Foundation: 5 misconceptions about this essential makeup

The foundation is an essential beauty. Some cannot do without it, and for good reason: it allows you to have a radiant complexion and a uniform complexion. Here are 5 misconceptions about this daily product.

1 / The foundation must be applied directly to the skin

True and false. If the stick foundation must be put directly on the skin, the same does not apply to other types of foundations. Indeed, some make-up artists advise pouring material on the hand or wrist, then removing it with a brush or sponge to apply it on the face. This allows the material to be heated in order to work on it. easier.

2 / You must apply the foundation before the concealer

True. The reason is simple: the foundation helps to unify the skin and mask any imperfections while the concealer or corrector is used to resolve specific issues. It helps to camouflage dark circles or hide buttons precisely. Thus, it is first necessary to globally unify the complexion, before gradually masking the localized imperfections that would still be visible.

3 / A foundation is essential

Faux. What is really essential is to prepare your skin. How? ‘Or’ What ? Start by cleaning it meticulously and then move on to the hydration stage. It is this which is compulsory because it will allow the skin to be hydrated and supple, therefore more receptive to the foundation. Too dry skin will not wear the foundation properly or worse, the result will be “cakey”. This “cakey” or “plaster” effect should be avoided because, among other things, it makes the complexion dull. So apply a serum and then a moisturizer before moving on to the foundation. But you can also add a base at this routine make-up. There are some that are suitable for all skin problems. Some are mattifying and therefore ideal for oily skin, others are green, so perfect for skin with redness … There is bound to be one for you.

4 / You must change your foundation during the year

True. Quite simply because you don’t not the same needs depending on the time of year. When the beautiful days arrive, the skin becomes a little more tanned than usual, and conversely, it loses its tan in winter. The color of face powder used should therefore not be the same throughout the seasons, at the risk of making you paler in summer or a tanned or orange appearance in winter. The coverages are not the same either. Summer temperatures involve the use of a smoother texture and light so as not to overload the complexion with material and a product with an SPF to protect it from UV rays. But in winter, with the cold attacking the skin, it needs comfort and therefore a more moisturizing product and can be more covering.

5 / The foundation must be darker than the complexion of the skin

Faux. The foundation should not be neither too dark nor too light. It should match your skin tone perfectly, otherwise you may appear pale or too tanned. But how do you find the one that suits you? It’s simple: just test them out by making a line of foundation on your cheek and choose the one that blends the most with your skin. If you test it on the wrists, you may choose a too light one, because the skin is paler there than on your face.

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