Getting married at the beach, instructions for use

Saying yes with your feet in the sand, your eyes lost in the ocean, an image of spinal cord that makes many future bride and groom fantasize. Here is what you need to know when you want to get married to the sound of the waves.

From the Côte d’Azur to Cap Ferret via Corsica and French California, our country offers great opportunities to say yes by the sea. A romantic and natural setting that makes the bride and groom dream. Our advice so that it does not turn into a nightmare.

Public or private beach?

The first question that arises when considering a wedding on a beach is whether you are opting for the vagaries of a public beach or the safety of a restaurant with a private beach? Getting married with your feet in the sand requires authorization from the town hall and the place cannot be reserved for the event. Any tourist can attend the festivities. Other difficulties: there will be no electricity, water or WC available. This can be complicated for providers and guests. Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard, event designer at Majenia, recommends the public beaches for the brunch the next day “it’s lighter in terms of organization and everyone is happy to be able to go swimming!” Most of the beach weddings she deals with take place in restaurants with private beaches. It’s much simpler in terms of organization and more comfortable for everyone. Vincent Béchet, DJ founder of Dance Police confirms, “when there is a rear base, such as a restaurant or an estate, the guests can take the shade, go to cool off and above all it allows to have a plan B in rain. “

Take care of the timing

“When we organize a wedding on a private beach, the place is often not available from 4 or 5 pm” warns Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard. You have to be ready to quickly install all the decoration. Chloé Lapeyssonnie, photographer, advises to plan your ceremony about three hours before sunset, “it’s ideal to avoid sunburn in summer, and it allows to have the best light for the photos.” Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard also warns future-married couples who wish to say yes in a tourist region (which is often the case when it is on a beach), “there is a lot of traffic, a fact to be taken into account. counts in the timing of the day for each other’s movements. “

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Taming the wind (and mosquitoes)

Who says seaside says spray and sea breeze. The wind is Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard’s number 1 enemy when she sets up decorations on a beach: “you have to ballast everything, the vases, the ceremony arch, the placeholders, the table names… and for candles, either we think of LEDs, or we opt for tall candle holders. ” On the other hand, we do not hesitate to play with the curtains, which bring a nice movement. We also think of providing a stock of mosquito repellent (which makes a feast at sunset) and plaids for the guests because the evenings can be chilly.

Sand, advantages and disadvantages …

Sand is what makes a beach wedding so charming, but it could be the ordeal of your guests if they come in stilettos. Better to specify it at the invitation and if you really want to pamper them, you buy a stock of flip-flops. Another option: we create a space for them to leave their shoes and remain barefoot. This also applies to the bride who can be barefoot, ballerina or espadrille like those imagined by the pretty brand Buttée Paris. The sand also prevents the installation of a photobooth terminal, but we can provide some polaroids. Finally, we take advantage of its friendly advantage by installing mats, rugs, cushions for a lounge spirit. “Beach weddings are often very casual. Better not to be too manic! ” jokes the event designer.

Espadrilles, ideal for getting married at the beach

White Sara espadrilles, Buttée Paris, € 90. Available on

Buttée Paris / press photo

A romantic ceremony

The beach is probably one of the most romantic places to get married, so make the most of it by having a pretty ceremony on the sand. “If the place is isolated, we ask the DJ to provide a speaker on battery” recommends Vincent Béchet of Dance Police. As for the photographer, we suggest thinking about the sheet above the bride and groom in the event of high heat, “in addition to protecting them, it filters the light and makes more beautiful photos” says Chloé Lapeyssonnie. Another tip for the bride and groom: orient their chairs so that they have the sun behind their backs and avoid sunglasses!

Watch out for marine pollution

The releases of balloons and lanterns are often prohibited in these places and, if this is not the case, we refrain because it would pollute the ocean. Likewise, straws are prohibited …

Avoid clichés

“When I offer decoration to newlyweds who have chosen the beach as their backdrop, I take care not to fall into the cliché of turquoise and white, seashells, nods to the marine world…. Better to stay sober and bring it in small touches, ”warns Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard. On the other hand, advises Vincent Béchet of Dance Police, “an arrival of the bride and groom by sea is strongly recommended, whether by boat or paddle!”

Arrival of the bride and groom by sea

An arrival by boat to say yes on the beach.

Vincent Béchet / Dance Police

Casual outfits

Two options for the bride. Either a short dress to be comfortable and be able to put your feet in the water without fear of damaging its natural silk train, or a long dress, a little bohemian to maintain a relaxed style. Monsieur, can without problem drop the jacket and opt for a waistcoat, or quite simply a shirt without a tie.

Hire baby sitters

If the children will be delighted to enjoy the beach, it remains an open environment, by the water. We are planning several baby sitters who will have a lot to do but reassure parents!


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