Floral print on a black background. Dresses and jumpsuits are very trendy in Hollywood

We really love the girls who wear a variety of floral prints like the next few below. But sometimes flowers that are too bright can look a little tricky. The same cannot be said about the black, floral prints that are now very popular in Hollywood. These flowers, on a black background, can be worn on various dresses, overalls and other items of clothing. Could these floral prints be the hottest summer trend?

On Nicky Hiltoncertainly YES… More recently, a socialite entered society in a black dress with a small floral print and a short leather jacket.

Actress Emma Roberts chose a sundress with a tropical bouquet on a black background.

Emma Roberts in a sundress with a tropical bouquet on a black background

Jessica Alba chose, for the walk, a jumpsuit and a print with roses from Michael Lauren.

Jessica Alba in a jumpsuit with a print (roses) on a black background

Taylor Swift preferred retro style for her dress.

Taylor Swift in a retro dress with a floral print on a black background

Want to go to the dark side? Then choose some floral prints on a black background and anywhere, you will look very stylish. If you wear shiny, metal shoes with such an outfit, here’s a ready-made bow for a party. And paired with light sandals, you get a very cool, cool bow.

In local online stores, we liked the floral dresses from adL – adilisic for 1 790 rubles. Long dress Sela for 1 699 rubles And a jumpsuit with short shorts from D&S RALPH LAUREN for 3 245 rubles.

Dresses with floral print on a black background



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