Goodbye fatigue: 4 exercises to start the day well

My gym, in bed: Véronique Schapiro-Chatenay, expert coach in posture and body language, suggests waking up your body by starting by rotating your ankles in one direction and then in the other. Then bring the knees to the chest using the arms to relax the back by forcing a little on the curve, then extend your legs in the air vertically to make ten flexed-tense movements.

The art of stretching well: Do not deprive yourself, this is the advice of Yves Bligny. “Far from attracting us into the arms of Morpheus, yawning has first of all a regenerating virtue and associated with stretching, it can therefore be very invigorating”, he assures us. We take the opportunity to feel present and listen to our feelings. While yawning (or inhaling, with your mouth wide open to make the yawn come), stretch your arms skyward. If you are sitting on a chair, support yourself on the backrest and reach far behind with your arms, stretching the upper torso backwards. If you are standing, curl up on yourself like a deflating balloon, bringing your arms back, lowering your head, shoulders, rolling up your spine, bending your legs… Also straighten yourself up gradually before starting over exercise.

Dynamic relaxation: “The following exercise allows you to tone gently,” says Yves Bligny. You are standing, you raise your arms to the side to the horizontal while inhaling slowly. Then you imagine that you are squeezing a huge balloon in your arms, holding your breath for a few seconds. Release while exhaling and repeat 4 times.

Breathe to de-stress: Lie down on a mat, hands on your stomach, legs folded. Breathe in for a long time through your nose (6 to 8 seconds), inflating the stomach. Hold your breath for a few moments and then breathe out slowly through your mouth (over about 15 seconds). To be done 3 or 4 times. Belly breathing can also be practiced standing or sitting at any time of the day – at this time, do not block your breathing. As a bonus, she sculpts the abs.

Asthenia: I am tired all the time

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