Giorgio Armani Tints: Makeup in One Tool

The Eye Tint line of liquid eyeshadows appeared at Giorgio Armani in 2014, but it seems that it has always been with us: it is impossible to imagine a cosmetic bag of a beauty editor or a fashion blogger without this tool. We will tell you what the formula for success is made of.

Features of Eye Tint

Creamy and liquid, long-lasting or super-long-lasting, glossy, matte and shimmery finishes, there are hundreds of eye shadow and tints in cosmetics stores today. Why do many people prefer Eye Tint by Giorgio Armani?


Persistent but easy to remove with micellar water; pigmented, but shaded well – Eye Tint consists of contradictions that are only on hand to the user. The water-based creamy texture allows you to distribute pearl microparticles and pigment as evenly as possible: the coating is uniform, light, and comfortable.

armani eye tint

armani evening makeup

In this case, the product can be layered, creating the desired effect – from “makeup without makeup” to a rich evening make-up. If we talk about durability, then in this category Eye Tint is beyond competition: the tint lasts up to 16 hours on the skin.

Armani tints multicolored


Eye Tint is also appreciated for its soft sponge applicator. By the way, he recently experienced an upgrade and became even more convenient. In the new version of the Giorgio Armani tints, it has a pointed drop-shaped tip that expands the functionality of the product. Now the tint can even be used in place of eyeliner or liquid lipstick: the new applicator guarantees smooth and precise lines. But many people still prefer to apply and blend Eye Tint with their fingertips, which is the fastest way.

tint armani emerald

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Now (as of October 2019), the Eye Tint collection by Giorgio Armani has 24 shades, from delicate powdery to luxurious emerald. The choice is not only a color, but also a texture: the line includes tints with a matte and satin finish, creating a wet effect and similar to a chrome finish. In addition, limited collections of tints appear occasionally (for example, Tokyo Gardens Eye Tint), so it is worth checking regularly for updates in the official online store of the brand. There you will also find swatch of all shades of the line.


How to use Eye Tint: photo tutorial

One can talk about the benefits of Eye Tint for a long time, but it is better, of course, to see it once. Giorgio Armani Beauty make-up artist Anastasia Kirillova shows how to create a full day or evening make-up using the eyeshadows from the Eye Tint collection.

  1. 1

    Perhaps, Eye Tint shadows cannot replace only foundation and mascara, so these funds will have to be used additionally. So, apply Power Fabric foundation all over your face.

    model without makeup

    Armani foundation balm

  2. 2

    Use a concealer from the same Power Fabric line to hide minor imperfections.

    armani concealer

    power fabric armani

  3. 3

    For eyebrow makeup, use Maestro Eye & Brow (pictured – shade 06). If you are not against extravagant makeup, then Eye Tint can be used already at this stage: the fashion for bright and unusual eyebrows is gaining momentum!

    eyebrow lipstick

  4. 4

    Eye Tint 23 is a matte dark chocolate shade that can be used as an everyday base shadow. Distribute them over the entire movable eyelid and apply along the contour: the tint adds depth and emphasizes the color of the eyes (and any!). In addition, it prolongs the durability of other shadows (dry, cream, liquid), so it can be used as an eyelid primer too. Use the same tint as a contouring agent. Also check out the best-selling Eye Tint 10 Senso: it has a dark chocolate shade and shimmery texture.


  5. 5

    A tint in shade 46 – bronze, with a delicate shine – will successfully replace the highlighter. Add it to the center of the moving eyelids and closer to the inner corners of the eyes. Instead of a highlighter, you can also use other shades of tint – for example, number 31: translucent, with shiny silver particles, it is more suitable for evening make-up, providing a noticeable shine. Other great options are the 11 Rose Ashes and 34 gold shades.

    armani cheekbone tint

  6. 6

    We recommend using Satin Eye Tint in the shade of dusty rose (27) as a blush and as a lip gloss. Get the perfect daytime nude look!

    armani lip tint

  7. 7

    Emerald eyeshadow in shade 37 is especially effective when combined with gray or blue eyes. Use them instead of eyeliner when drawing lines with the applicator. For beginners, this trick may not work the first time, you will have to practice a little.

    green eyelid arrows

  8. 8

    Another shade of Eye Tint that will successfully replace the colored eyeliner is 25, sapphire. Use it to draw another arrow along the top border of the existing one. Then spread the tint in shade 43 (cool silver, with a strong shimmer) over the arrows for an even more festive and evening look.

    tint silver for eyes

    makeup with green arrows

  9. 9

    The product in shade 38 in the bottle looks dark purple, but when shading, quite noticeable and large gold particles appear on the skin. Spread the product at the outer corner of the eye on the lower eyelid, add it to the crease of the upper eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes and make them more expressive.

    how to paint eyes with tint

  10. 10

    Use Eyes To Kill Mascara. Done!

    eyeshadow armani

    makeup with armani shadows



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