“Foxy eyes”: new trend that rejuvenates the eyes without a scalpel?


Have you ever heard of “foxy eyes” ? If not, then you will love this technique of eye makeup. Why ? It not only opens the eyes, but it also goes allow you rejuvenate with a few tips, without scalpel or injection!

Foxy eye: what is it?

Just like in the fashion world, the beauty sphere has its current trends. The makeup trends of 2020 can be summed up in a few words. On the eyes, we like the games of canon eye shadows, the light smoky-eyes, the lines of liner well defined. On the complexion side, thehighlighter remains ultra-trendy, especially as summer approaches. The mouth is adorned with nude shades or pretty colors with a mat or glossy finish. But the big trend is that of the foxy eye. Many celebrities have honored this “Fox eye” in French. It’s about giving the eye a younger look by lengthening and enlarging the gaze. But no need to go through the surgery box or cosmetic surgery to achieve the desired result. You can get a beautiful rejuvenated look with some makeup techniques. It’s magic.

Foxy eye: how to achieve this makeup that rejuvenates?

Many well-known beauty youtubers like Sananas explained in specific videos, how to get a perfect foxy eye. And the result is impressive: the gaze is lengthened, like “traced back” towards the temples. This helps to give a better look and give a facelift. A good solution since with age, the eyelids tend to sag little by little.
How to get a foxy eye? It all starts with the eyebrows. These play a key role because they allow structure the face and enlarge the eye if they are well plucked. Indeed, an eyebrow tilted too downwards may be too drooping and make your face look sad, tired, and even make you look old. Consider giving your eyebrow a shape that allows your eye to be highlighted and raise your gaze: it should not be too long, and oriented upwards.
Once your perfectly plucked eyebrow, you can go to the make-up. To achieve this well, we must keep in mind that the goal is tolengthen the eye upwards. If you wish, you can even place a piece of paper in the continuity of your eye to find your way around and prevent eye shadow drops. Once your mobile eyelid is evened out with a nude shadow, use a darker shadow of your choice and apply it with a fairly thick brush. Then, blend the material in the crease of the eyelid and slightly above by making a point upwards.
Then add a more iridescent shadow to the corner of the inner eye to give the impression that the inner corner is in the continuity of the peak shape. Then, go to the liner following the same diagram. Rejuvenating result guaranteed!



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