Fluffy hair: how to tame lush hair

What happens to frizzy hair

One of the main reasons for the “dandelion effect” is high humidity, from which some girls’ hair begins to frizz, others get very tangled, and still others lose their volume.

Hair consists of three layers. The upper one is the cuticle, which performs protective functions; it resembles shingles. When such a “tile” is intact, the hair is perfectly protected from moisture penetration inside. But if it is damaged, water easily enters the deep layers, which makes the hair lose its elasticity. In fact, moisture is not a very serious threat to hair.

Solid chemistry: what is hair made of and what does moisture do to it

The main material of hair is protein (keratin), and their structure and shape are largely determined by how its molecules are connected to each other.

Proteins, in turn, contain a significant amount of amino acids, and they contain sulfur. When the chains of amino acids are close to each other, a chemical bond, a disulfide, usually occurs between the sulfur atoms. It is this bond that is responsible for durability and strength and is not broken by either moisture or dryness.

There are also hydrogen bonds in the hair. They arise between the atoms of adjacent amino acid chains. These bonds are very weak, although there are more of them than disulfide bonds. In the presence of water, they are easily destroyed, and in the absence, they are restored. In this case, the hair is fixed in the position in which it dried. Humid air combined with a high content of hydrogen molecules in it provokes the appearance of new hydrogen bonds in the hair. There are more and more of them. Eventually, the hair begins to curl.

Don’t let your hair frizz!

What can I do to protect my hair from moisture?

  1. Finish your hair with special products. It can be a couple of drops of serum, fluid or special oil – the point is to “hedge” the hair along its entire length and give it protection from environmental influences.
  2. Curl your hair in moderation. Focus on the weather: on a cloudy day, it is best to abandon complex styling, because it additionally affects the hair, and the effect does not last long. Remember, the healthier your hair, the easier it will be to deal with in adverse conditions, so use protective products.
  3. Wash your hair with the right shampoo. To protect your hair as much as possible, you should use special shampoos that may contain natural oils. After shampoo, be sure to apply a thickening conditioner, which literally envelops the hair, filling it with essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and proteins.
  4. Undergo special hair treatments. One of the new products is the Greymy Hair Smoothing and Discipline Express Program (Keratin Express Platinum). After her, the hair is smooth, shiny and dense. And as a bonus, you get great volume. First, the master will apply shampoo, which cleans the hair and prepares the cuticles for further penetration of the next product. Then a keratin smoothing cream with black caviar extract and grape seed oil is used – it is he who gives an instant effect of smoothing, filling and disciplining by restoring the lipid balance of hair, proteins and fatty acids. Well, after that the hair is dried using a hot styler. The procedure lasts no more than an hour, and the effect pleases two months!

For help in preparing the material, we thank Igor Andreev



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