For moms who also get up early for school: the best eye care products to wake up and relieve swelling

Getting up early and getting ready quickly – now this is how the reality of all mothers of school-age children will look like. In the hustle and bustle, it is important not to forget about self-care. And the first thing that will help you wake up and invigorate is the products for the skin around the eyes with a cooling effect. We have collected the best patches, creams, gels, serums, and even a primer and massager that will relieve puffiness and circles under the eyes in a few minutes, but will give a healthy glow and freshness.

Patches, Ansaligy + Roller Massager, Quarz Store

Natalya Pikus, editor-in-chief of
I dream of learning to get up early, but I confess, for me this is an unattainable goal. I am mentally glad that my son has not yet grown to a desk, and I consider all mothers of schoolchildren to be heroines. Perhaps, in addition to sympathy, I can share with a proven remedy that “lifts my eyelids” in especially difficult mornings.
I am a fan of the Ansaligy berry series: “Barberry Paradise” and “Invigorating Lemon”, “Rejuvenating Kiwi” and “Blackberry Nights” – I buy these “berries” over and over again. I like that the patches do not slip, they nourish and relieve swellings.
But! Honestly – patches alone are not enough to cheer me up in the early morning. Then I connect the quartz roller massager, which I keep in the refrigerator. I run it directly over the patches and over the upper eyelid. The stone pleasantly cools the skin and disperses the blood. After such a SPA, you somehow see more clearly the day ahead and the world.
Price: 1755 rub. for a set of patches of five pairs of patches, 3400 rubles. for roller-massager made of rose quartz

Hydrogel patches for dark circles under the eyes with anti-aging effect, SUPER BEEZY

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty director of

Pink hydrogels patches with vitamin C, niacinamide and collagen not only cool and tone (like any patches that you put in the refrigerator), but also really smooth the skin and eliminate the creases that may occur after sleeping on the “wrong” pillows.

I put on patches in the morning, sometimes I get into my car (hiding behind mirror aviators) and sometimes even finish my evening with them. beauty routine… The main thing is not to forget to take them off after 10-15 minutes so that there is no opposite effect when the product starts to “pump out” water from the skin.

Price: 1 190 rub.

Ice Cubes for Instant Radiance, Anne Semonin

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty director of

Anne Semonin ice cubes are my must-have when you don’t look very good in the morning and you have to be at a meeting in half an hour. Before use, one ice cube must be placed in the tissue bag that comes with the kit, and then applied to the skin around the eyes. Ideally, do a cube massage, or even better, if someone helps with this, and you just relax.

The cubes contain extracts of tephrosia purpurea, which stimulate the release of endorphins and have soothing properties, as well as red algae and evening primrose oil, which moisturize and increase skin elasticity.

Price: 6 378 rub.

Cream for signs of fatigue for the skin around the eyes Capital Energie, Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Natalia Akimova, trainee:

I don’t know how it works, but every time I see my eyes swollen from night work in the morning in the mirror, I’m looking for this very remedy on the shelf. That is, I have patches for lighter cases when heavy artillery is required – I use Capital Energie from Dr. Pierre Ricaud.
The product has a gel texture and is distributed with a roll-on applicator. I love that it stays cool even if the cream is not refrigerated. As a result, you get massage, hydration, and improved blood circulation.
By the way, the presence of a roller and the absence of the need to use fingers in the application makes this tool ideal for flights and auto travel.
Of course, pleasure is not only in sensations: it has a good composition, including hesperidin (“invigorates” skin cells), hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. But the composition contains alcohols, so it is hardly suitable for sensitive skin.
Price: 990 rub.

Serum for lifting the skin around the eyes Derma Lift 5.0, Dermaceutic

Yulia Kozoliy, editor of

Dermaceutic was originally a chemical peel company, so they know all about the effects of acids and vitamin C on the skin. Now the brand has several lines: for professional and home care. All products are created in the laboratory and, according to the official website, have already received the approval of 30,000 dermatologists around the world.
Derma Lift 5.0 serum is recommended to be used after 30 years, but the composition is quite delicate – it will not harm girls over 25!
Among the components there is a complex with peptides, which is responsible for the anti-aging effect, and Ayurvedic Bakuchi oil: nourishes dry sensitive skin around the eyes. The product has an impressive volume of 30 ml. I am 30 years old and on my face the serum “worked” after three applications in the morning and in the evening – the skin under the eyes became lighter, so much so that the concealer can be safely put aside! The product has practically no scent, but it has an excellent cooling effect that soothes not only the skin, but also the nerves in the evenings.
Price: 3 900 rub.

Gel serum with a ball roller for the skin around the eyes All About Eyes Serum, Clinique

Christina Semina, editor of
All About Eyes Serum, Clinique is my longtime favorite among eye care products. I also like its packaging in the form of a stick-pencil, which fits even in a very small cosmetic bag, and a roll-on of steel with a cooling effect, and a pleasant texture with caffeine, which has lightening properties.
When applied for the first time, the product, of course, will not remove 100% dark circles under the eyes caused by lack of sleep and fatigue, but it will definitely make the skin smoother. In addition, the process of using the gel serum is very pleasant, I usually use the roller from the inner corner of the eye to the temples several times, enjoying the pleasant coolness. In the morning it invigorates me, and in the evening it calms me down and sets me up for sleep.
Price: 3200 rub.

Primer for the skin around the eyes against fatigue Anti Fatigue, Becca

Christina Semina, editor of
Primer Anti Fatigue, Becca really perfectly prepares the skin for the application of concealer: after it, the matting agent lays down better and lasts longer. But its properties do not end there, I use it because of its incredibly delicate and cooling texture, which also has caring properties – it moisturizes and relieves swelling. The composition is impressive: among the ingredients are cucumber extracts, matcha tea and caffeine.
I usually apply a thin layer of primer to the under-eye area, and then massage it gently with my fingertips, allowing the product to absorb. After – I use concealer.
Price: 2300 rub.

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