Food supplements that boost our energy

Choosing the right vitamins

They make it possible to fight both mental and physical fatigue. Advice from Dr Kathy Bonan (3), doctor and nutritionist: “You can start the day with vitamin C and you should know that it does not prevent sleep if you consume it after noon, without exceeding 2 g. per day. And if you choose it of natural origin, like acerola, it’s even better. Not only does it boost the enzymatic system beneficial to the beauty of the skin by promoting the synthesis of collagen, but it also plays on dopamine, a neurotransmitter of pleasure and reward. It feels good ! The B vitamins also give a boost. We first think of B1 if the blues are added to the feeling of physical fatigue (except allergic ground). You can take one 100 mg tablet a day for three weeks. B2 is often needed after summer because the sun destroys it. The sign that we are missing: the cracks at the corners of the lips. It is an essential energy co-factor (same dosage as for B1). B6 also has an action on neurotransmitters and is particularly perfect for combating the drop in energy linked to pre-menstrual syndrome, for example. It is taken a small week per month before the rules for the blues and fatigue related to menopause (1 to 2 tablets per day of 50 mg). Finally, B9 (or folic acid) synthesizes red blood cells and provides a feeling of relaxation. It would be the vitamin of quiet strength (1 tablet per day in cures of 3 weeks when you are tired and very pale in the depths of winter). And for cross-effects in one take, think about the “A, C, E Selenium” treatment concentrated in the same food supplement. “

Fill up with trace elements

Magnesium, more than a quarter of the French population would lack it, especially stressed women, at the time of the rules or the menopause, having overweight… “It would be necessary to take long-term to feel better, not to craving as a reaction to fatigue, and in divided doses (three 48 mg tablets per day) when you can often feel feverish in the late morning, drowsy after lunch and empty in the late afternoon midday. The last one can also be taken with 5 drops of silica (in liquid form with the product Dissolvurol in pharmacies), it allows to have a restful sleep in the evening, ”recommends Dr. Bonan. Zinc, also important, warns the expert, because it stimulates dopamine and norepinephrine essential to feel in good mental and physical shape. “And in capsules, it is more digestible: one per day of Rubozinc (15 mg) from Labcatal laboratories”. As for potassium: very indicated (except if you take certain treatments that retain potassium) when you feel that the muscles are heavy as soon as you climb three stairs. 1 capsule per day dosed at 200 mg for a week, then once or twice a week. Finally, selenium is a good detoxifier. “It therefore eliminates everything that plagues the body. One vial of Granion Selenium per day for three weeks before winter and after the holidays is enough to get off to a good start, ”says Kathy Bonan.

Do not ignore fatty or amino acids

Food does not always meet all the energy needs of the body and omega 3, for example, we lack. “This polyunsaturated fatty acid is a good mood and energy regulator and you can do several one-month cures per year (2 capsules of 300 mg per day) to find a second breath. Explains Dr. Bonan. Another boost with tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin with rapid action in case of low morale and energy. “1 to 2 tablets per day in a course of one month and it is started again” assures the doctor.

The 7 plants that energize

“It is the basis of all medicines and natural treatments in particular. In essential oils, glycerin extracts or herbal teas, they can help us get back up to speed and stay in shape over the long haul ”, assures Danièle Festy, aromatherapist (3). His advices :

Blackcurrant, ginseng, gentian, to drink: In the morning to start the day well, take one tsp. coffee in a glass of water with glycerine extract of blackcurrant and ginseng, produced in pharmacies in equal proportions. Also sip a small herbal tea of ​​gentian root, Kola nut, blackcurrant leaves, thyme and mint (in equal proportions). Mixture to prepare in herbalist’s shop. Pour two teaspoons of this mixture into half a liter of very hot water. Let steep for ten minutes and drink two cups a day (morning and afternoon).

Black spruce and Scots pine to rub: After showering in the morning when the skin is warm, apply two drops of essential oils of black spruce or Scots pine to the lower back and massage quickly. Ideal for having clear ideas and feeling spring loaded.

Lemon and peppermint to breathe: A few drops of Lemon extract in a diffuser for half an hour at the office promotes concentration and intellectual energy. To give yourself courage and energy before a meeting or an important appointment, also breathe a little essential oil of Laurel noble directly from the bottle. And at the end of the day, especially if you have an evening in sight, you also breathe in the essential oil of Peppermint, either in the bottle, or by putting on the wrist and breathing several times.

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