existing agricultural hangars revisited by the talented architect Christophe Vergnaud. The result is a very cozy space, which, via its double bay window, lets the landscape take precedence over everything else.
The Barn Hotel, tel. : 01 86 38 00 00.

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3) The Hauts de Loire

The Hauts de Loire

The Hauts de Loire / press photo

In the program : Once the visit of the most beautiful neighboring Loire châteaux (Chenonceau, Villandry, Amboise or Chambord) is over, it is good to return to the Hauts de Loire. A very nice Relais & Chateau which houses a Clarins spa. To discover without delay, especially once the pressure of marriage subsides, their two new Wellness formulas. The first, Rise & Shine, boosts raplapas metabolisms. The second, Beauty Sleep, is working to help us find restful sleep and therefore an almost Olympic level of fitness. Last detail that matters: the well-being menus designed from A to Z by Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins, the two-starred Chef Rémy Giraud as well as the Pastry Chef Cédric Noël. The guarantee of filling up with vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids.
On dort : In the pretty, warm rooms completely redesigned by interior designer Natalia Megret, who is used to private houses … Pretty linen, Nobilis fabrics and elegant furniture, you almost feel at home.
Les Hauts de Loire, tel. : 02 54 20 72 57.

4) Les Sources de Caudalie

The Sources of Caudalie

Les Sources de Caudalie / press photo

In the program : Meet at the Vinotherapy spa where ideal face and body protocols are dedicated to prolong the state of well-being induced by the marriage effect. Among them, the highly relaxing Divine Body treatment thanks to its long series of enveloping maneuvers. We come out zen; the skin soft and hydrated until thirsty thanks to the mix of the four vegetable oils used.
On dort : In the legendary suite L’Ile aux Oiseaux des Sources by Caudalie designed by designer Delphine Manivet. Entirely covered with silk crepe curtains borrowed from the most precious petticoats, the cocoon atmosphere is stunning.
Les Sources de Caudalie, tel. : 05 57 83 83 83.

5) The Wind Farm

The Wind Farm

La Ferme du Vent / press photo

In the program : a Celtic stage in Cancale in Brittany, punctuated by the neighboring elements (water, air, wind, earth…). Immerse yourself in Celtic baths, eliminate toxins in the hammam, opt for an Ayurvedic massage to realign your chakras or bet on Gwenn’s unique reflexology, known throughout France for its radical benefits … Here are some of the options offered which awaken, as ever but gently, our sleeping senses. We leave more in love than ever!
On dort : In old buildings entirely converted into “kleds” which means “wind shelters”, in Galois, dressed in stones and rough wood. Be careful, facing the breathtaking wild landscape, here everything is done to put us in a meditative state.
La Ferme du Vent, tel. : 02 99 89 64 76.


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