From lip gloss to glassy skin: summer makeup is a wet effect

Luminous skin is perhaps the most popular search key on Google now. Not just lip gloss though: adding a new dimension, completely imperceptible, to the skin of the face, is the new goal of the summer. A well-balanced mix between no-makeup and glow makeup, so to speak.

The glassy skin, which for some years has been very popular especially in the K-Beauty, back to being a real catchphrase, but in an even more tenuous and unexpected key. Thanks to the beauty news, from Gucci to Becca, which perhaps not everyone knows.

The Blush on the Glass by Espressoh even transforms into a slightly pink gel tint, to be gently blended on the cheeks. I’m i gloss multitasking transparent, which illuminate giving an effect of pure light to the face that you want to accentuate.

It applies to the eyelid, lips, cheekbones and strategic points such as cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, inside of the eye and temples. All high-tech and versatile, they have a plus for the beauty case for travel. They are 3-in-1 products that fit in a jar or in a packaging similar to that of lip colors, weighing very little in the suitcase but revolutionizing the summer look.

I gloss pots in short, they are the new “hybrids” of beauty. Their power is great: they light up even with a very light layer because the consistency of the gel, impalpable but “lacquered”, reflects and refracts the light, so as to make the skin radiant on its own, naturally. An effect wet, not at all sticky, which emphasizes thetanning and which is easily spread by tapping with the fingertips or, alternatively, blending with the brush. And don’t worry, it won’t give any shiny effect.

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