Grandmothers’ remedies: 10 ingredients to use in the kitchen to heal yourself

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Your kitchen is a real pharmacy! The proof: it is full of ingredients capable of treating and relieving minor ailments and ailments of the whole family.

Some rich in minerals, especially potassium, are very effective against muscle pain, after an intense sports session for example, or a long day during which tensions have built up …

In your fruit and vegetable bin, you may well find an antibacterial that can be applied to an abscess or a wound to disinfect … Then, to heal a crack or a small sore, you will only have take a walk in the upper cupboard, and massage the area to be treated in circular movements with honey.

And also, take advantage of the acidity of certain condiments to soothe a mosquito bite, or the diuretic action of citrus fruits to fight against water retention!

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