Glossy: in the fall we wear lip gloss – we chose less sticky, more resistant

Transparent, pale pink and with a peach undertone, fine shimmer and perfect gloss – the main trend of the 2000s, lip gloss is back!

For many seasons, the catwalk and leading makeup artists have used exclusively matte textures, light balms and lipsticks “no sticky layer”. Indeed, gloss has its drawbacks – in windy weather, hair sticks to the lips, and the durability of these products is low.

Lip gloss dates back to the 19th century. Women in France have come up with the idea of ​​using essential oils, herbal dyes and wax to create lip gloss at home.

But since the 2000s, the gloss has been transformed – brands are releasing less sticky, more durable textures, without the scent of bubble gum.

But one stroke of the gloss brush is enough to make the lips more voluminous and sensual, especially if the composition contains menthol. Lip gloss is perfect for a natural look, day or evening makeup. We advise you not to be afraid of experiments and arm yourself with pink, peach and transparent shine with a fine shimmer, which will shine and shimmer from the rays of the sun or under artificial lighting.


Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer, Estee Lauder, 1593 руб


Le Grand Volume Lip Gloss, Vivienne Sabo, 375 RUB.


Le Phyto Gloss, Sisley, 3615 RUB.


Infailible Gloss, L’oreal Paris, 400 RUB.


Nordic Lip Trio Set, Lumene , 1330 RUB.


Backstage Addict Lip Oil, Dior, 2755 RUB.


Volumizing Lip Booster, Catrice , 350 RUB.


Eclat Minute Lip Comfort Oil, Clarins, 999 руб.


Soleil Lacquer Liquid Lip Tint, Tom Ford, 3199 RUB.


Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm, Giorgio Armani, 3155 RUB.


Vernis A Levres Water Stain, Yves Saint Laurent , 3030 RUB.


Addict Lip Maximizer, Dior , 2755 RUB.


Lip gloss Clé de Peau Beauté, 3070 RUB.


Transparent lip gloss Crystal Gel, Shiseido, 1920 RUB.


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