Foot detox patches: benefits and contraindications

Foot detox patches have an ancient history, linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine. They were originally soaked tablets and filled with natural ingredients, such as pink Himalayan salt, willow extract, ginger and bamboo, to be left in contact with the skin of the sole of the foot for many hours in order to obtain benefits through ownership transdermica, which stimulates the organism and attracts harmful substances to itself. The promised benefits are many: the elimination of toxins, the stimulation of liver and kidneys, the acceleration of metabolism, the draining and regenerating effect, and the hydration and radiance of the skin.

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If on paper they look like some fantastic patches that are worth applying even today during the night restthere are numerous criticisms from experts who believe that they are not effective at all. Let’s be clear.

Foot detox patches: do they work?

Those who claim the benefits of detox patches start from the fact that, after using them, the patches become neri and give off a bad smell. This would be a sign that the salt has attracted toxins and heavy metals to itself, through its osmotic property, eliminating them from the body.

Or don’t they work?

Several comparative analyzes have been conducted over the years on unused and used patches, and each time it has been shown that there is a change in the presence of metals and toxins between the two. This means that there are no more toxins taken from the body in the used patch. It has also been proven that the browning of the patch comes from yours exposure to air and humidity. In support of their ineffectiveness there is also the fact that the human body uses the skin to excrete toxins only in a minimal part through the sweat, and that the skin under the feet is quite thick and not particularly permeable. The organs used for the elimination of toxins are the liver and kidneys: it is from them that harmful substances are disposed of, and are certainly not circulating in the body.

Possible benefits

However, a possible benefit deriving from detox patches could be in terms of stimulation of the liver and kidneys, according to the principles ofacupuncture. If correctly positioned on the soles of the feet, they would affect the points connected to these organs. But in this case, however, the browning of the patch for the direct elimination of toxins would not have a correlation.

And contraindications

More than contraindications for their use, which do not seem to exist, we should focus attention on the fact that there are no medical-scientific demonstrations to support their effectiveness. The only effect that can be achieved with detox patches is the placebo effect.


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