Gentle headache solutions

Who does not know that sudden feeling of tightening in the temples, which can spoil the best of days for you? Fatigue and digestive difficulties are most often the cause of headaches, and natural remedies can be overcome. If seizures persist, see a doctor.

Tools that help

The gel cushion

Because it constricts the vessels… and the migraine pain comes, precisely, from a dilation of the veins. It can be kept in the freezer and applied to the forehead, temples. We feel better right away. Mercurochrome, Nexcare, Cooper Actipoche… between 10 and 20 €. Our tip: Simple headbands are just as effective as sophisticated devices, and much less expensive.

Cherry pits

They are reserved for tension headaches, due to an exaggerated contraction of the muscles of the neck after long computer work, for example. To relax the muscles, buy a small bag of cherry stones, heat it for 15 minutes in the microwave, and apply it to the back of the neck and shoulders, wherever it gets stuck. On sale in organic stores and drugstores, between 15 and 20 €. Our advice: choose a rectangular shape, practical to apply to the back of the neck.

The phyto answer

Lavender essential oil

Renowned analgesic, lavender essential oil is used at the rate of a few drops in a tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Massage the temples and forehead in circular motions. To be used in the evening, because lavender, in addition, promotes sleep.

Three anti-inflammation plants

Gentian, meadowsweet, willow bark, here is the right trio for fever associated with headaches. Dr Jacques Labescat, phytotherapist * recommends a decoction at the rate of 20 g of each plant. To sip three times a day.

Bach flowers

“Rescue” is a blend of five flowers that promise you comfort and serenity. So we do not deprive ourselves. Two sprays on the tongue and presto! it’s better. Available in spray or in drops (2 drops in a glass of water). In organic stores and pharmacies: approx. € 14 for a 20 ml bottle.

Tiger balm

This ancestral Chinese remedy is composed of camphor and mint, two essences known to be anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which provide relief and a cooling effect. Apply on the temples and rub lightly. Two to three times a day. Our advice: choose the so-called soft white balm, more effective in migraines and suitable for all skin types.

A point to stimulate

We know the massages on the temples. But there is better. “For centuries, the Chinese have known that massaging the Grand Croisement point calms headaches,” explains Nadia Volf ** doctor and acupuncturist. This point is between the big and the second toe.

What if it came from the liver?

A headache after a too good meal can be cured with a good herbal tea! Nathalie Grosrey-Lajonc, specialist in medicinal plants *** recommends an infusion of rosemary 1 tsp. coffee for a cup. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Two cups a day for ten days.

* Author of “The family guide to healing plants”, ed. Albin Michel.

** Author of “Being young at any age” XO éditions.

*** Author of “Naturo Famille, 100 small ailments of everyday life treated by plants”, ed. Albin Michel.

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