Funny and funny wedding dresses

We perceive the wedding as the most important day in life, we are seriously preparing, we want to look perfect and literally shine at our celebration. But if it’s a holiday, maybe you shouldn’t be so serious? Perhaps a funny wedding dress will make us more unique and inimitable?

Real princesses cannot afford a funny and generally overly unusual dress. Previously, princesses were generally forbidden to laugh, only today we live by different rules. Therefore, it is quite possible to try on a funny wedding dress, and not necessarily white. In recent years, dresses in pastel shades and even wedding dresses in bright colors have been in fashion.

Some brands in literally every collection demonstrate clothes and accessories that make fun of modern fashion and fashionistas, others are simply ironic about fashion. The Italian brand Moschino is very good at such things, they offer unusual dresses and accessories with a funny design.


Moschino does not have a real bridal collection, but if we ventured into such a bold experiment, we don’t have to look for an outfit in the Bridal Fashion Week collections. These Moschino looks are fun, cute and feminine at the same time, which means they are perfect for a wedding.

You can choose a model from the latest collection, or you can look for outfits from previous seasons, because in this case it does not matter, the main thing is that the dress you like and fit.

If you don’t like Moschino models, take a look at outfits from other designers. Many brides have already decided to add fun to their holiday with a dress. The main thing is to know your measure so as not to turn from a bride into an insane clown or a fantasy doll.

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