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May 07

We all have to spend a lot of time at home so far, and, you must agree, it is much more pleasant to do this in a clean and comfortable apartment than surrounded by scattered things and garbage. We propose to devote the “second of May” to global cleaning and decluttering. Here are some books to help you with this.

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Why is it necessary to periodically “declutter”?

Regular cleaning and decluttering are important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for psychological health. “Home is a reflection of what is happening in our inner world,” says Irina Khvatova, psychologist, kinesiologist, member The Association of Professional Kinesiologists and the Association of Practical Psychologists and Coaches. “If a person in his apartment seems to have perfect order at first glance, but the closets are in complete chaos, then, most likely, he has a lot of internal conflicts and fear of moving forward.”

But the opposite is also true: when we put things in order, part with the unnecessary, we improve our psychological health. “Cleaning and decluttering helps fight stress, anxiety, and panic. It is also believed that by systematizing and harmonizing your living space (home), you clear the paths to prosperity and success. Our mirror neurons help create a positive future, ”says Irina Khvatova.

Get inspired by the example of the minimalists: by parting with unnecessary things, we leave ourselves more space for life and creativity. “You should not be afraid of parting with things dear to your heart, if they have long ceased to delight you. They will energetically “pull” you into the past, which will bring neither pleasure nor benefit, “sums up Irina Khvatova.

If you want to spend a minimum amount of time on cleaning, you will have to start with the global de-clutter of all areas of the apartment – cabinets, tubes, closets, mezzanines, etc. Cleaning experts and authors of popular publications will tell you how to do this correctly and how to avoid the subsequent “overgrowth” of things.

Jennifer Lifford “Home on a Diet. Canadian method of space decontamination “

Book from space organizer and founder of Clean and Scentsible blog Jennifer Lifford. The girl is sure: if you are tired of the constant mess, it’s time to put your house on a diet. This is what Jen offers in her book – the basis of the publication is a 30-day program that will help to quickly rid the house of extra pounds, day after day, room by room. To part with unnecessary things and develop a habit of maintaining order, you just need to follow the exercises developed by the author.

The Home Diet Program contains clear guidelines for organizing space, checklists, tips and tricks on how to involve the family in keeping clean. Bonus – simple master classes on how to create storage systems for your home yourself.

Clea Sharer and Joanna Taplin “Everything is fine at home. How to overcome clutter in your closet, home and life “

These “rascals” have helped clean up the homes of thousands of people, including Hollywood celebrities. And with the help of their new book, they will help you too.

The basic principles of their cleaning system are simple actions, giving up everything that does not make you happy and relying on your lifestyle. The book contains both tips on how to throw away everything unnecessary, and recommendations on how to beautifully organize everything that is left. The girls urge to look for non-standard solutions: for example, to buy space organizers in “non-target” departments, to use vertical surfaces (to hang baskets and hooks on cabinet doors). In general, cleaning with these tips will definitely not be boring.

Lu Wei “Home for Life: How to Store Maximum of Things in a Small Space”

It’s nice, of course, to read the cleaning and decluttering tips from gurus who live in huge houses – with laundry, dining room, large pantry and cellar. But how to apply them in practice to those who live in “odnushka”? The answer is from Lu Wei, a Chinese interior designer, artist and popular blogger.

In her book, Lou shared life hacks that will help keep your home tidy and tidy: from ergonomic furniture arrangement to psychological ways to combat clutter. Are you ready to calculate the free space in the apartment, develop a new storage system and put things in order? Open the book and let’s get started!

Christina Dean “Zero Waste Style Wardrobe. A Practical Guide to Conscious Consumption “

At first glance, this book has nothing to do with decluttering – it will not teach you how to “properly” throw away or arrange things in the closet. However, with it you can “improve” your wardrobe, make it more environmentally friendly, avoid unnecessary purchases and extend the life of your clothes. This will automatically lead to a reduction in the amount of clothes, and therefore – and clutter in the closet.

The book consists of four chapters – “Buy”, “Wear”, “Take care”, “Do not throw away” and a guide that will help you make the right choice of things in the store.

Rebecca Sullivan “Eco-cleaning without chemicals. How to clean up the house with soda, salt, lemon and vinegar “

We are sure that this book will save you a lot of money and space in the closet with cleaning supplies – after all, with it you will learn how to prepare household “chemicals” yourself. Our grandmothers did an excellent job of cleaning without “fancy” gels and powders – but only with the help of ordinary salt, soda and lemon.

Rebecca Sullivan, an Australian eco-activist and urban farmer, explains how these ingredients can help keep your home tidy.

Rebecca’s tips will teach you how to make eco-friendly wipes and rags, wash cutting boards properly, clean the oven and stovetop, create your own laundry and softener powders, and even scent diffusers. And the best part is that creating eco-friendly cleaning products will take only minutes of time and ingredients that are always on the farm.



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