Floral manicure: top 10 best ideas for 2020

What could be more relevant for hot summer days than a floral manicure? It is at this time, when everything is blooming and smelling around, that you can afford a brighter nail design with an abundance of floral designs and floral motifs. We offer the best manicure ideas with flowers for summer 2020.

A manicure with a floral design looks equally good on both short and long nails. Remember that in 2020, it is better to use an oval or almond shape for long nails. Sufficient length of the nail will allow imagination to “roam” and create real masterpieces and even still lifes with flowers. As for short nails, here the drawings should be smaller. Flowers that are too large for the entire nail plate can only reduce it. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to a minimalist design for a short length.

1. Roses on nails

One of the most popular summer flowers, and in general, the most favorite flower for most girls is, of course, a rose. That is why the drawing of a rose on the nails will be relevant for the summer. Nail stylists claim that of all the floral motives, it is roses that are in greatest demand. Red, white or pink – you can choose any color. Nude nails with tea or orange roses look very gentle and beautiful. Stickers can also be used as a nail design with roses – the picture looks the most realistic on them.

2. Wildflowers

Drawings of delicate wildflowers are in no less demand this year, starting from the spring season. For the summer, this design is just right! Beautiful chamomiles, violets, red poppies, sunflowers, elements of leaves, green grass and even ripe yellow spikelets – all this will be relevant if you want to create a “summer field” on your nails. A light background of the nail plate is best suited for wildflowers. These are mainly pastel shades: white, milky, beige, pink, pale blue, mint, lavender, etc.

3. Tulips

Do you think tulips are the prerogative of exclusively spring manicure? But the masters of manicure unanimously claim that many clients throughout the summer are asking to paint these beautiful flowers on their nails. After all, a tulip, in fact, is not so difficult to draw. The colors are all the more pleasing: tulips can be of any shade, even the brightest, blue or purple. It is best to use pure white for the background.

4. Tropical and exotic plants

For summer, exotic tropical flowers will be an excellent option for nail design. They can be supplemented with palm leaves, drawings of fruits, butterflies and even exotic birds. This manicure option is great for holidays and trips to the sea. And here, like nowhere else, a real riot of colors, the use of the brightest colors and contrasting tones is appropriate. Such a manicure requires accuracy and precision. Therefore, it is better to entrust the hand-painting of tropical plants to a professional master.

5. French with flowers

For those who love restraint and naturalness, we can recommend a French manicure with a floral design. Finish your nails with a sheer or nude base. And on some marigolds draw your favorite flowers. They can be either brighter and more noticeable, or completely minimalistic, thin and almost invisible. If desired, you can decorate all your nails with flowers and stems. Against the background of French manicure, such drawings look very neat, and the nails look well-groomed.

6. Black background with bright colors

Do you think black is only appropriate for the cold season? It turns out not. The black background of the nail plate can be a great canvas for vibrant floral designs. This design looks like a grandmother’s shawl. But at the same time, it is very elegant and is ideal for a short nail plate. On a black background, it is better to use bright and light colors, and for short nails – not too large patterns of flowers and longitudinal stripes – this will visually lengthen the nail.

7. Rhinestones and glitter with floral motifs

How to complement the floral designs on the nails if you want more brightness? Feel free to use rhinestones, sparkles and glitter. But in this case, you need to be careful with the color scheme, so as not to overdo it and not make the manicure vulgar and too catchy. Single stones or small rhinestones in the very center of the painted flower look neat and restrained. They are like dew drops, they will shimmer in the sun and draw attention to the nails. You can also use sequins, glitter coverings and foil for shiny designs.

8. Volumetric modeling

Flowers on nails, made using the technique of volumetric modeling, look very beautiful and stylish. For this, acrylic powder and a thin brush are used, the drawing is covered with different shades. Also volumetric drawings can be performed using special coatings and powders: powders such as “sugar” or “velvet”, which also create a 3D effect. Using these powders and even stencils, you can create whole masterpieces in the form of volumetric colors. Volumetric modeling looks best in a nude design.

9. Minimalism and geometry

Geometric patterns may well be combined with floral patterns. It’s not difficult at all: thin lines and stripes, and small flowers will be appropriate in a single design. Remember that minimalism is in vogue today, and therefore it is worth using neutral tones and one color for the picture. White stripes and flowers look good on a dark background, black on a light background. In general, minimalist flowers should resemble, rather, shadows and stylized outlines, avoiding proximity to the naturalness of fresh flowers.

10. Matte floral design

A lot has already been said about matte finishes. And matte nails look especially good in combination with clear patterns on the nail plate. In the case of a floral design, it is better to paint thin lines, small flowers, graceful twigs on the nails. Covered with a matte top, these ornaments will look neat and discreet. Make sure that the nail plate has a neat shape and is perfectly aligned – this is the main “commandment” of a matte manicure.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva


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