Girls start and win: 5 ways to meet a guy

How to meet an interesting man if he does not take the initiative? We tell you how to take the first step by yourself

You can meet your fate by chance in a crowd, you can buy pizza from him for months or ride with him in the same elevator for years. However, to get a chance for happiness, you have to get to know each other.

Be the first to speak

If you like a person, but fate is about to tear you apart, for example, you are on a bus or a cafe that he is going to leave soon, you need to act decisively. So you can get up the courage, walk up and just say that you had an argument with your friend that you have the courage to ask a stranger for a phone number. Like, don’t let her laugh at me for the rest of her life. By the way, openly declaring your interest to a man is now not forbidden. Social norms of behavior are being revised with might and main, so many guys are not averse to sharing a monopoly on initiative with a woman.

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If you are looking strictly for Conan the conqueror, then act according to the proven method – urge him to speak to you first. Here you can use not only smiles and curling a curl on your finger, but also a frank glance at the clock, they say, you still have a minute and I’m leaving.

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A plus… If you liked the incomplete Grinch, then such an undertaking simply cannot fail. People are always flattered by the confirmation of their attractiveness.

Minus. You may not have a girlfriend at hand, and this option is clearly not suitable for too modest girls, because it is really scary to talk to a stranger first. Therefore, if the story with the bet cannot be played out, pay attention to our other recommendations.

Ask for help

Men love to help and be needed is a medical fact. The less modern women leave them a chance to demonstrate their competence in all spheres of life, the more they want. Therefore, as soon as you spot an interesting person, start asking him to show you the way, get your bag from the luggage rack, or tell you what time it is. A trick with a request to photograph you will be quite tricky – here, as it were, you immediately give a person the opportunity to shamelessly see you from all angles.

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When traveling, choose a landmark and ask a cute native to tell you about it. Even if he is little knowledgeable, he will still not miss the opportunity to show off his erudition. Another way to establish contact is to ask a colleague (whom you cannot possibly get to know) for a small favor at work.

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Minuses. The main thing here is not to become an actress in one role and in your future relationship not to take root in the role of a helpless wounded gazelle. The role of the eternal savior can be quite tedious.

Pros. A good way to get to know each other without taking too much risk. After a short conversation, you will immediately understand whether you are interested in you or not, and you will also be able to clarify the issue of having a wedding ring up close.

Take care of him

The reverse situation with helping a man. It is no secret that representatives of the stronger sex also find themselves in ridiculous or unpleasant situations, and it is here that it is important to be ready to help. For example, the printer does not print his report, or he finds himself in the rain without an umbrella, or at the gas station checkout he cannot find his bonus card, and so on. There are many more situations when you can save him than it seems at first glance.

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The main thing is not to get lost at the right time. If the right moment still does not arise, and you really want to meet a regular from your favorite coffee shop, do not stew, and next time ask the barista to prepare his favorite coffee by the time he appears. Or a neighbor whom you regularly meet in an elevator will be pleasantly surprised by your invitation to a common house party. It is important to introduce yourself and give your business card, or to eloquently point out an announcement hanging in the elevator about an upcoming event that you are organizing to “make friends with your neighbors.”

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Minuses. For a successful acquaintance, the tone that you take from the very beginning is important. If a man is in a really awkward situation, you should not play patronizing mother and sew on torn off buttons. It is enough to offer a little help, and not the hand, heart and services of a seamstress for the next 40-50 years.

Pros. To start contact, it’s good if the guy sees in you first of all a person, and not a hunter of grooms. Offer help sincerely and when it is appropriate, and no one will suspect you of matrimonial intentions.

Use flattery

It’s not about singing praises and praising him to the skies. But it is possible and necessary to mark something really worthwhile for acquaintance. You can approach a stranger while a man and say that you liked his speech at a conference, round table or in a bar at the “Open Microphone”. You can compliment his dog, car, motorcycle and educated child (a risky option, but still an option). Flattering the person you meet regularly isn’t hard at all. After all, you can praise him not for his appearance, but for his mind, actions, decency.

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Minuses. There is a great risk of overdoing it with praise, so prepare for this option in advance, but make it look like an impromptu speech.

Pros. Praising a person, telling him something good about him himself is the most win-win option to win anyone over. Following the precepts of old Carnegie, “people are not interested in me or you. In the morning, at noon and in the afternoon, they are busy with themselves. “

Get to know online

Gone are the days when online dating was something that was not accepted to spread. Today dating services exist not only for the sake of personal life, but also to expand the circle of communication. And then you don’t have to go on a full-fledged date with a guy with a pretty avatar. You can agree to first call by video link (praise new technologies!) And understand whether you like his manner of speaking, tone of voice and behavior. If you “don’t get hooked,” you will simply say about it in a safe environment, or rather, just write without risking rudeness.

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Minuses. The downside, perhaps, is that you will have to be patient and “go through a lot of ore” before the very same diamond is found. This also requires moral strength. Well, do not send bank card numbers, turn off geolocation in any application, do not provide your address and phone number – with this method of establishing your personal life, first of all you need to think over ways of escape.

Pros. Writing messages is many times easier than talking to a stranger on the bus. So you can show your wit and not be afraid to say something stupid, which is often a decisive factor in dating.

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