For him and for her: how to eliminate hysteria?

In relationships, there are not only flowers and sweets, but also serious disagreements, which often lead to tantrums. And to calm each other, 10 drops of valerian tincture is sometimes not enough. So that you know what to do in extreme situations, we tell you what the main plan consists of.

For him / her

To begin with, it is worth understanding what is the reason for this behavior. Above, we gave an example of disagreement or typical abuse, but sometimes the problem goes deeper: the affect from a tragic incident involving loved ones, accumulated fatigue from constant stress, etc.

In this case, it is necessary to try to help the person cope with the problem, in other words, not to interfere with his grief. First, show that you are near, hug. If the half does not want to be touched, outline the boundaries, but do not leave the field of view.

It is more difficult when there are no reasons for such a state at all or they are too small. Often, girls make scandals with subsequent hysteria in order to literally shout to their partner, and men do not understand and leave, thinking that everything will go away on their own. It is better not to leave anyone alone, but to listen carefully and try to build a constructive dialogue.

For yourself

Tantrum is an immediate reaction of the body to a surge in nervous tension. You can’t fix the problem with will, so follow these rules:

– washing with cold water

– drinking (preferably water)

– correct breathing (inhalation is shorter than exhalation)

– head turns, warm-up of the neck, shoulders, arms

Remember not to compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to nervous breakdowns. All people are completely different, someone can endure for a long time, and take out anger in the gym, while for someone such a reaction is instantaneous and cannot be contained.

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