Graduation makeup for grade 9

Graduation makeup for grade 9

  1. The main secrets of irresistibility
  2. How not to spoil the holiday?
  3. Main rules

  4. Individual recommendations
  5. Basic makeup techniques

Any girl dreams of looking perfect on her graduation day. Young ladies make a big mistake trying to decorate their look with bright makeup. In reality, nothing will brighten your 9th grade prom makeup like naturalness.

The main secrets of irresistibility

A graduate in the 9th grade should give up bright cosmetics, she is able to give an image of excessive vulgarity and frankness. Makeup must be matched to the rest of the components – hairstyle, outfit and shoes. It shouldn’t be too flashy and bright. It is better to choose the easiest and most natural option.

How not to spoil the holiday?

First of all, it is worth trying on several looks a few days before the celebration itself. It may happen that you do not like some detail or that something will not look the way you would like. This can ruin the holiday, especially when it comes to makeup.

Cosmetics must be tested and of high quality, because we are talking about young and delicate skin, which can easily show a reaction or allergy to cheap cosmetics. No one will be pleased with red spots on the face or shadows that roll into lumps right in the middle of the holiday.

The holiday will be long, and therefore only waterproof mascara should be used. Otherwise, you risk ruining the whole image.

Do not highlight the eyes and lips at the same time. It will only overload the image and transform you from a young girl to a grown woman.

Be sure to take a cosmetic bag with you. At a holiday, after eating, lipstick may wear off or you just need to powder your nose. In order not to ask classmates for cosmetics, it is better to take your own from home.

Main rules

Of course, any girl in the 9th grade wants to seem much more mature than she really is. However, this can only spoil your image. Makeup should highlight the best aspects of your face, not the flaws.


Foundation is the basis of all makeup for any girl… In the case of young skin, it is very easy for them to overdo it. It is important to remember that a foundation is only needed in case of imperfections on the face. If your skin is covered in acne or inflammation, of course, you can put on makeup and not worry about your appearance anymore. You can also use other foundation products such as concealer or corrector.

However, if your skin is in good condition, you can stick with BB cream. Modern BB products adapt to skin color and even out the tone perfectly. In addition, the presence of nutrients in them will not allow him to dry delicate skin, but, on the contrary, will benefit it.


Now it’s worth turning to application techniques. After the choice of outfits and hairstyles is made, it is necessary to move on to the last and most important thing – make-up. There are general makeup techniques and specific ones aimed at this or that type of girl. In the case of brown-eyed persons, some peculiarities should be taken into account. This will help present your physical features in a more favorable light.

  • Brown eye color is versatile. But he is most suited to brown and matte dark shades.
  • Smokey ice will look advantageous. For this it is worth using dark shades, but not black.
  • Green-eyed girls suit green, purple and gold shadows.
  • When focusing on the eyes, do not forget about the lips. They can be highlighted with gloss or light nude lipstick.

There are also some tips for green-eyed beauties.

  • Dark brown and gold shadows perfectly emphasize all the beauty and mystery of green eyes.
  • You can use shadows with metallic a shade that is very fashionable now.
  • Lipstick should be light, you can also use a gloss or balm.

Blue-eyed girls should adhere to the following rules.

  • Silver, lilac and pink shades perfectly accentuate all the blue eyes, make the look catchy and expressive.
  • The now fashionable “cat” hands are perfect. To do this, you can use black or colored eyeliner.
  • Lips will help highlight a beautiful pink color.

Basic makeup techniques

In addition to individual characteristics, there are techniques with detailed step-by-step descriptions. After trying each of them, you can choose the makeup that suits you. Several similar methods are presented to your attention.

Give your brows more definition. Accentuate them with a cosmetic pencil or eye shadow. After that, you can start eye makeup:

  • Light shadows will help to visually enlarge the eyes. They must be applied to the eyelid.
  • Draw the outer corner of the eyes with dark shades, creating a semblance of an arrow. We draw a line along the movable eyelid. Shade the arrow.
  • Highlight the eyelid with light shades., preferably with mother-of-pearl or shimmer.
  • Paint your eyelashes with mascara, having previously twisted them with tweezers.
  • Apply a light pink or peach blush to your cheekbones. Don’t use dark shades.
  • Highlight lips with gloss, balm or light lipstick.

Method 1: basic technique

The first step is to even out the complexion.… If your skin condition allows you to use BB cream, then you should use it. If not, then apply foundation. But do not apply it in a thick layer. It is very important to choose the shade you want to match your skin color. The neck and face should not be different in color.

Lighten dark circles with concealer. Distribute the product well. Hide redness with a corrector. After application, be sure to powder your skin to give your makeup a matte finish. Bright lights and camera flashes can make skin look oily and shiny, and powder is a great help for this problem.

Method 2: “doll” makeup

This type of makeup is perfect for blue-eyed girls. In order to become like a Barbie doll, it is worth paying tribute to the delicate shades of pink.

Even out the tone of the face, hide all unevenness and redness, apply a layer of powder… Now you can move on to the cheeks. It is worth using a pink or coral blush, you can slightly highlight the cheekbones with them.

For the eyes, choose a pink palette. Line up the lower eyelid with a brown tint. Highlight the upper one with light mother-of-pearl, mark the movable eyelid with dark pink. Add a pearlescent pink shade. You can choose a shade darker, but the color must be lighter than the mobile eyelid. Be sure to blend the shadows.

Method 3: “retro”

In order to achieve such an unusual make-up, it is necessary first of all to even out the complexion, as already described above. After that, you need to highlight the cheekbones with light blush. It is important to remember that the blush should be almost invisible.

Apply light shadows on the eyelids, pearlescent can be used, matte are suitable. For a particularly striking look, it is better to choose a product with a shimmer. The main feature of retro makeup is perfect arrows. They should be painted with eyeliner or a brush, but this takes a little practice. Draw the line outside the outer corner of the eyes, this will visually enlarge the section of the eyes. Paint your lashes with black mascara. You can even use not very thick false eyelashes.

Retro makeup suggests bright lipsbut they may not suit some girls. For example, blue-eyed blondes. But brunettes will be just right for such makeup.

It should be remembered that the main rule of makeup for the 9th grade graduation is not to overdo it. No one wants to be horrified by prom photos a few years later. In order to get the perfect image, you need to take into account all the factors of your appearance.

The following video shows basic makeup techniques for prom.


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