Gradient long hair: the most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles to adopt it

Gradient long hair: for whom?

You want to give movement and dimension to your long hair ? Be aware that the gradient can be a very good option. The principle of this haircut (or this hair technique) is not to have the hair all the same length (from the shortest to the longest). The degraded haircut may be more or less pronounced, depending on the preferences of each woman.


Gradient long hair: how to make it more original?

The gradient on shoulder-length or long hair is suitable for all types of faces and hair (except for too fine hair). Whether straight, curly, wavy or frizzy: this haircut “Will bring movement to your hair and avoid the heavy“ mass ”side”, explains Hovig Etoyan, hair expert, specifying that each hair material requires different work.


Gradient long hair: what are the mistakes to avoid?

There are various ways to add a touch of originality to your gradient, haircut very classic. On the one hand, you can dare hair accessories such as barrettes (very popular this year), scarves or headbands. Or, if your face shape allows it, why not dare it fringe ? “The bangs are more suitable for thin and oval faces, not very round” says the hairdresser.


As Hoving Etoyan mentioned (hair expert), the gradient principle on long hair is to avoid the “heavy mass” side. Clearly, if you have little mass and matter, the gradient is to be avoided. “When we have thin hair and stiff, it is better not to degrade them too much, if at all, so as not to lose more material and mass ” explains the professional.


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