Furniture and sports: what equipment can you use for fitness?

It’s great that you can make such sports equipment and fitness equipment at home from improvised means, as well as use household items in fitness training. If you turn on your imagination, then even your favorite volume of poetry can become a sports equipment.

So, for example, bottles of water, sand or any cereal are excellent weight dumbbells. Perfect for hand exercises. The bottles can be tied tightly in the middle with scotch tape, then it will be very convenient to hold them in your hands.

A bottle filled with water or sand will be an alternative to a dumbbell
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And by putting a handful of coins or dry cereal in a stocking or long sock, you can make leg weights. They diversify exercises for the muscles of the thighs, calves, ankles.

A mop stick is great for training your back muscles. Beginners can use it as a bodybar – a gymnastic stick. And by placing the mop like a bar between two high chairs, you can do Australian pull-ups (from a prone position).

A backpack with books or any other heavy items can be used as back weights. Running with such a backpack increases your stamina.

If the floor is slippery, you can make so-called “sliders” out of towels or even plastic plates.

A regular bag will replace a barbell or kettlebell
A regular bag will replace a barbell or kettlebell
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Furniture can also play a good role when doing fitness at home. For example, many exercises are done using chair.

  • It can be push-ups for triceps, when you should stand with your back to a chair and, leaning on it, squat until you feel tension in your arms.
  • The muscles in your legs will help you train steps on a chair (like a step trainer). In this case, the chair, however, must be very stable.

Stool helps to target muscle groups that are usually not involved. For example, you can do the boat exercise. To do this, you need to lie on your stomach on a stool, stretch your arms forward and, swaying on the stool like a boat, try to hold on as long as possible. Squats with a high support (on a stool) will help to train the muscles of the inner thighs (which are not involved in regular squats).

For stretching, use a railing, a wardrobe, a table - any improvised objects and surfaces
For stretching, use a railing, wardrobe, table – any available objects and surfaces
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Stretching the muscles of the back is promoted by ordinary table: you just need to put your foot on it, bending it at the knee (so that the heel touches the other leg), and then bend forward. This exercise stretches the hips much more effectively than simple forward bends. If the table is stable and heavy, then, holding onto it with your hands from below, you can do pull-ups from a prone position. You can even pull up on doors or a stable cabinet.

There are many different videos on the Internet showing how extraordinary you can use household items when doing fitness. Some suggest, for example, hanging a towel on a door partition and pulling up like this, while someone presses a light couch from the floor while lying down. If you turn on your imagination, then many familiar objects in everyday life or familiar furniture can diversify home fitness exercises.

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