Give your hair some pep!

Adopt the right gestures to give them back pep’s and shine

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Have the right reflexes every day:

– Preserve your scalp by using a mild shampoo. Prefer formulas without sulfate or collagen. They foam less, but wash just as much.

– Give your hair a breath of fresh air by brushing your lengths, morning and evening, with a round brush (boar bristle if possible) to remove styling residues or pollution.

– Give them a truce, space out the colorings and the use of heating devices, without mercy for the health of the hair fiber.

– Dry the hair with your fingers and upside down to loosen the roots and give volume.

– Fans of the colo, prefer the ammonia-free versions or, better yet, the tone on tone.

– Do not quibble in front of your plate for fear of gaining weight. It is important to eat small amounts of all food categories to get your fill of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Take the time at least once a week to:

– Carry out two shampoos, one to wash, the second to treat with a specific product (anti-aging, conditioner…).

– Practice small self-massages: 1) Join the bulbs with your 2 hands, fingers apart, and apply small pressure from the top of the head to the nape of the neck 2) then, in the opposite direction, make small rotations with the tips of the fingers, focusing on strained areas of the temples and forehead.

– Apply small amounts of regenerating mask, strand by strand, kneading with your hands to impregnate the active ingredients in the fiber. Rinse thoroughly until your hair crunches under your fingers.

– Rinse a second time with a mixture of cold water and white vinegar (1 third – 2 thirds)

Thanks to Catherine Chauvin, Hair care specialist at the Institut Furterer, and to Alexandrine Piel, Hairdresser at Franck Provost.

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