Goodbye stress: my little zen routine

No, the routine is not necessarily a sign of mortal boredom. It is this which allows habits to be anchored in our brain, until they become automatic. And if these habits make us cooler, we might as well adopt them for life! Everyday :

I drink my coffee mindfully

Even if we like to have breakfast with the family, we offer ourselves five minutes to enjoy our little black (or tea) alone. The idea: to institute this moment as a moment of pure pleasure, by choosing a cup whose aesthetics, material and ergonomics are appreciated. Then, while drinking, it is a question of concentrating exclusively on the flavor, the contact of the hot drink with the lips, the tongue, the palate (…), then finally the aromas…

I optimize public transport

Michèle Freud, psychotherapist and sophrologist *, suggests creating a bubble of well-being in which to take refuge. Instructions for use: if possible in a seated position, mentally repeat to yourself “I breathe in calm” while inhaling, then “I install calm” while exhaling. We take a break to spread this peace in us, then we start again several times, until transport becomes (almost) a pleasure!

*author of “Reconciling the soul and the body”, “Reconciling with sleep”, and “Children, teenagers help them sleep” (Albin Michel).

At work, I take a 5-minute relaxing break

With this other exercise proposed by Michèle Freud:
1 / In a seated position, we become aware of our posture (head, shoulders, thoracic and lumbar regions, sacrum) and we quietly straighten our back to properly align the chin, the plexus and the pelvis.
2 / We slowly make movements of the head, from right to left and from top to bottom, then convolutions in one direction then in the other. After each movement, we pause to welcome our bodily feelings.
3 / We gently shrug our shoulders, three times in a row, in full awareness of the movement we are performing. We take full advantage of the moment.

I’m getting into hug therapy!

It’s scientifically proven: hugs release oxytocin (the hormone of happiness) in the brain, as well as a drop in cortisol (the stress hormone). They would even boost our immune system. Hence the emergence, in the United States and Japan, of “cuddle bars”. While waiting for the concept to flourish in France, we introduce the evening tenderness break at home. With darling, Zoe or the dwarf rabbit, it doesn’t matter! To read to know more: “Cuddle therapy, a prescription for happiness”, by Céline Rivière (Michalon).

I do my Yoga’minute

The practice of yoga significantly reduces stress, boosts self-esteem and our ability to concentrate, strengthens our muscle tone and flexibility. In short, he has everything to make us happy! And the good news is that 5-10 minutes a day is more effective than a weekly one hour session. What if we started (or ended) the day with a mini-session? To download urgently, the app “5 minutes of yoga” which details the postures (free, on iOS).

I open my “door of the Spirit”

Nothing esoteric, don’t worry! It is an acupressure point used in China for thousands of years to calm down in two seconds flat. Also called “Shen men”, it decreases stress and anxiety, helps to find sleep, improves energy flow. It is located on the inside of the wrist, at the end of the wrist crease (little finger side), where you can feel a small, sensitive hollow. Morning and evening, we take 2 minutes to breathe, slowly and deeply. At the same time, circular pressure (clockwise) is exerted with the pulp of the thumb on the Shen men point of each wrist. Also to be practiced in an emotional emergency.

Meditating in the morning is easy!

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