For weekdays and holidays: top 5 dresses for the hourglass figure

We will tell you which dress models will become your secret fashionable weapon.

The hourglass figure is considered the most spectacular and feminine, so many dream of approaching the standard. According to stylists, almost all models of dresses are suitable for this type of figure, however, there are such clothes that can ruin even the most beautiful figure.

The main trump card (which definitely does not need to be kept in the sleeve, but to try to demonstrate it to the world as often as possible) of the hourglass figure is a clearly defined waist line. Therefore, the main task when choosing the perfect dress is to emphasize a thin waist, rounded hips and lush breasts.

Suitable dress models

Sheath dress

A sheath dress looks most complimentary on girls with an hourglass figure: this model ideally emphasizes a pronounced waistline, not forgetting to pay attention to rounded hips. Most often, a sheath dress is chosen as an outfit for a gala event or a party, but with it you can create everyday and business looks. In this case, the main thing is not to try to concentrate the attention of others on all the advantages of the figure at once, but to choose the simplest sheath dress of midi length without a pronounced neckline.

A photo: Eleventy Women

Wrap dress

The wrap dress has been popular for over 40 years (for which we should thank Diane von Fürstenberg): becoming a symbol of the women’s revolution and a standard of style, the wrap dress is ideal for the hourglass figure. Focus not only on the waist, but also on a revealing neckline, material (this season all designers have fallen in love with leather) or print – “zebra” and “leopard” are still in trend.

: Nanushka

Dress shirt

In a shirt dress, it is imperative to mark the waistline with a wide leather belt or belt. Otherwise, a free model of such a dress will not only hide all the advantages of the figure, but also make it shapeless and spherical. therefore, when choosing such a dress, pay attention to the silhouette: it should be straight or slightly flared.

Photo: Uniqlo

Bustier dress

It’s better to prepare for important events in advance: the holidays are ahead, and it’s time to think about a dress for the main night of the year. Obviously, this business should not be left for later: in the days of online shopping, many things fly around the world in a few minutes, and, unfortunately, you may not have time to order the required size.

Stylists recommend that girls with an hourglass figure choose a bustier dress: it will perfectly accentuate the neck and collarbones, and vertical drapery on the skirt will draw attention to the figure itself.

Photo: Shona Joy

Trapeze dress

For a New Year’s party for girls with an hourglass figure, a short trapeze dress in the Twiggy style is ideal. Stylists advise those who want to hide, for example, a small belly, to look at such a model of dresses. A-line dress with lace, sequins or prints is ideal not only for every day, but also for any festive event – therefore we recommend starting your search now: New Year is near.

Photo: Vera Wang

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