Fragile throat: gentle solutions to protect it

Sore throats are most often due to a viral attack against which taking antibiotics is not only ineffective but also not recommended. You can prevent them by boosting your immune system. And at the first signs of infection, curb the disease with the appropriate remedies. Advice from a homeopathic doctor and herbalist Serge Rafal.

The right gestures

– Drink small sips of water regularly to hydrate your mucous membranes.

– Place an air humidifier in heated or air-conditioned rooms to avoid breathing too dry air.

– Wash your hands regularly, especially after taking public transport.

– Stop smoking and if you have a sore throat, avoid contact with smokers. Tobacco smoke irritates the throat and weakens the immune system.

– Take desensitization treatment if you are allergic to mold, dust mites or pollen.

– Eat in a balanced way, focusing on fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

– Practice regular physical activity to stimulate your defenses and reduce your stress.

I stimulate my immune system

Micronutrition solutions

– Take a royal jelly cure in autumn (at the rate of one gram per day of fresh royal jelly for 3 weeks).

– Take a dose of vitamin D every 3 months.

– Complete by taking a mixture of probiotics to strengthen your intestinal flora, the first barrier against viruses. 1 tablet per day for 1 to 2 weeks.

The phytotherapy solution

Have your pharmacist prepare two bottles of ginseng and echinacea mother tinctures. Take 25 drops twice a day of the first and 50 drops three times a day of the second in a little water. You can take both plants at the same time.

I react to the first signs

The homeopathy solution

– From the first pain, take 4 granules every 30 minutes of Aconitum compound 3CH, for 2 to 3 hours in a row then stop.

– Add 5 granules, once a day, of Pyrogenium 5CH and 4 granules, 3 to 4 times a day, of Belladonna 5CH and Mercurius corrosivus 5CH. Continue until symptoms resolve.

The oligotherapy solution

Take three times a day a tablet or an ampoule of copper, alone or in combination with gold and silver.

The apitherapy solution

Consume propolis, a resin made by bees, with antiseptic and calming properties. In the form of a spray or chewing gum, 2 to 3 times a day. Drink hot lemon juice with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.

The aromatherapy solution

In a teaspoon of honey, add a drop of tea tree essential oil and a drop of EO of thyme thujanol. To be consumed three times a day. You can also apply directly to the neck (with emphasis on the area of ​​the tonsils) one to two drops of ravintsara EO.

Hello, Doctor?

See if symptoms do not improve after 48 hours. Angina can, in about 10 to 15% of cases, be of microbial and non-viral origin. The same goes for white sore throat. It then requires the prescription of antibiotics to avoid a possible complication (acute rheumatoid arthritis or heart murmur). It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and to follow the recommended treatment to the end, even after the symptoms have disappeared to avoid any complications, such as the appearance of tonsil phlegmon.

The homemade recipe for sore throat

A soothing gargle

Infuse a tablespoon of Roman chamomile in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Filter, let cool and add 10 drops of calendula officinal mother tincture. To be used two to three times a day.

A soothing inhalation

Make a decoction of 20 g of bramble leaves by letting them boil for 10 minutes in a liter of water. Remove the pan from the heat and inhale the steam that comes out of it after taking care to place a cloth over your head.

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