From Paris with love: how French women care for their hair

Natural hair color

Ostensibly natural! Yes, a Frenchwoman will never repaint herself in an “artistic color”: that is, too black, too white. She would rather leave her gray hair unpainted. But this does not mean that she will not do anything with the hair color at all. The most popular trick: toning with light colors that wash off after the first or second wash. Other popular stains: light natural abmre (when the tips seem to be slightly burned out in the sun, and not at all total discoloration of the roots along the line) or unobtrusive rare highlighting.

No hair dryer

French chic is, above all, a slight negligence. Hairstyle-ball, hairstyle-drooping-curl – this is not to be found in Paris. Waking up in the morning, the Frenchwoman slowly goes into the shower and then wraps her head with a towel for 15 minutes. After that, it will simply dissolve the curls and let them dry on their own. They do not torment hair with a hairdryer and irons unnecessarily. And they comb them with their fingers. Try it yourself: after shampoo, apply conditioner, comb your hair with your hand. You will be surprised how the texture of your hair will change for the better. You may know that your hair is curly! Or they just lie perfectly without styling.

Bangs secret

Imagine a typical French woman. A girl appears before her eyes with a baguette in her hands and … with a bang. Bangs are worn regardless of age, face shape and hair type. This technique makes the face look youthful and carefree. As you may have guessed, they are not trying to put her hair to hair – she lies as intended by nature and the wind.

Hair masks

French women love hair masks and are ready to do them every day. Moreover, not necessarily purchased – they are happy to create a useful composition themselves, mixing kefir, eggs or various oils. It is French women who boldly go to the beach with an applique from a mask on their heads and this is a very cool life hack that urgently needs to be adopted. Firstly, such a mask protects the hair from burning in the sun and salt water, and secondly, the temperature outside works as a thermal effect in which the mask works better.

Antistatic agent in your purse

Every Parisian woman has an antistatic hair agent in her purse. No, they remove electrification not only for the sake of perfect styling. When our hair gets electrified, it starts to get tangled and break after brushing. French women are very careful about their hair and do not do everything to minimize its injury.

Vitamins for hair

Hair shine treatments that are so popular in Russia are not well known in France. The girls there try to solve problems from the inside. They even have the expression “intestines – the second brain”: it contains 100 million neurons, which are responsible for the general state of the body. Parisian women are often tested, check the level of trace elements and vitamin deficiencies. If there is even the slightest problem, the Frenchwoman will responsibly start drinking vitamins and nourishing the body from the inside.

Curly – straighten? ..

… and straight curls! This rule does not work in France. Nobody is trying to change the structure of the hair. The ideal of French women is “Jolie Laide”, which translates as an ugly beauty. The meaning of this phrase is that in order to be beautiful, it is not necessary to correspond to trends and imposed canons of beauty. Each girl is beautiful in her own way. And if you have elastic curls, you should not run to straighten them for the sake of fashion.

Hair accessories

Handkerchiefs, hairpins, berets and hairpins are a special ritual for any French woman. They love and know how to decorate even the most ordinary hairstyle. It was from them that we learned how to wear voluminous headbands, tie our hair with a silk scarf and casually pin tufts. If you don’t have time for styling, add an accessory. Pure French chic!

Fragrant cloud

They love to apply mist and aromatic oils to their hair. But they rarely apply a regular body perfume to their hair: it contains alcohol, which dries the curls. But if they still have to, they just spray the fragrance in the air and “enter” the fragrant cloud so as not to dry out the hair.


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