Goodbye depression, hello happiness! Our natural recipes

With plenty of light

Natural light acts on our health. It boosts our concentration and energy, regulates our emotions and sleep, even strengthens our immune system. This is to say if we need it! Yet in autumn and winter we are sorely lacking. This disrupts our internal biological clock, which manages the secretion of hormones related to physical and brain activity. Result: you feel exhausted, demotivated, even downright depressed. To solve the problem, two devices:

  • The light therapy lamp: Because it artificially reproduces natural light, all you need to do is expose yourself in front of it for 15 to 30 minutes, every morning when you wake up. You can do it by having breakfast or by reading the newspaper. We prefer those with blue light, which are more efficient than the others.
  • The dawn simulator: If it will not work as intensely as the light therapy lamp, it can be used as a supplement. The principle: instead of being woken up by a strident noise, we wake up from sleep thanks to a light that imitates the sunrise. This allows us to get body and mind back on the road, very gently.

With a life in color

This is indeed often linked to our mood. Moreover, if we “grind the black” or see “life in pink”, it is not for nothing. Adding a few touches of color to our daily lives, in the decor, the dressing room and even in the office helps to lighten our mind.

Blue : this so-called “cold” color soothes and calms. Of course, we prefer it in a light or medium shade, which reminds us of the turquoise water of the Caribbean or a beautiful summer sky.

Yellow : hyperstimulating, this warm shade promotes concentration as well as creativity.

Orange: like yellow, it brings a maximum of vitality, but also cheerfulness and joie de vivre.

The green : it calms us and gives us a feeling of anchoring (we keep our feet on nourishing earth), of communion with nature.

Purple: used in small doses, it promotes spirituality. To choose especially for meditating or coloring its mandalas!

With Bach flowers

Not Jean-Sébastien, but Edward, a homeopath who brought to light the effectiveness of plants to rebalance our emotions. He thus listed 36, each corresponding to an internal conflict.

What is it? An elixir composed of wild flowers picked in full bloom, either infused in spring water or brought to a boil.

How it works ? Each of the flower essences will act on a “negative” emotion by developing the quality necessary to combat it. For example, the flower of white chestnut (or White Chesnutt) is that of rationality and clairvoyance … ideal when we tend to rehash our dark ideas. Bonus, we can mix Bach flowers to “treat” several different symptoms at the same time.

How to use them? Orally in the form of drops, diluted in bath water, in rubs or massages, or mixed with a neutral cream. The first solution remains the most effective. Pour 3 drops of each elixir (up to a maximum of 7 different ones) in a glass of weakly mineralized mineral water. Stir, then drink slowly, in small sips. To renew morning, noon and evening as a basic treatment for 1 to 3 months.

Which flower for which state? To regain self-esteem: Agrimony. To be positive: Gorse. To let go: Oak. To live in the present: Honeysuckle. For comfort: Dame d’Onze. To enjoy the simple things: Eglantine. To calm down: White chestnut tree. To put it into perspective: Mustard.

With the right readings

A philosophical tale:

Lila, a very young woman plagued by existential questions, writes to her former philosophy professor. In return, he will invite him to Carpe Diem, to live the present moment and taste all its flavors. Going through the book punctuated with Latin maxims, one feels deeply at peace, the reading is almost meditative.

“The Letter to Lila, A Philosopher’s Answer to the Quest for Meaning,” by Vincent Cueff. Youth, € 8.90.

Un roman « Feel Good » :

Camille is 38 years old and has wheelbarrows. And Camille wonders: it is true that she is not entirely unhappy. Not quite happy either. But where has his zest for life gone? This is the question she asks herself when she crosses paths with a “routinologist”. A personal development pro, who will give him lots of advice and exercises to help him break the deadlock and find the path to fulfillment. A book that you read in one go, because we all look a bit like Camille, and we really want to imitate her. What if we try to see?

“Your second life begins when you understand that you only have one”, by Raphaëlle Giordano. Eyrolles, € 14.90.

A real method to manage your daily life:

Nothing like a disrupted organization to generate maximum stress! Stéphanie Bujon, journalist, and Laurence Einfalt, psychologist, have understood this well, and offer us a guide full of tips, practical exercises and personalized advice. Searching for an important piece of paper for three hours or getting stuck with the battery just before making an urgent call, it’s over! And that is really distressing.

“The big book to organize oneself”, by Stéphanie Bujon and Laurence Einfalt. Eyrolles, € 23.90.

With cool apps

To see the bright side: Smylife. Each day, we note the positive points and the negative points of his day, as they arrive. In the evening, we shake our phone to display (then relive internally) the three best moments. The best: we can program alerts to think about it, and measure the evolution of our well-being gauge. Free on the App Store or Google Play.

To disconnect everywhere: Meditate with Christophe André. A complete app containing: advice, tests and quizzes, but especially audio sessions guided by the mindfulness meditation pro in France, and also exercises to progress in his practice. € 4.99 on the App Store or Google Play.

To wake up feeling good: Glimmer. Before the alarm (to choose from our playlist) goes off at the recorded time, the phone screen lights up little by little, as if to simulate the sunrise. Ideal for a gentle awakening. Practice, we can change the options at our convenience, and switch to night mode. The app then turns off apps or other email notifications. Free on the App Store or Google Play.

With magic potions: 3 home made recipes with essential oils

To calm an anxiety attack: pour 3 drops of neroli EO on a tissue and breathe deeply until the crisis passes.

To avoid burnout: prepare a mixture of 10 drops of EO of thyme thujanol, 10 drops of EO of exotic basil and 30 drops of vegetable oil of St. John’s Wort. Massage the solar plexus with a little of this potion, morning and evening.

To gain in the joy of living: diffuse EO of lemon verbena, sour cherry or cinnamon. And don’t hesitate to mix them up if you like the smell!

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