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In the open air and under the sun, there is no shortage of itching causes. Mosquito bites, bees, wasps, not to mention stinging plants, nettles, ivy that we rub ourselves against. Eczema can also be talked about again under the effect of heat. Finally, if you are scratching for no identified direct reasons, look for allergies. They can be caused by strawberries, ripe nuts or seafood, and even drugs that don’t mix with the sun. Ditto for poorly supported sunscreens or the sun itself. It is then necessary to consult, especially if the itching is accompanied by the onset of edema. In all cases, alternative medicine can provide relief.

The homeo answer

“Homeopathic remedies treat itching according to their specific manifestations, depending on the cause and the situation of the person”, explains Albert-Claude Quémoum, co-author of “my homeopathy Bible” with Sophie Pensa (Leduc.S ) and vice-president of the French society of homeopathy.
Classical remedies: “In the event of an insect bite with local edema, Apis should be taken in 9CH, 2 granules 3 times a day until improvement”, suggests the expert. “And for all allergic itching (food, sun, drugs, beauty products …) without edema, it is Histaminum in 5 CH, 2 granules 3 times a day which is suitable”.
In each case, its solution: “For insect bites that do not leave any pimples or hives but cause diffuse pruritus, choose Dolichos pruriens in 7 CH 2 granules 3 times a day, especially when the heat in the bed aggravates the itching. After rubbing the nettles: Urtica urens 5 CH, 2 granules 3 times a day. If it is a jellyfish: Medusa in 9 CH 2 granules 3 times a day. In case of eczema with vesicles: Rhus Tox in 5CH 2 granules 3 per day. And if you scratch more on contact with water and under the effect of heat, take Sulfur in 9 CH, 3 granules three times a day, ”suggests Dr. Quémoun, but especially after drainage and detox.

The aroma response

“Nothing like the essential oil of Lavender Aspic against localized itching after insect bites”, explains phytotherapist Danièle Festy, author of My Pharmacist Secrets and of Essential oils for women, ed. Leduc.S. “Apply two drops every quarter of an hour until improvement, to relieve and disinfect. When the itch is diffuse, if it is caused by solar lucitis, for example, mix the two drops of essential oil with a dose of sweet almond oil which will increase the anti-itching effectiveness of lavender tenfold. Brush widely the itchy area. ”
Recipe : Divinely effective: talcum powder with essential oils, in particular to facilitate dressing and very suitable for plantar itching caused by a fungal infection. The pharmacist recommends having it prepared at 3% in our pharmacy: 1 ml of real Lavender, 1 ml of noble Chamomile and 1 ml of annual Tansy for 100 g of Venetian talc. Sprinkle.

The phyto answer

The detox recipe: Always prepare in a pharmacy: a glycerin extract of plants based on Burdock, Wild Pansy and Desmodium (1/3 of each), advises the phytotherapist. Its action is detoxifying and calms skin manifestations.
In application : True Lavender also relieves in the form of hydrosol that can be bought in an organic store or aroma pharmacy. The advantage is that it can be applied to a large itchy area by soaking a cotton ball in hydrolate.

Home made treatments

A soothing herbal tea : infuse a sprig of Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Fresh Mint for 10 minutes. To be drunk several times during the day, especially in the evening to limit nocturnal itching.
A soft compress : Make a decoction of Plantain and Tansy (or in the absence of Camomile flowers): a few leaves and flowers to boil in water for 7 minutes. Let cool, soak a compress and apply to the itchy area.



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