Gigi Hadid opened the Khaite show

Dim lighting, minimum of photographers, no celebrities – almost every aspect of the Khaite show goes against the recipe for a successful show. And also the upcoming Met Gala, which is about to take all the attention. Katherine Holstein did this on purpose: she wanted guests to forget about social networks for a few hours and immerse themselves in the moment.

The collection is traditionally dedicated to New York. The show took place in the basement of a Manhattan skyscraper, decorated with concrete pillars and ivy that gently wrapped around them. The first on the podium was Gigi Hadid – this is one of her first shows after pregnancy. Her iridescent satin down coat is, according to Kat, “like a blanket, but a little more elegant.” Because every inhabitant of New York would rather stay in bed in the morning than go out into the stone jungle.

Dresses with silver sequins have become an ode to the skyscrapers – the symbol of the city. Over the draped evening dresses, simple bombers and leather jackets are worn – because during the quarantine we got so used to comfort that we are not ready to give up on it for the sake of “perfect” pictures on Instagram.

In Kiev, the brand is presented in the concept store Asthik at the address: Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, 7a.



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